BAROTSELAND NATIONAL SYMBOLS: National Anthem and Patriotic Songs

27 August 2016

Barotseland, like all sovereign nations, has a national anthem and patriotic songs. What one will find amusing is how similar BULOZI FASI LA BONDATAA’LUNA, the Barotseland national anthem, and MULENA BULUKA SICHABA SAHESU, the patriotic song, are to both the Lesotho and the Sesotho version of the South African National anthems respectively. In fact the lyrics of both the Lozi national anthem and patriotic song are the same as that of South Africa and Lesotho, word for word, except for differences in verse arrangement, spellings and contextualization, and are all derived from the lyrics of François Coillard, a French missionary who labored in the region of Southern Africa around the latter end of the 19th century. The songs were composed into music by Ferdinand-Samuel Laur and date back from around 1918.

MULENA BULUKA SICHABA SAHESU is Barotseland’s national patriotic song which could also have qualified for adoption as the Barotseland anthem but was only adopted as a patriotic song. This song is exactly as it is sung in the Sotho version of the South African national anthem; word for word.

Those familiar with the Silozi language will appreciate how similar it is to Sesotho (Southern Sotho), Sepedi (a component of Northern Sotho), Setswana, sheKgalagari languages of Lesotho and South Africa.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both the national anthem and the patriotic songs were also used as hymns in the Church of Barotseland which was dissolved by Kenneth Kaunda’s first Zambian government and merged into what is now the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) where the two anthems were incorporated as church hymns. The Barotseland national anthem and patriotic songs were thereafter never to be freely sang publicly in the Barotseland territory until in 2012 at the March 26th - 28th Barotse National Council (BNC) that unanimously declared to regain Barotseland sovereignty.

Video and instrumentals courtesy of L. Wamunyima



Bulozi fasi la bondataa’luna

Hala mafasi, lelinde kilona

Kimolupepezwi, kimoluhulezi

Mi lwa lilata

Ba machaba niha bakalinyaza

Kuluna kihae, mi la lateha

Lina ni masimu, lina ni likomu

Fasi la luna

Niha lusa tokwa linto zeng’ata

Zeluliutwa kuzeng’wi lichaba,

Haluna ni nuka, mushitu, libala

Kwaa lu likana

Hahulu lifasi leo laluna

Lise lina ni taba za Mulena

Luse lu lapela, ni mikwa yafela

Lu ta latana

Jesu kale ufelise lindwa

Felisa maka, lunya, maswenyeho

Oho lifasi lela bondataa luna

Lina ni kozo

BAROTSELAND ANTHEM (English Translation)

Bulozi (Barotseland), land of our Fathers,

Among the lands it is the most beautiful.

It is where we were born,

It is where we grew up--

We love it.

God, please protect Bulozi.

Spare it conflict, and tribulation--

Oh, this land,

Land of our Fathers,

May it have peace.





Lesōthō fatše la bontat'a rōna;

Har'a mafatše le letle ke lona;

Ke moo re hlahileng, ke moo re hōlileng,

Rea le rata,

Mōlimō ak'u bōlōke Lesōthō;

U felise lintoa le matšoenyeho;

Oho fatše lena;

La bontata rōna;

Le be le khotso.





Mulena buluka sichaba sa hesu

Ufelise lindwa ni maswenyeho



Usibuluke Mulena


Sichaba sa hesu

Sichaba sa Bulozi

Mulena buluka Bulozi

Uzuse lusika lwayona

Utwa milapelo yaluna

Ndate ulutuse

Ulu sileleze luna bana bahao

Taha moya,

taha taha taha

Taha moya, oo,ookenile

Mulena buluka sichaba sa hesu

Ufelise lindwa ni maswenyeho



Usibuluke Mulena

Usibuluke, sichaba sa hesu

Sichaba sa hesu.

MORENA BOLOKA SECHABA SA HESO (South African National Anthem - SeSOTHO)

O fedise dintwa le matswenyeho

Morena boloka sechaba sa heso

O fedise dintwa le matswenyeho

O se boloke, o se boloke

O se boloke, o se boloke

Sechaba sa heso,

Sechaba sa Afrika

O se boloke Morena, o se boloke

O se boloke Sechaba, o se boloke

Sechaba sa heso,

Se Sechaba sa Afrika

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