In memory of Lewanika - a 100 years after, A poem by Ilutwa Makena

24 August 2015
King Lewanika Lubosi I, Born 1842 – 1916; 1st Regime (1878 - 1884 ) , 2nd Regime (1885 - 1916)

Born with his left hand gripped on his right wrist

A mystical pointer to a successful future

Lubosi lwa Mawaniketwa Nakandambo

A herdsman elevated to Kingship

Like King David of the Bible,

False start, was his initial rule

When the Barotse turned against each other

His fate was defined by his adversaries

Fusilladely, guns were fired

Mushondwa - the shamed one, they called him

Like a cat of many lives, survived

To redefine his destiny

And that of his nation, Barotseland

In exile, the lionized one rose from the ashes

Like the mystic phoenix,

To re-write the history of his nation

Liwanika-la-Mafuci-the visionary unifier of nations

Admired by many, respected by all and feared by foes

Never feared to face the unknown, and

That became the dominate feature of his character,

When he encountered Maputukisi (the Portuguese) from the West

Majelemani (the Germans) from the South West and

Matebele from the South East,

He pitted the British against their own kind-the Europeans

A demonstration of his intellectual faculty, and

A deep wisdom, rarely associated With African Kings and worlds yonder

His unique military and economic exploits

Supported by men with military ingenuity, men

Idolized and renowned in raids

For their devastating scale of attacks, unearthed in him

Uncommon bravery and heroic deeds

Lubosi lwa Nyambe recognized the importance of the Almighty God

And saved his people from perpetual darkness

Unknown to all, he fore saw

The knowledge and wealth hidden in books,

Posterity benefitted from his legacy

A legacy worth defending

O'Nanikelako, blessed you are

Bestowed with the honor of holding his remains

For ever and ever



King Lewanika Lubosi  I, Born 1842 – 1916; 1st Regime (1878 - 1884 ) , 2nd Regime (1885 - 1916)

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