Barotseland independence only a matter of time - Saleya Kwalombota

31 August 2019
Author  Media Editor, Barotseland Post
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The existence of Barotseland State cannot be ignored. Its existence supersedes the birth of Zambia, the sate that has disrespected the spirit of BA'64 with impunity. The principle of postliminium and efficiency are the only principles to be applied in Barotseland case since the territory fulfils the elements of statehood and its people have nation-building capacity.

The 2012 BNC resolutions did not violate any provision of international law and warrants no treason felony charge as slapped on Barotseland independence advocates saving jail sentence at Zambia's maximum prison known as Mukobeko in Kabwe town.

The will of the people is the basic element in determining the legality of Barotseland case which can be decided by impartial courts.

International law does not prohibit the declaration of independence or succession. Barotseland's 2012 independence declaration was born out of people's consensus, represents their Will and international law does not prohibit this.

Barotseland being an integral part of Zambia is not bound by the principle of territorial integrity. International law, as alluded to, does not prohibit declaration of independence because, under international law, only states must comply with this principle, not internal entities.

There is, however, no reason why the Litunga and his Indunas could believe the lies of the 'Unitary State' and remain under perpetual subjugation by the state of Zambia. The people of Barotseland have made it clear that given the abrogation and unilateral termination of the BA'64, the only agreement which brought about the unitary arrangement, they will never accept to be part of Zambia.

Any independence declaration is always one-sided by nature, and the reason must not be in conflict with international precedences and law.

Having regard to the fact that Barotseland independence is imminent, the people of Barotseland should stand to support reformations to take place soon.

Lastly, as rightly put by Sir. Daniel Bethlehem during Serbia vs Kosovo case, once friendship or marriage is broken down, there is no court or Authority that can sustain it. Similarly, the unitary state of Zambia is disintegrated, therefore, Zambia cannot halt independence of Barotseland but must accept and face its own fate.

Bulozi fasi la bondata luna!


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