A President empowered through Bill 10 can dismantle Barotseland - Canada based Zambian lawyer

02 August 2019
FILE: Canada Based Zambian Lawyer, Elias Munshya, MBA, LLM, MA, MDIV


A President empowered through the currently proposed Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill of 2019, also known as Bill 10, can and could dismantle Barotseland without any consultation, Elias Munshya, an international legal practitioner has warned.

Weighing in on the controversial bill, the Zambian lawyer based in Canada has bemoaned that Bill 10 explicitly refuses to acknowledge any role for Barotseland as it empowers the President of Zambia with a unilateral power to split provinces and to create new provinces, without recourse to the people concerned or to the Parliament of Zambia.

He fears, therefore, that Barotseland is now at the disposal of the unilateral power of the President to do with it, whatever the President wishes!

“Just when we were hoping that wounds of Barotseland could be healed by acknowledging its constitutional status within a united Zambia, Mr Lubinda comes up with a bill that completely undermines the viability of a united nation, as a President empowered through Bill 10 can dismantle Barotseland. This is not right!” complained Mr Munshya in an article published in the widely circulated Zambian daily tabloid, The Mast on July 23, 2019.

Mr. Munshya now joins the list of courageous and honest non-Lozi Zambian lawyers who are not afraid to openly declare the truth they know about the legitimate constitutional status of Barotseland within the sovereign republic of Zambia, with prominent others being Dr Rodger Chongwe and Dr Sunday Ludwig Sondashi, both Constitutional and Human Rights Lawyers of international repute.

And Elias Munshya, who has established a successful law practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has castigated Mr Given Lubinda, the Zambian Legal minister pushing the enactment of the infamous Bill 10, for allowing himself to be used as a tool that will destroy Zambian democracy.

“What is even making it worse for Mr Lubinda,” Mr Munshya observes, “is the arrogance with which the legal minister is approaching the issue of the controversial bill!

“We wonder, is it because he considers himself a Zayello (mixed race) that he would be this arrogant as to insult the people of Zambia with a Bill that will permanently kill their democracy?” asks Mr Munshya.

“Being a Zayello aside, my three Lozi children should never have to live in a society in which they are made to feel like Lozis are the tools that other Zambians used to destroy Zambian democracy.

“If Zambia is one nation – then we must desist from this system of other tribes conspiring against the nation by using Lubindas or Kalalukas (Lozis).

“If Lungu wants to destroy Zambian democracy, why doesn’t he do so with a justice minister or Attorney General from Petauke? That way, Lozis will not be close to this narrative,” bemoaned the Canada based lawyer.

“Just as many people do know very well, tribalism in Zambia is worse against Lozis, and Tongas – at least it is perceived that way, tomorrow, Lozis may be blamed by the tribalists for Lubinda’s machinations,” Mr Munshya continues as he advises Lozi citizens to refuse being used that way.

“Lozi citizens should refuse to be used like this, because tomorrow, once the tribalistic history is written, it will not be said that Lungu destroyed democracy. It will be said that Dr Lungu destroyed democracy using tools that were well sculptured for the President’s use: Mwanalushis, Lubindas or Kalalukas (all Zambians of Lozi origins).”

Mr Elias Munshya - LLM, MBA, M.DIV. is one of the leading critics of the recently proposed Zambian Constitution Amendment Bill, 2019, and his extensive writings outlining why he thinks it is fundamentally flawed can be found on his personal blog, most recently his article titled Drop Bill 10: Why Zambians are taking the “Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill” personally on Elias Munshya Blog (www.eliasmunshya.org) (July 24, 2019) and the Mast Newspaper.


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