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Trevor Noah has had a mixed reception from critics as he made his debut hosting The Daily Show, replacing Jon Stewart who left last month.

The 31-year-old South African comedian made a "smooth transition" into the role on Comedy Central's satirical news show, according to Variety.

Deadline called the evening "mostly inoffensive but also mostly flat".

TV columnist Brian Lowry said he looked "more at ease and in command than he ever did as a correspondent".

Stewart stepped down after 16 years at the helm of the influential show and Noah's appointment was announced in March.

Zambia Chief Justice Ernest Sakala swears in Rodger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry COI in Mungu Killing -

After incarceration in Zambian jail and consequent release via Nolle Prosequi, together with 83 other Barotse nationals over treason charges for their role in celebrating Afumba Mombotwa’s inauguration as Barotseland Administrator general or their involvement at the 2012 March Barotse National Council that declared Barotseland independence, Clement Wainyae Sinyinda returns home.

This video is a recording of what happened as he arrived aboard a chartered flight direct from Lusaka to Mongu.

Hundreds of Barotse nationals today turned up to bid farewell to Hon Evans Musialela Situmbeko for a funeral procession that kicked off in Mungu and ended at Sefula where the deceased was put to rest.

The enthusiastic mourners sang the Barotseland national anthem, Bulozi fasi la Bondata aluna, and other patriotic songs as they bade farewell to their compatriot.

The Barotse Imilema were on hand to give their senior compatriot unparallel display of Loyalty and Dedication never seen before now, as they adorned their departed senior’s casket in the ‘red’ model Barotseland flag.

Michael Sata issues Electoral Promise to Restore The Barotseland Agreement 1964 - Courtesy MUVI TV, Zambia

Sata Rejects the Rodger Chongwe Commission of inquiry into Mungu Killings - Courtesy MUVI TV, Zambia

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