At no time have I insulted Hon. Sinyinda or insulted any Barotse activists – Shuwanga Shuwanga

07 March 2015

I wish to thank Hon. on Nyambe Sapaya for his concerns. I would rather want to see them as concerns than attacks as he sounds to be immensely uncertain of what he is saying.

As you may bear witness with me, at no time have I insulted Hon. Sinyinda or insulted any genuine and clear minded Barotse activists.

I know we still have challenges where timely and factual information on the ground is concerned. This may have resulted in some of us sounding as though ‘one was insulting another’ when addressing a genuine concern.

Furthermore, I have never heard of Linyungandambo or Barotsepost insulting other Barotse activists. If I said I have, I would be lying, instead, the information we get from our informers in the BRE is to the effect that the latter have always wondered why the RESTORATION (of Barotseland Agreement) inclined activists have always attacked the likes of Linyungandambo at BRE while the Linyungandambo has not done such.

It is true that we need to be united. But how can we claim to all believe in the independence of Barotseland when other so called activists fail to simply comprehend that the BNC Resolution of 2012 calls for the emergence of a Barotseland Government and not an administrative authorities made up of disgruntled activists who never believed in our independence in the first place?

I have never heard the Linyungandambo initiated Barotseland Royal Government rejecting or having closed its doors to any activists who believe in a Barotseland government as the only way forward.

In the murky Zambian/Barotse politics waters, we cannot be certain as to deals those activists who operate freely have arranged with the oppressors' government. This is said because Hon. Mombotwa (Afumba) and others were arrested as soon as they showed up, while the likes of those who attack other activists and yet claiming to be zealous proponents of Barotseland's total freedom are roaming free. In such a scenario, would a normal thinking individual blame those who may find it a bit safer to "hide in holes"? Certainly not!

We heartily appreciate the sacrifices the likes of Hon. Sapaya have made. We also recognize that all genuine Barotse activists have made sacrifices one way or the other. The only way we can make all those sacrifices truly worthwhile is by realizing and living our independence according to the BNC Resolution 2012 (BNCR2012, if one may like).

We are aware of the enemy's infiltration and would, therefore, advise valuable activists like Hon Sapaya to really be very careful on that. Our focus should be the international recognition of our nationhood not individuals who may be actively working towards achieving that.

It matters less whether such recognition is achieved by Hon Mombotwa or Hon Sinyinda's efforts as long as the goal is arrived at. Personal animosity will not take us anywhere good. Barotseland does not belong to an individual. Some of us have even laid aside our ‘royalty’ all for the sake of our nationhood. Being called mwana' mulena does not thrill me at all as long as our people continue to suffer injustice. However, what is certain is that Barotseland is indeed free and Barotseland has a working government that has already made substantial gains on the international platform. That Barotseland government is for all Marotse.

The unity that Hon. Sapaya is talking about must start with his calling for the release of Hon Mombotwa and others since he well knows the situation they are in. As a matter of fact, we had internationally called for the release of Hon. Sapaya and others then.

Our motto should be "An injury to one is an injury to all."

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