Barotseland Administrator Afumba yet to return home!

10 May 2018
FILE: Afumba Mombotwa - Barotseland Administrator General


10th may, 2018.


We hereby wish to advise that the Barotseland Administrator General, Afumba Mombotwa, and his two colleagues, Likando Pelekelo and Inambao Kalima, who just got freed from the more than three-year prison ordeal, will not be traveling to Mongu as soon as earlier desired.

After a fresh consideration of several other circumstantial factors, it was concluded that it would be in their best interest and the nation for them to proceed to Mongu a short while later.

While we had hoped that the people of Barotseland would immediately see and receive their leaders back home, we sincerely apologize that their home-coming will be further delayed.

As such, we wish to request the hundreds of people, who have anxiously been waiting for our leaders' return since Tuesday, to exercise a little more patience as we allow our leaders time to prepare to meet them soon. Therefore, there may be no need to continue camping in the open grounds of Mulambwa, and people could return to their various homes until further notice.

Although the three leaders are very eager to immediately return home in Barotseland, they also understand that it is equally important to return home only when a few more other national matters were thoroughly concluded.

If they were willing to spend more than three years in deplorable prison conditions for the freedom of the people of Barotseland, rest assured that they are even more willing to spend a little time longer to ensure that the people of Barotseland could finally get the justice they so eagerly deserve.

For the moment, however, we can only let you know that they are all free, in high spirits and that they extend their sincerest gratitude for the many continued well wishes, prayers and all efforts offered to secure their long-awaited freedom, and that they wish for all of Barotseland to be free soon, just as they are now free!

The nation will be further informed on the preparations for their homecoming, which we hope and pray will be soon rather than later.

God bless the Kingdom of Barotseland!

Lubinda Kunangela,

National Spokesperson, Linyungandambo/home-coming Organizing committee!

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