A message to my fellow youths – Victor Mulala

04 August 2018
Victor Mulala - A Barotse Youth


You don't need to be brave or courageous in order to stand for truth and justice; you just need to be real!

All responsibilities rest on the youths. As a youth, you are called upon to actively engage in everything that uplifts humanity and takes the family, friendship, religion, any form of relationships, political well-being to meaningful, greater and yet loft picks.

Whatever your hand finds, do it with all your mighty, of course, whatever is good, and summon all diligence. There's NO justifiable reason for a youth's failure in any endeavor, for all the active energy and reasoning belong to the youths.

Posterity should not curse the youth of today for anything, if yesterday's youths failed to behave, and are rocking the world with confusion, we must learn from such disastrous a course and pursue right and justice in all forms and shapes.

The old folks of today should not take you as a youth for a ride, to be ruled like a horse.

Labour with God diligently, not by mere and superficial parading, but by doing His bidding and fulfilling His will.

Defend your integrity and that of others. Defend the rights of many, make sure no one takes advantage of the other, by whatever means, whether he be a politician or clergy. Never be passive for nothing, none should step on your toe purposely, whoever it may be, whether he has money, influence or any such thing, if he does, tell him to remove his leg from off your toe than you apologizing, if you do apologize, that's not a sign of humility but of cowardice and corruption on your side.

Justice is for all, and ensure in your presence it is observed. Give respect to the elderly, for this is acceptable before God. Embrace everyone, and learn from everyone. But spare no injustice, regardless who does it.

Limit not your capabilities and abilities. Your head is a power-house that can change any course. Cowardice in a youth is the devil, resist it.

Know that when speaking the truth, you don't need any influence to do so, because it is good before God and before mankind. You don't need to be brave or courageous in order to stand for truth and justice; you just need to be real!

Lastly, be real and prove you exist and exist for a just cause!

Be a youthful youth!

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