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A young activist is reportedly on police’s wanted list after writing a letter in which he challenged Zambia’s regional minister in ‘western province’, Nathaniel Mubukwanu, to resign on moral grounds for what he termed as the minister’s ‘alien position’ by remaining mute over numerous issues affecting the people of Barotseland.

Zambian government propaganda machinery is reportedly brewing to parade known disgraced elderly men purporting to be senior and founder members of Barotseland’s leading independence movement, Linyungandambo, on national television prime time, renouncing ‘separatist’ activities of the movement in favor of continued harmonious co-existence with the rest of Zambia.


As rightly observed by the Ngambela last week, the cholera epidemic currently ravaging Zambia has now crossed Barotseland’s borders with three cases recorded in Kaoma and Senanga respectively in the past one week.

The victims in all case recorded so far are reported to be Zambian traders coming from the plagued nation’s capital, Lusaka, on their routine trading activities in Barotseland.


Zambia is currently grappling with the worst cholera epidemic in recent years, if not ever, that has spread across the country beyond the usually susceptible unplanned slums of the large metropolitan capital, Lusaka, with the military deployed to combat the diarrheal disease which has already claimed several hundreds of its victims out of the more than two thousand cases recorded so far in Lusaka since October, 2017.


Following the infamous clash of motorcades on Barotseland’s Mongu-Limulunga Road at April’s Kuomboka festival that saw him and five others imprisoned for four months on treason charges, Zambia’s main opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema on Wednesday made an emotional return to Mongu.

The Catholic Church in Zambia has observed that the 2016 signed national constitution undermined the possibility of resolving the Barotseland self-determination question which they consider a source of simmering tension since Zambia's Independence.

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