17. King Lubosi – 2nd Regime (1885 - 1916)

30 October 2014
  • On the 04th November, 1885, Lubosi recuperated his throne by a bloody battle which toppled Akufuna.
  • He attended Coronation Ceremonies of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra at Westminster Abbey in London in 1902. He was decorated with the medals of King Edward VII in 1902, and King George V in 1911.
  • He abolished slavery on 16th July, 1906,
  • Signed the Ware Concession on 27th June, 1889,
  • Signed the Lochner Concession on 26th June, 1890.
  • He maintained Imutakela as his regiment
  • He maintained Lealui as his capital
  • His Ngambela was Mwauluka Nasibebo, Mukamba Njekwa, and Mataa-wa-Ndiku

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