Barotseland loses two Gallant Warriors in One Week - Announcing the Death of Prince Mwangelwa Mbikusita Lewanika and Muyangana Muyangana

13 December 2014
Prince Mwangelwa Mbikusita Lewanika - in the middle

Prince Mwangelwa Mbikusikuta-Lewanika who died on the 8th of December 2014 was put to rest on Friday the 12th of December 2014 in Limulunga Royal village at the Royal grave yard, next to his elder brother Dr. Mwananyanda Mbikusita Lewanika who died on 4th October earlier this year. The funeral gathering has been held at Mukola family place.

Prince Mwangelwa, a humble man full of life, and a very intelligent prince in the Mbikusita Lewanika royal house-hold was also a member of the Barotseland Freedom Movement (BFM), a movement spear-heading the independence of Barotseland under the banner of Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA).

Mwana mulena Mwangelwa Mbikusita Lewanika died a short while after the Mbikusita Lewanika royal family was yet to settle down from a loss of another gallant son and Prince Dr. Mwananyanda Mbikusita Lewanika who died on 4th October earlier in the year.

Meanwhile another gallant Barotseland warrior Muyangana Muyangana has died.

Commenting on his death, Barotseland compatriot and friend Shaudi Mungandi Muwina Mungandi had this to say,

“I was enjoying my Sabbath in a relaxing mood after a go-come trip to Mongu yesterday to pay my last respect to a truly great pal Mwangelwa Mbikusita-Lewanika. That is until I got news that another compatriot in the struggle has just lost the battle for life. Muyangana Muyangana has passed away! The question that begs an answer is, how many more warriors will fall on the battlefield before we can shout ‘Free at last, free at last! Thank God almighty we are free at last.’ The answer my friends is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind. The answer my friends is living in all men, the answer is living in all men.”

The former Barotse Freedom Movement national coordinator died Friday evening at around 22:30hrs, in Mungu at Lewanika General Hospital after battling on life support for the 2 days, according to Mungu based BBN.

Just after been released from jail in 2011 under Zambia’s ruling MMD of Rupiah Bwezani Banda’s reign, Mr. Muyangana became a very close friend of Zambia’s late president Michael Sata who he helped to campaign and win presidential elections, as they went round Barotseland.

“His wife, Grace Muyangana was the first one to die early this year and today his beloved husband follows,” reports BBN.

Barotseland has truly lost gallant warriors in the two fallen sons of the soil.

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