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The 2012 Barotseland National Council (BNC) Resolutions and UDI mandate not a motion!

04 August 2018
Author  Barotse, Patriot

Dear editor,

Allow me space in your wonderful media platform to air my views on the very important and vexing subject of Barotseland’s complete independence. Honestly, it is very clear by the turn of past events and trending stories that Northern Rhodesia is under political stupor and failing to come to terms with the reality of Barotseland’s present status quo.

Surely, the territory of Zambia has had very sound legal experts some of whom have advised the GRZ regimes on the dangers of the political course they were taking against Barotseland and the buried BA’64 Treaty. Unfortunately, all the good pieces of advice have been falling on deaf or benumbed ears.

As the result what is supposed to be a very straightforward case on their side has been painted complex or “Non- Issue” whatever that means! And if at all true the recent media reports that Zambia has engaged stakeholders and legal experts to resolve the political impasse is quite unfortunate for a political power paradoxically claiming to be committed to solving the problem it is ardently exacerbating. The following is a fact fast-track, food for thought and reminders to Zambia concerning the MEANING OF OUR 2012 BNC RESOLUTIONS:

1. Whether Zambia wants it or not; whether she knows it or not, Zambia should know that Barotseland’s famous 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate WAS NOT A MOTION, like in parliament, to repeal or be subjected to further several debates before enactment! It was final and a product of many years’ deliberations in Barotseland culminating into the 2012 BNC Resolutions as enactments required by the International Law to which Barotseland’s independence case fully subscribes.

2. By action of the 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI imperatives Barotseland has reclaimed fully her usurped sovereignty to run national affairs accordingly, like any other independent or sovereign country; outside the failed framework of BA’64 Treaty.

3. By action of 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate, THERE IS ONLY ZAMBIA WITHOUT BAROTSELAND. They have the choice to change the name, like Swaziland did recently to eSwatini, or keep it but knowing for sure that the latter does not automatically keep back Barotseland as part of the failed project Zambia.

4. By action of the 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate, BAROTSELAND GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE CHANGED INTO A TWIN-POWER consisting of the apolitical Royal arm and political Civil arm; a duality that forms the power duly vested in Royal Democratic/Constitutional Barotseland branded BTG (Barotseland Transitional Government) now in the interim and later on as RBG (Royal Barotseland Government), in the completely independent motherland. Therefore, all political engagements and dialogues aimed at resolving the political impasse yet exclusive of the full BTG or selectively inclusive are nothing but a futile application of resources and time indeed. Taking advantage of the weak royal wing and monarch will not work either, in our contemporary political dispensation. Additionally, refusing to understand this is only a pretext for planned blame on Barotseland Political Activists possibly for the potential national and regional instability so caused.

5. Readers may wish to understand that the political power arm was the COMPONENT WHICH LACKED IN BAROTSELAND NATIONAL GOVERNMENT (BNG) STRUCTURE PRIOR TO 1964 and prompted King Lewanika to seek the Elite British Protectorate status, for protection of the Kingdom against the approaching or encroaching political powers and empires from all around the nation in his days. Therefore, having realised the problem, by action of the 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate, the civil and political wing in BTG/RBG has taken over the political role played by Zambian state as an external and surrogate protector – the political arrangement that really never worked for Barotseland because instead of fulfilling the responsibility upon Barotseland Zambia opted to colonise and attempted to annex our country deplorably.


7. The continued giving of Barotzis economic alms, political advantages and other benefits in whatever forms does not deprive us of our rightful national allegiance and citizenship neither conjoin Barotseland in the obligation to settle Zambia’s accrued billions of international debt.

8. By action of 2012 BNC National Policy Mandates, the continued illegal occupation of Barotseland by Zambia also DOES NOT NEGATE ZAMBIA’S DUES TO BAROTSELAND like reparations and repatriations of resources in lieu of mandatory consequences of complete disengagement.

9. Although we are expecting due recognition by other states along the way, by action of 2012 BNC Mandates Barotseland has reclaimed fully her DEFAULT MEMBERSHIP to regional bodies such as SADC, AU, Commonwealth, global membership to UN and delightful neighbourhood to Northern Rhodesia; Zambia, while enjoying unity in diversity with all her neighbours alike. Zambia will do well to desist from committing further crimes against Barotseland so that we do not become bitter neighbours.

10. By action of 2012 BNC Policy Mandates the abrogation and repudiation of BA’64 by Zambia was ratified irretrievably by Barotseland thereby rendering the same TREATY NULL AND VOID or “statutory stale” borrowing Zambia’s reference to the same beyond “restoration”. In fact, we both do not have the right to talk about it anymore, worse Zambia because it has never featured in any of the republican constitutions since 1964.


Bulozi ki naha shangwe.

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