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Thanks very much Barotseland Post for putting record Straight. Some people are trying to mislead the public on the actual objective of the mission. However, as you correctly put it, the political and socioeconomic environment in which Barotseland finds itself at the time of the event justifies the interpretation. There is no doubt that our Brothers and Sisters from America share the same ancestors with us. In actual sense Barotseland will be lucky to have a DNA testing centre. Someone commented that the first DNA test should actually be done between the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko and Eric Shepherd as the two seem to resemble in a lot of ways. Whoever, was born and raised in Barotseland by parents indigenous to that area can not deny being told stories of slave trade. My Grandfather who is more 100 years old is still alive with very good memory except for poor hearing. He narrates how his parents gave stories of people hiding in forests for fear of being sold to the traders and how the cruel activity used to be done. We welcome our brothers and sisters home and wish them God's mercies. Barotseland is their heritage which is not developed today because a good stay. If there was enough time why not do hopani, kulu and some ngóko for taste before they go back. You can not say you visited Japan if you did not taste sushi, tempura, okonomiaki etc.