The Litunga, his wish and the people’s aspirations!

08 September 2018
Author  Social Media Network, Sepo ya Bulozi
FILE: Zambia's First Republican President and a signatory to the defunct Barotseland Agreement of 1964 on behalf of Zambia


If it is true that Kenneth Kaunda wants to offer guidance in resolving the Barotseland - Zambia conflict then he should first understand that Barotseland as a nation has had it is governance system long before Zambia crafted theirs and he should desist from misleading people about the whole Barotseland Agreement system.

He will do well to admit that right from the beginning, the purpose of the agreement was to oppress and subjugate the people of Barotseland who at that time had legal rights to be alone as an independent state.

Kaunda must be made to realise that the BA'64 doesn't exist.

Its non-existence started first from his own mind and subsequently we the Barotseland people equally accepted the reality and moved on to declare our nation independent, with the Litunga as the Head of State.

The Litunga alone, however, has no powers to commit Barotseland to any agreement without the Barotseland National Council or the Katengo (Elected Parliament).

As a descendant of a member of the Katengo of 1963 that gave power to then Litunga, Sir Mwanawina III, KBE, to go for the Barotseland Agreement 1964 (BA'64), I know that it wasn't Sir Mwanawina’s personal desire or wish for Barotseland to join Zambia! But the Litunga had to go along with the people’s wish and aspirations.

In the same vein, it may not be HRM Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II's desire for Barotseland to be independent, but just like his counterpart did, he also has to obey the peoples wish and aspirations for self-determination in a free, independent Barotseland.

Kaunda cannot tell us kuli (that) he signed with the Litunga alone, implying we should leave this matter in the hands of the current Litunga alone whom they know they can easily manipulate and convince to let Barotseland remain in Zambia.

This is unacceptable! Ku shwezi batu fa taba ye (many have died over this matter) and the prize of their shed blood is a total liberation of Barotseland! Kipeto - only this will do!

Do not be cheated by the respect they are giving the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II, and you think that's how Zambia will treat ordinary Barotseland citizens.

In fact, we should all know, even the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II should know that without Linyungandambo and the Barotseland self-determination agenda and activities, he would not even be enjoying the respect and privileges he is currently receiving from the Zambian government.

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  • NkoyaBeauty NkoyaBeauty Saturday, 08 September 2018

    We must be sincere and honest. Its not Linyungandambo that started the fight for Barotseland Independence. The people of Barotseland have had their own share of persecution over this issue. Either the Barotseland Agreement or Barotseland Independence will benefit only a few people. the majority of Barotseland will always remain in dire poverty and shame living in mud houses, with grass thatched houses. The Nationalists like Linyungandambo and the rest want Barotseland independence because they see themselves holding government positions as ministers or prime ministers. Barotseland, under them, will still be Barotseland, under GRZ.
    Barotse Youths who started to fearelysely advocate for the Barotseland Agreement, and went on to map out the BNC 2012 and its resolutions have long abandoned the fight . they are quite and distant. without them, no one can threaten GRZ. GRZ does not fear the war of words being done by Linyungandambo and BNFA. what they feared were the Barotse Youths. However soon after the 2014 cry out for the Limulunga declaration, and the revolution hijacked by the likes of Linyungandambo and BNFA, they simply went in the background. since then, this fight is non existent except a social media presence. Just bring back the Barotseland agreement. the Namuso is the legal government system of Barotseland, not this politics of linyungandambo. we shall always protect the Litungaship. the Barotse Royal Government is intact and no one will ever destroy it. anyone who want to join its politics must join it from his village of origin. here you can't just jump to the top. its interesting

  • Sipopa Lubasi Sipopa Lubasi Saturday, 08 September 2018

    @Nkoya Beauty
    Your comment is full of contradictions. You seem to prefer Barotseland ruled by a foreign power than by its own citizens and I wonder why? What is wrong with Barotse people become ministers and government officials in their own country? So, you think it is better if foreigners from Zambian took over these responsibilities and govern Barotseland in perpetuity?
    As to whether these Barotse will manage Barotseland better than the Zambian government, that is yet to be seen when they are given the chance. They may actually do far better because Barotseland will have a fresh start and will be ruled by its own nationals who must care more than the foreign Zambians. Why would they not do better anyway with their nationalistic pride?
    As to who and how the 2012 BNC was organized, you again seem to be very mistaken. The Linyungandambo did not hijack anything because they were right there from the start with BFM, and records are there in the link I give below.
    The Litungaship is safe and is not under any threat because all the independence activists have campaigned to maintain the monarchy. The only modification will be to modernize the same governance institutions.
    The majority of Barotse nationals love their monarchy. It is our culture and life! Most of us loathe the foreign republicanism especially as practised in Zambia!
    This is why we wish to learn from successful kingdom models such as Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, UK, Denmark and many others in the world today who have similar governments to Barotseland.
    I, therefore, don’t see why you would prefer Zambian colonization to independence. You seem to be one of the very lazy and cowardly Lozis shying away from responsibilities that come with self-determination and independence! You are behaving a lot like our BRE functionaries who seem to be afraid of independence because they are actually afraid of the responsibilities of government! They just want to keep up appearances under Zambian subjugation! What pride is in subjugation under a fellow black country, a novice state such as Zambia who should actually be learning from Barotseland that is a much older state than Zambia!
    Independence is meant to upgrade everyone including the Litunga who is currently only a glorified chief, but Independence will put him in his rightful place as a sovereign King.
    Why would the Litunga not love to take his rightful place in his own country?
    For more on the 2012 BNC see

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