‘Arson’ flops as Munyinda’s charge changes to sedition. Bail and medical attention denied!

04 May 2017
Munyinda Munukayumbwa (23).


The young Barotse activist, Munyinda Munukayumbwa (23), arrested and implicated in the recent burning of a local court in Limulunga, appeared before Magistrate Malata yesterday for mention after 12 days of unlawful detention. He was, however, officially charged with seditious practices instead of arson, the crime he was initially arrested for.

Munyinda was allegedly reported to the police by a self confessed ruling Patriotic Front supporter, Mwanamuke Isimwa, to have been behind the burning of the Suulu court in Limulunga a fortnight ago.

And Magistrate Malata has adjourned the matter to May 17, 2017 for plea and possible commencement of trial after the Prosecution requested to have the case adjourned pending further instructions from Zambia's Director of Public Prosecution, DPP.

In the new charge, it is alleged that Munyinda Munukayumbwa, on March 12, 2015 wrote a statement on social media (Facebook), saying: "I CURSE STATE HOUSE UNTIL THE ISSUE OF BAROTSELAND IS SETTLED!" in apparent reference to Zambia’s official presidential house.

He has since denied the allegation.

Meanwhile, bail has been denied again but Magistrate Malata promised to hear Munyinda's application for bail soon.

Although Munyinda has been sick for a while now, he has reportedly not been given medical attention and was yesterday moved to Zambia's Mongu Central Prison, where he will now be remanded.

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