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A fundraising campaign has been started to raise money for the welfare of the three Barotseland political prisoners; Afumba Mombotwa, Inambao Kalima and Likandao Pelekelo.

The trio was sentenced to ten years imprisonment each with hard labour over politically motivated ‘crimes’ which judgment will be appealed against with your help of financial and material donations.

The money raised will be for legal fees to launch the appeal of judgment as well as to post bail for the political prisoners.

Financial donations can be deposited directly into the engaged law firm’s bank accounts as below, indicating ‘BAROTSE PRISONERS’ as the purpose of the donation:




Account: 0013020000062

Swift Code: INZAZMLX

For Money Gram services or Western Union money transfers, please, send directly to AKASHAMBATWA MBIKUSITA LEWANIKA

Other material donations such as cattle, goats, sheep, automobiles, etc will be appreciated and can be donated by directly contacting Prince Dr. Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika, the initiator and TRUSTEE for this campaign.

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MOBILE: +26 0977-842931


Any donation of any amount will be appreciated, considering this:

- If 30 people each speak with a contribution worth only USD 100.00 or its Kwacha equivalent, their immediate bail money shall be covered.

- If 300 people each speak with a contribution worth only USD 100.00 or its Kwacha equivalent, their legal costs for appeal shall be covered.


Prince Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika has called for as many people as are of a willing heart to donate for the welfare of the three Barotseland political prisoners currently serving 10 years jail sentences each, with hard labour, in Zambian prisons over a politically motivated case of treason.

Writing on social media Dr. Akashambatwa said he was personally inspired to make some donation of One Thousand Zambian Kwacha and one cow from his personal ‘kraal’ for their welfare in line with the words of Jesus Christ as he instructed his disciples to visit the afflicted, including prisoners, in their time of need.

The three, Barotseland Administrator General Afumba Mombotwa (58), Likando Pelekelo (59) and Sylvester Inambao Kalima (62) were sentenced to ten (10) years imprisonment each by high court Judge Dominic Sichinga under Zambia’s treason laws for their alleged role in carrying out the people of Barotseland’s desire for self-determination outside of Zambia, when in March 2012, the Barotse, at a regularly organized and Zambian government sponsored Barotse National Council (BNC) unanimously elected to declare Barotseland independence from Zambia.

This was after Zambia unilaterally and progressively repudiated the pre-independence agreement (The Barotseland Agreement 1964) that conjoined the two previously separate British protectorates of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia into one sovereign republic, with Barotseland enjoying own government and relative autonomy.

However, with state and military power, Zambia reneged from the 1964 agreement shortly after independence resulting into the complete annexation of Barotseland by 1969. It is for questioning this political situation that the Barotse continue to suffer grave punishments at the heavy hand of the Zambian state ever since, firstly under the emergency rule of Kenneth Kaunda and throughout all the successive Zambian governments after that.

Consequently, in March 2012, the Barotse chose to formally accept Zambia’s abrogation of the Barotseland Agreement 1964, after many repeated calls to have the agreement restored by the Zambian government were denied, essentially declaring the independence of Barotseland from its underlying status within Zambia.

Here below is Dr. Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika’s social media post of 23rd March 2016.

I have donated the 1,000 kwacha that was in my pocket and I shall be donating one cow from my kraal towards raising bail money for the following political prisoners:

  • Mutompehi Afumba Mombotwa
  • Mutompehi Pelekelo Likando
  • Mutompehi Kalima Inambao

Please, will you help with your contribution too?

If 30 people each speak (out) with a contribution worth only USD 100, their immediate bail money shall be covered.

If 300 people each speak (out) with a contribution worth only USD 100, their legal costs for appeal shall be covered.

I speak out because Jesus said:

‘... I was hungry and you gave me no food; I was thirsty and you gave me no drink; Vs 43. I was a stranger and you did not take me in, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’

Then they also will answer him, saying, ‘lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?’ then he will answer them, saying, ‘assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.



The SNP will undertake a fresh drive for Scottish independence but not "browbeat" voters into backing change, party leader Nicola Sturgeon has said.

In September 2014, the electorate north of the border voted 55% to 45% to stay part of the United Kingdom.

The politician admitted that many had not "found our arguments compelling enough" to choose to leave.

The new strategy will begin in the summer, after May's Holyrood election and June's EU referendum.

In a message to those who did not vote "Yes" to Scottish independence, she said "we will listen to what you have to say".

Ms Sturgeon, who was addressing her party's spring conference in Glasgow, insisted that she would hear "concerns" and "address questions".

And she said the party was prepared to challenge some of the answers it gave nearly 18 months ago.

"Patiently and respectfully, we will seek to convince you that independence really does offer the best future for Scotland.

"A future shaped, not by perpetual Tory governments that we don't vote for, but by our own choices and our own endeavours," Ms Sturgeon said in a message to Scotland's electorate.

The MSP had already put it on record that a second independence referendum would "almost certainly" be triggered if Scotland voted to stay within the EU but the UK voted to leave - BBC

January 25, 2016

Outbreaks of cholera, measles and meningitis are common in resource-poor settings, despite affordable and efficient vaccinations being available; high seasonal peaks of malaria go unreported, and therefore the health response remains insufficient; and outbreaks of the lesser-known illnesses such as dengue and Chikungunya have recently been reported in new countries and areas.


Our pick of the week as trending on social media is HRH Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika.

Dr. Mbikusita is a prince of Barotseland, son of HRM Mbikusita Lewanika, King of Barotseland who was born 3rd February 1905 and died 7th February 1977 (reign: 1968 - 1977)

SOURCE: Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika  ( )


Although Dr. Mbikusita Lewanika clearly states that he does not entirely agree with the veteran Zambian politician and entrepreneur  Andrew Sardanis’ sentiments that the Barotseland question will be settled by merely re-instituting the name ‘Barotseland’ to the now ‘Western Province of Zambia’ he (Mbikusita Lewanika) decided to post the above extract from Andrew Sardinis’s latest book entitled ‘Zambia: The First 50 Years’ to his Face Book wall with him sporting a BAROTSELAND branded cap (see attached photograph).

This post has attracted many serious comments from not only Barotse people but also Zambians across the board, maybe because Dr. Akashambatwa is among the very few prominent figures, well known in both Zambia and Barotseland, who are no longer shying away, publicly, from the Barotseland question, which matter has had many Barotse people arrested  even for merely possessing literature about it.

To Prince Aka (as he is fondly known to many), we say congratulations on your winning the Barotseland Post SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ pick of the week.


On Social Media BUZZ for this week we feature two stories that are currently trending:

1. Edgar Lungu must be more shocked than anyone else - about the Litunga's behaviour!
2. Ilute Yeta IV ‘Appears’ in Lealui Royal Village



Date: 13th December 2015

COURTESY OF: Na Ma-Lulu Nalumango

The biggest problem with our desire for Barotseland self-rule is not the Zambian government or its people. The greatest opponent to Barotseland freedom - going by what I've been reading from this column - is the Litunga. It's not even Edgar Lungu! We all get tempted by the devil everyday but the Lord holds us accountable for our implementation of the sins that originate with Lucifer. In this case Edgar Lungu was only trying to tempt the Litunga with 30 pieces of silver and an offer of power and even a tiny foreign mission post.

Honestly speaking Edgar Lungu must be more shocked than anyone else at his luck... I doubt that he had imagined that the Litunga would fall for such small a bait at the expense of a hurting people!

It's vital that these things that you people write so well for the academically gifted elite on Facebook - be written in simple short articles and in our different languages - for our peoples at the grassroots. Through these articles, you're building up a very strong case for the international community in terms of what has been published online but the elite few cannot fight for this cause expressly like this because they don't live the difficult life in rural Barotseland or even engage in civil disobedience acts. We need to put our heads together to realise this dream through local structures. We need to engage with the Barotseland government and other parties to get the Litunga back on track for a common front.

Let's create forums where more people can participate.

Just a thought - because I care too much to remain silent...

Kozo - Lord hear us!


2. ILUTE YETA IV APPEARS IN LEALUI ROYAL VILLAGE – As Reported by Barotseland Watchdog

ORIGINAL POST by: Barotseland Broadcasting Network (BBN)

Date: 11/12/2015

NB: Barotseland Watchdog Dog (BWD) has dispatched a reporter to Lealui to take photos and interview people about this story which appeared on BBN.

We will give you a feed back as soon as we finish talking to the people. For now here is what BBN reported................

Ilute Yeta IV has appeared in Lealui Royal village on Sunday. He was the Litunga of Barotseland from 1977 up to 2000. It is believed that, the ancestors are not happy with what is happening in Barotseland. On Sunday almost 30 houses were destroyed together with the Ngambela’s Kuta, and Mboo Kuta in Lealui, the winter residence for the Litunga.

This happened after strong and strange windswept the Head Quarters of the Royal Kingdom. The tree which Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II sat during his installation in 2000 has been uprooted and it is down. Some Indunas’ houses have also been brought down.

BBN has been informed that Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II (Embattled Litunga of Barotseland) has dispatched a batch of Indunas to see what happened and he has since been informed about the disaster. He is worried and it is expected that he (may) travel there soon to see what really transpired.

Meanwhile people have expressed worry (at) the way the crop of Indunas at Namuso is running Barotseland. From Monday up to Saturday people were still renovating their houses and others have left the HQ saying “Lubosi u ka lu bulaisa,” (Lubosi will cause our death).

Traditionally, the Litunga is supposed to be in Lya Alui (Lealui) up to the flooding season when Kuomboka takes place in April but the current guy called Edwin Lubosi is stuck in Limulunga, (while) he frequents Lusaka and Kabwe-at his Farms.

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