Dr. M Situmbeko to Act as Barotseland Government Administrator General - Cabinet office Press Release, 06/12/2014

08 December 2014



The Royal Barotseland Cabinet held a closed door meeting to discuss on the leadership of Barotseland and the capturing of Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, Administrator General of Barotseland Interim Government, Rt. Hon. Pelekelo Likando and Rt. Hon. Sylvester Kalima, and the Cabinet resolved as follows:

  • Dr. Matengu Situmbeko, a seasoned Economist with excellent leadership qualities, to act as Administrator General with immediate effect and assumes all the responsibilities and duties of Administrator General in the absence of Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa.
  • Zambia to release the trio captured at Kasaya in Barotseland Kingdom with immediate effect; if not, this will bring unnecessary conflict Zambia will regret; our silence must not be mistaken for cowardice, but we thought we were dealing with Christians who regard respect to be a primary virtue in one’s life.
  • The Barotseland Government’s program to continue as planned and no program will be suspended on account of an individual being killed, captured or wounded; we don’t have a leadership problem in Barotseland Kingdom.
  • The people of Barotseland to remain calm and continue making contributions currently ongoing as we want to deal with this issue once and for all with or without Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa.
  • Barotseland Government will not just keep quite over the capturing of Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa and others; it will respond with an appropriate action possible!
  • We have finalized arrangements with our Lawyers; this time we shall teach Zambia a lesson they will never forget for life time!

By Mr. Sikopo Mataa
Government Spokesperson
Royal Barotseland Government

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