Supreme Court ruling in Ndola ‘hard to bear’ – Saleya Kwalombota

13 September 2018

As reactions continue to flow over the Supreme Court of Zambia’s verdict on Barotseland Independence leaders, one prominent Barotse independence advocate, Saleya Kwalombota, laments as he questions the silence of the Zambian media, international community and the Barotse elite;


The recent Supreme Court ruling in Ndola where Barotseland provisional government leaders have been sentenced to an additional five years from the initial 10 years following their appeal against the Kabwe High Court judgment of 2016 that handed them a 10-year sentence each is hard to bear.

The people of Barotseland and the world over should stand to condemn this kind of mistreatment of Barotseland independence advocates by the Zambian courts.

It has become clear that taking issues relating to Barotseland in any Zambian courts is not of any help as it will never receive a fair judgment in the face of Zambian courts.

This has further been demonstrated by Zambian media silence over the Supreme Court Judgment in Ndola.

The unprecedented ruling would have been news all over the media houses in Zambia but it seems Barotseland related news is a prohibited matter!

Nevertheless, the way the whole issue is handled is like the "master-servant" relationship and as if Barotseland is a Zambian conquered territory.

As people of Barotseland, we don't remember when we were at war and conquered by Zambia to be subjected to such untold inhuman treatment where people's RIGHT TO DECIDE has been stripped off from them. Further, the advocates for self-determination are tossed left and right at Zambia's discretion. What evil have the people of Barotseland done to be subjected to gruesome mistreatment at the hands of the Zambian state?

Surprisingly, Zambia is pretending to be innocent in this issue when it is, in fact, the culprit, it arrests, detains and drags our people before her courts without receiving condemnation from her citizenry or international community. Where is justice, when the power that may be arrests and subjugate the people of Barotseland and later drags them to her courts, at the same time as a complainant and prosecutor?

One may be confronted with a question of where the once brave and fearless men of Barotseland have gone! The docility being exhibited among elite Lozis is worrying, for how long should we stand and watch our Leaders being bundled up like wastage assets for disposal?

It is irrefutable fact that the oppressor (Zambia) supports and provides for the Litunga Lubosi not because he is doing the right thing for his people but promotes the oppressor's interest of perpetual enslavement of the territory as a province of Zambia through fake "Unitary state".

Does the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II and Mulonga understand the pain of the betrayal of the people's resolutions of 2012 BNC and the imprisonment of independence leaders Hon Afumba and his compatriots?

Does He (Litunga) care or listen to the cries of Barotseland people as enshrined in the 2012 BNC? With due respect, it's better to be realistic than every Kuomboka to be dancing Ngoma-lu-me to such a person in the Litungaship! We pray for God's guidance and strength for the Barotseland nation and the families of the imprisoned Barotseland independence leaders.

It is immoral for any Mulozi to ignore the sufferings our activists endure at the hands of Zambian authority. All genuine Activist must put aside the pride of his/her movement and chat a genuine plan for Barotseland independence actualization.

The Ndola Supreme Court ruling is a vindication that peaceful approach through a legal procedure in Zambian courts is unattainable as the very courts are a creation of Zambian parliament that passed Act no.5 of 1969 that terminate the BA64. Therefore, it is not expected for the courts of Zambia to convict itself!

A way forward is cardinal at this moment as a matter of urgency. The unity of purpose is a must! Let us come together with a united voice, to push for the final agenda that will bring to an end the occupation of Barotseland by the rogue state of Zambia. Freedom for Barotseland is right at the corner.

Bulozi fasi la bo ndata Luna!

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