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WORLD TOILET DAY: We must eradicate open defecation in Barotseland!

19 November 2018

Today, as the world commemorates the World Toilet Day, we must take time to appreciate the powder room, the lavatory, the outhouse, the ladies, the gents, the convenience, the washroom, the men’s room, the women’s room, the bathroom, the dunny, the bog, the garderobe, the necessary, the restroom, the potty, the privy, the smallest room, the cloakroom, the latrine, the place of easement, the water closet (WC), the John, the Can, the little girls’ room, the little boys’ room, the ‘throne’ room and the facilities or whatever name you are most comfortable to call it.

In Barotseland, we may prefer to call it ‘Ndu ye tuna’, the Big House, because of its great importance!

While we are at it, we must make a stand against and work towards eradicating open defecation in Barotseland!

Open defecation (also used in the opposite meaning as open defecation free, ODF) is the human practice of defecating outside (in the open environment) rather than into a toilet.

In this bad practice, some people may choose fields, bushes, forests, ditches, streets, canals or other open space for defecation.

We are aware that some may do so because either they do not have a toilet readily accessible or due to traditional cultural practices, but especially because sanitation infrastructure and services are not available.

However, we are also aware that even if toilets are available, behavior change efforts may still be needed to promote the use of toilets.

The term "open defecation free" (ODF) is used to describe communities that have shifted to using a toilet instead of open defecation.

This can happen for example after community-led total sanitation programs have been implemented.

So, it is our sincerest hope and belief that Barotseland will be Open Defecation Free sooner rather than later with all our conceited efforts! We can all mobilize our communities to build toilets and latrines, accompanied with community awareness on their proper and effective usage!

World Toilet Day is an official United Nations International day to inspire actions towards the global sanitation crisis!

Happy World Toilet Day!

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