Why VOTE REVOLT is the answer for Barotseland self-determination

05 May 2017
Author  Sibeta Mundia, Barotseland Post

A total VOTE REVOLT in Barotseland will send a CLEAR message that the territory is no longer interested in being part of a Zambia that does NOT respect the Barotse rights to Self-determination. The world right now does not take Barotseland’s call for self-determination seriously because the Barotse continue to participate in the political affairs of the country they have already declared independence from.

The Vote Revolt campaign, therefore, is an appeal to all inhabitants of Barotseland to peacefully BOYCOTT and STAY AWAY from Zambia’s INTERNAL POLITICS such as elections and the violence or bribery that go with it, so that Barotseland can now focus on her own self-governance. In this way, Barotseland might convince the world that she is indeed no longer part of Zambia.

Whenever Zambia defends her administration in Barotseland at various international fora, one of their perpetual claims is the fact that Barotse are not hindered in any way from the general politics and governance of Zambia, and that they continue to enjoy equal rights to elect leaders or offer themselves for leadership, such as Inonge Wina, Zambia’s current vice president who is Lozi herself! Therefore, as long as Barotse people continue to involve themselves in Zambia’s internal affairs, the world will never be convinced about Barotseland’s claim for independence as declared by the March 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC).

Although a total VOTE REVOLT is a campaign through peaceful persuasions, it is nevertheless effective.

Whereas other measures taken to assert Barotseland self-determination so far have been blacked-out by the more superior Zambian media, thereby stifling the Barotse voice, a total VOTE BOYCOTT would never be ignored because election results are always publicized by all media; national, international, private or state run. There is no way a vote revolt would go unnoticed because after all, votes have to be counted and announced.


NO! To the contrary, a TOTAL Vote Revolt is to AMPLIFY IN PRACTICAL TERMS Barotseland’s independence resolve. Barotseland declared independence in March of 2012 but has continued to vote in successive Zambian elections. Voting for Zambian politicians and parties, whether ruling or in opposition, is an actual ENDORSEMENT of Zambia’s continued administration in Barotseland.

A vote revolt is an open and practical but peaceful revolt against Zambia’s continued rule in Barotseland without breaking any of Zambia’s current laws if done through peaceful persuasion. It is one of the most effective passive resistance options currently available to the people of Barotseland to make their voice heard.


The people most likely to oppose a vote revolt campaign are those still deeply entangled in Zambian politics. They are still members of various Zambian political parties and think that a total VOTE BOYCOTT might negatively affect the performance of their favorite Zambian political party at presidential and parliamentary levels in the 2021 elections.

However, these must be reminded that currently, there is no political party in Zambia, especially the major ones, with a CLEAR AGENDA for Barotseland self-determination. Why should Barotseland care for any Zambian politician or political party with ABSOLUTELY no program for Barotseland self-determination?

Therefore, opposition UPND, ruling PF and all others must mobilize their election support base elsewhere in Zambia and leave Barotseland alone, UNLESS they wish to present a CLEARLY spelt-out AGENDA for Barotseland self-determination in line with the March 2012 BNC resolutions. Promises of zwelopili (development) and the rhetoric of ‘one Zambia, one nation’ with no recognition of Barotseland’s UNIQUE RIGHTS of self-determination will not do because Barotse can develop their own country, while Zambia already destroyed the ‘one Zambia, one nation’ as NEGOTIATED and SIGNED at Zambia’s independence through the pre-independence Barotseland Agreement 1964 treaty!

Some have claimed that Zambian elections are still too far away. Well, if Barotseland somehow succeeds to rid herself of the Zambian yoke before then, fine and good! However, these must also be reminded that in reality, 2021 is not that far away. This is why the Zambian political parties themselves are already in campaign mode for the election expected to be the most fiercely contested ever.

In practice, this campaign will need to be spread to all of Barotseland for it to be successful - a daunting task that must be started right now!

Barotseland has no candidate in Zambia’s 2021 presidential election besides BAROTSELAND herself. Therefore, a total vote boycott is the only true VOTE for Barotseland since all others will be representing Zambia!

ZERO votes in Barotseland will show the whole world that Barotseland is no longer part of Zambia.


The Vote Revolt campaign is not an abandonment of Afumba Mombotwa and other Barotse prisoners in Zambian jails, but rather an ENFORCEMENT of what they started. Afumba Mombotwa encouraged total separation from Zambian affairs so that Barotseland’s independence could be recognized speedily. While other efforts continue to be pursued for their unconditional release from prison, it will be disappointing for them to find Barotse still participating in Zambia’s internal elections, especially that they are currently serving prison sentences for spearheading Barotseland self-determination.

It is also not a ruling party SCAM against UPND or any other opposition party. It is Barotseland’s peaceful revolt against Zambia’s continued administration of Barotseland because Zambia already divorced Barotseland in 1969 and Barotseland accepted that divorce in 2012.

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