BAROTSELAND: Kufuluhela annual festival takes place this weekend

04 August 2017
Mambeti - The Nkoya Royal Band (King's Band)


The Kufuluhela annual festival, the less publicized festival than Kuomboka, is set to take place this weekend.

While Kuomboka is the coming out of the flooded plains, Kufuluhela is the return to the rich soils of the plain once the water has subsided.

It is in reality the reverse of Kuomboka, and therefore, as spectacular as the Kuomboka water festival itself.

Here below is the 2017 program for His majesty the Litunga’s journey back from Limulunga to Lealui as obtained from social media BBN.


4th AUGUST, 2017

10:00hrs - The Kuta opens its doors to the people as the paddlers register themselves with Induna Mwana-Mutumwa

13:00hrs - Lunch break

14:00hrs – Paddler Registration continues

15:00hrs - Preparations of the royal barges takes place

17:00hrs – Mambeti (The King’s band) play drums and sing praises to His Majesty the Litunga

20:00hrs - The Mwenduko drum is sounded

21:00hrs - Mambeti play the siNkoya and Luyana songs

05th AUGUST, 2017

04:00hrs - The Mambeti play songs in Limbetelo

06:00hrs - The Mwenduko royal drum is sounded at the Royal ground for the last time, telling the people that His Majesty the Litunga will not spend his night in Limulunga that day.

07:00hrs - Arrival of distinguished guests

08:00hrs - The Litunga goes to the harbor

09:30hrs - The Ngambela addresses and bids the people farewell, with the Litunga standing next to him at Maalo, in the Barotse plains, before the Litunga boards the Nalikwanda.

11:00hrs - The Nalikwanda heads off to Munzi wa nyalume (The home of men), Lealui royal village.

14:00hrs - Nalikwanda stops for a Lunch break at kataka ka Mwene-Kandala

15:00hrs - The journey to Lealui continues

16:30hrs - The Arrival of the Litunga in Lealui Royal village.

17:00hrs - The Litunga majestically walks to the Namoo, his royal pavilion

17:30hrs - The Lishomwa dance is played for the paddlers, who perform the paddlers’ dance, and do the royal salute called kushowelela

18:00hrs - The Litunga goes inside the palace

20:00hrs - The Maoma Royal drums are sounded to inform the people of Barotseland that His Majesty the Litunga has arrived safely.

22:00hrs – The Mwenduko is played in Limbetelo, informing the people that the king is back in Lealui, and he is sleeping in his Kwandu (Royal house)

06th AUGUST, 2017

03:00hrs - The Maoma are beaten for the last time now, with those wishing to learn how to beat them given the opportunity to do so until 06:00hrs

06:00hrs - Ngomalume (men's dance) takes place at the Royal grounds, with those wishing to learn how to dance taking their turn.

10:00hrs - Cultural dance groups, school clubs show off their skills

12:00hrs - Lunch break

14:00hrs – The Makishi masquerade, dancing groups continue to entertain the people

15:00hrs - The arrival of the Litunga on the Namoo as dancing continues alongside the Makishi performances

16:00hrs - The Ngomalume dance resumes with all men joining in the dance, showing off their skills in front of the Litunga, and end it with the royal salute, kushowelela

17:00hrs - The Litunga leaves the Namoo

18:00hrs - The Liwale women dance starts inside the Palace, joined by the Litunga’s children, consorts and princesses and other people while the Litunga watches on until 19:00hrs

20:00hrs - The Mwenduko is sounded for sleeping

7th AUGUST, 2017

00:00hrs - The Mambeti playing and singing inside the Limbetelo

06:00hrs - The Liwale women dance starts at the Namoo. Those who wish to learn how to dance the Liwale join in until 08:00hrs

10:00hrs - Dancing group and Makishi performances continue

12:00hrs - Lunch break

14:00hrs - Dances continue

15:00hrs - The arrival of the Litunga

16:00hrs - The Liwale women dance ending with the royal salute as the women perform the Kushowelela

17:30hrs – The BRE and the Ngambela address the people and the entire kingdom. Presentation of gifts to the people

18:00hrs - The Litunga goes inside the palace.


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