Victor Mulala, a Barotse youth responds to Zambia’s Chief Spokesperson!

04 August 2018
Author  Victor Mulala
Zambia’s Chief government spokesperson, Dora Siliya


To your response over SABC Interview, I respond as follows:

You have complained through ZNBC that the interviewer was un-ethical and the interviewees were not truthful. You tell the world that you are going to launch a complaint to the Government of South Africa over the said interview but I want to show you that you have actually acknowledged that the charge slapped on your Government is indeed true!

To begin with, the subject matter or bone of contention on that interview was about Barotseland and the failed union with Northern Rhodesia and NOT the Zambia Army officers impregnating pupils in Barotseland!

You should have refuted the main issue on that interview and not a 'by-the-way,' matter. Your failure to refute the main issue on that interview, as GRZ's spokesperson, shows to the world that your Government is guilty of the charges.

Where is your Government's legitimacy over Barotseland? You were mute on this because you know it's true, you have NO legitimacy over Barotseland and thus you need to tell your Government to peacefully disengage.

If you think the charges on that interview were/are not true, why don't you seek an audience with SABC while the complainants are still there so that the whole world hears the truth from both parties? Why do you want to complain to South Africa?

You think South Africa is like you who trample on and suppress the freedoms of the people? Prove to the world by legal means that those comrades you called Zambians are Zambians indeed. Has not your Government incarcerated Afumba Mombotwa and two others on fake treason charges?

Have you not told lies to the world through your Vice President Inonge Wina that Afumba and others were just remandees, when Sichinga sentenced them to ten years imprisonment in the Kabwe High Court in 2016?

And why do you keep on telling this foolishness and denying that Afumba is in your jail, holding him hostage? Isn't this your admission of guilt?

If you are ethical yourself as a journalist, go to SABC and debate with those comrades on that independent and unbiased forum for the world to see.

GRZ has committed atrocities in Barotseland and to deny that is to parade your folly to the world and embarrassing your own Government and proving beyond doubt that you are but criminals!

You have a case to answer over the killings you committed in Mongu, 2011. And you are here on your colonized TV station defending injustice? What folly! Very unthinking!

How many countries are you going to complain to over your own injustices? But South Africa knows you are dictators and most corrupt nation in the world. Over Barotseland, you should just shut up because you will just worsen the situation.

Already you must have seen that there are people with tangible evidence of what comrade Nyambe alleged, so go there and challenge them if you have any evidence yourself.

If it was unfair to you for those comrades to appear on SABC interview, then, by the same token of logic, it will be even worse a case for you to go there alone!!!

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