BAROTSELAND: No Kuomboka this year – BRE

24 March 2019
FILE: The Nalikwanda Royal Barge in voyage!


Barotseland’s premier water pageantry, Kuomboka, will not take place this year due to insufficient water in the vast Barotse plains.

Announcing the cancellation of the annual festival, the Barotse Royal Establishment, BRE, through its Ngambela, Mukela Manyando, said the poor rainfall and general drought sweeping across the region has adversely affected the water levels in the Barotse plains this year.

“Although the rains were generally poor in Western province, we had hoped for the usual surge of flood water from the big tributaries of The Zambezi, namely the Lungwebungu and Kabompo rivers from the high rainfall areas of Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo respectively. However, this has not been forthcoming!” stated Mukela Manyando in a press statement delivered to the media yesterday, Saturday, 23rd March 2019.

The traditional Prime Minister further stated that the BRE regretted the cancellation of the annual traditional event which attracts regional and international tourists, but emphasised that the survey conducted by the Kuomboka/Kufuluhela organising committee established that the water levels are not good enough for the successful hosting of the event this year.

He has, however, thanked all well-wishers who have already donated and contributed their financial and material resources to help in the organization of the Kuomboka 2019, assuring that the money so far raised would be properly accounted for and channelled towards the successful hosting of the next Kuomboka ceremony!

Kuomboka is the annual movement of the King and people of Barotseland from the flooded vast Barotse plains to the dry highlands.

The King’s voyage from his Lealui royal capital is by means of a huge royal barge, the Nalikwanda, which would require deep water levels to wade its way through the Barotse plains to the King’s highland capital of Limulunga.

This year, Barotseland has been hit by a serious drought which has affected normal crop production. Not even drought-resistant varieties of rice, maize and sorghum have survived the drought!

The Ngambela’s press statement is embedded in the Audio here below.

Audio courtesy of Social media Barotseland Watchdog.

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