Self-Determination versus Self-Deception; A BAROTSE CHANGE Subpoena!

18 September 2017
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post


By now it should be common knowledge to average and above average minds, hitherto in our Barotse Change crusade, that the greatest impasse in Zambia has been between Barotseland’s Right to self-determination and Northern Rhodesia’s Right to Self-deception that the former’s 2012 BNC Barexit and UDI Mandate is treason!

I say ‘Right to self-deception’ because in our globalising world today anything wrong seems to be fast transmuting into a ‘Right’! Zambia has been employing so much of the vice or leaven of Zambianism in opposition to Barotseland’s Right of Self-determination – thank God and goodness; all in vanity!


In the fullness of time history will have recorded that when the summon was finally somehow ‘heard and resolved’; by a combination of laws of natural (justice) retribution, due adjudication or others, the political impasse between Barotseland and Zambia had to be settled and pave way for the much AWAITED COMPLETE DISENGAGEMENT of the two former Unitary partner states and nations, and thereby set Barotseland completely free.

To start with, Self-determination is the Fundamental Right of all people to freely decide own political status and to freely pursue own cultural, economic, and social development. The concept was embodied first in the American Declaration of Independence in1776 and then in the France's Declaration Of The Rights Of Man in 1789. It was later adopted and embodied in the UN Charter on 14 December 1960, as the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) under titled Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, which supported the granting of independence to colonial countries and people in providing an inevitable legal linkage between self-determination and its goal of decolonisation. This postulated a new international law-based right of freedom also in economic self-determination. Barotseland was already in existence as a country and qualified then as much as now for self-determination in all terms as the “people” (colonized, subjugated, suppressed and/or dominated) contextualised herein and other International Charters; a fact Zambia has been flawing , flouting and refuting for many years purely based on her self-deception, despite being a party to the UN Charter! Just how could this be and what a disgrace and paradox! For how long could the global and regional watchdogs of peace and unity of diversity keep watching? To this question only time has the best answer.

On the contrary, Self-deception is allowing oneself to believe something about self, somebody or something (denying one's true knowledge, abilities, feelings, motives, circumstances and so on) as not true, because the truth is more unpleasant. Foremost, in Self-deception, a person actually rationalizes away the relevance, significance, or importance of opposing logical argument and evidence; convincing oneself of ‘a truth’ - which is actually lack of truth thereof, so that you do not expose any self-knowledge of the deceit. This fact tells us that humans can deceive themselves this way and in order to better deceive others and have an advantage over them, since people have the capacity to learn self-deception; as did Zambians over Barotseland. We see this trend all around the world. For instance, deceptions are accepted as “gospel truth” once published as books, DVDs or corruption money as normal money once circulated into currency stock exchange! Additionally, other than being genetic the enigma is more evolutionary, due to the underlying and inherent problem of human wickedness.  This has been exactly the predicament of Barotse Change and experience of all enemies of Barotseland. Surely Zambia’s true history has been grossly miswritten, misrepresented and in need of rectification since Zambia has been in denial of how it came to be. The erroneous history must once and for all be corrected, at least for the sake of Barotseland and her posterity.


Coming from a Christian background in ‘Zambia’ a self-proclaimed Christian nation and far from any intentions to sound derogatory, arrogant or disrespectful to anyone allow me to begin by looking at St. Paul’s message in Galatians 3:1 “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?”  Humanly speaking it sounds very sarcastic language one would not expect to find in the pages of the Holy Writ. Notwithstanding, God, through Paul, was reprimanding the Galatians for openly denying and defying the truth, despite having been eye witnesses to the life and teachings of the Saviour of the world – their PRESENT CHRISTIAN TRUTH; that surely He was not an imposter but Jesus the Christ. Most of the attitudinal quagmire against Barotseland’s self-determination has been due to the leaven of the self-deception of Zambianism  which has beguiled Zambians especially the political elites up to this day to the extent of Barotseland’s repeated foul cry as though on deaf ears! That is how deadly evil and its vices can be to the point of benumbing and beclouding the mind of its victims and agents, just like some Barotzish are still stupefied by the intoxicating leaven of Zambianism despite all the glaring truth and evidence that Zambia and Barotseland are two different countries which just attempted unitary statehood in 1964 - our PRESENT POLITICAL TRUTH. Self-deception, whether spiritual, social, economic or political, has a bewitching power!

And now paraphrasing Paul’s argument; “O foolish people, who has bewitched us, that we should not obey the truth about Barotse Change despite all the available legal and historic evidence?” Is it a curse and a matter of being Zambian, black race and from Africa, I ask? This is not to demean or insult anybody but in the real context of the word FOOLISHNESS! Indeed it is foolishness - WHEN SOMEONE KEEPS FALLING INTO THE SAME PIT WITH A HOPE THAT BY SO DOING SOMEDAY THE PIT WILL BECOME A SAFE PATH! This kind of debased mentality is what Paul declares as foolishness. He puts up a similar argument but this time against the Corinthians in II Corinthians 6 and especially verses 11 – 18; “O [ye] Corinthians, OUR MOUTH is open unto you, OUR HEART is enlarged. Ye are not straitened in us, but ye are straitened in your own bowels. KJV (emphasis supplied).

So much truth has been mouthed so far about the reality of Barotseland’s Independence with much love from our hearts for our country and her people but alas, there are still some people who are straightened to the contrary by the desires of their interests or Zambian politics of the stomach or bowels! If this disease was prevalent in history then we should not be surprised by the repeat of the historic syndromic social ill, especially from the self-aggrandising folks. And to conclude this section the Apostle Paul says in verse 14 “what communion hath light with darkness?” This poses a very serious introspective question to the powers that be and every Barotseland national still flirting around with the retrogressive guile of Zambian leaven that comes to us in different shades and sizes ranging from the political sloganeering, Corruption, Political Appointments and others, all with the intent to thwart the Barotse Change if it was possible. The point is that Barotseland and Zambia are not one and will never be unitary, for even the Zambian constitutional and legal memoire confirms the same. Just like there is no relationship between day and night there can be no successful bond between a Monarch and Republic governance systems. The fact is, even if one sleeps all day that will not turn day into night. Additionally, even if one hosted up a party throughout the night it will not turn the night into day, no matter how bright the bulbs used, no matter how big the gathering! That is how distinct truth and error are from each other;  what is wrong will remain wrong no matter how often it is performed or how many people do or do not do it, at least in the eyes of God! For instance, whether you think Christmas comes first or New Year, whether your true age starts at birth or conception you have the right to a willpower and personal opinion in life at micro or personal level, but the truth remains as is! IT WILL NOT CHANGE FACTS - WHAT IS RIGHT WILL REMAIN SO WHETHER IT IS RECOGNISED OR IGNORED BY MANY OR FEW! And so is the issue of Barotseland Independence.  The only time we see a mixture of day and night is in the twilight of sunrise and sunset. Similarly, finally there is no neutral ground and it is either one is Barotzish or Zambian – the only time one can be both is in the transition twilight of one’s life sunrising into new complete Barotzish life or rather transition twilight into the ‘sunset’ of one’s forfeited complete Barotzish life into the dark valley of oblivion and canard of Zambianism.

IT IS SHEER FOOLISHNESS therefore, for anyone to hope against Barotseland’s autonomy because there is no other truth about it other than the current status quo. THEREFORE, THE ONLY SUBPOENA VERDICT AND COMMUNION BETWEEN BAROTSELAND AND ‘ZAMBIA’ NOW IS NEIGHBOURLINESS.

However, depositing reflections from the world of academia on the subject matter can help us understand why some of these distasteful experiences ensued in the manner they occurred, along the Barotse Change process. First and foremost we noted that like a coin, the duality of Barotse Change consisted of DANGER and OPPORTUNITY. Zambia viewed Barotse Change as DANGER - subdivided into Denial and Resistance. Therefore, we inevitably experienced denial of our change and resistance to the import of Barotseland‘s complete Independence, despite being party to our 2012 BNC BAREXIT. Zambia’s Self-deception challenged Barotse Change with outright resistance through partial resistance then to partial acceptance (1964 to date), leading finally, to complete acceptance; when Barotzis and the whole world including UN, Commonwealth, SADC, AU and our neighbouring Northern Rhodesia get rid of self-deception about 2012 BNC BAREXIT. Unfortunately, Zambia got stuck, for a long time, at this level in response to Barotse Change transition toward complete disengagement with Northern Rhodesia.

Fortunately, Barotseland espoused OPPORTUNITY side of Barotse Change - subdivided into Exploration and Commitment, which empowered Barotzis to engage in exploration, consequently committing to being part of the RBG’s Team Barotse obliged and devoted to resolving the political impasse. Therefore, as we reach the pinnacle of Barotse Change we should categorically expect the story of Barotse Change to clearly be synonymous with conflicts, negotiations and politics because these are inherent and are dynamics of every change, whatever type or size. In fact, it is important to concede here that apart from signalling change, without conflict change is incomplete. This conflict can be both negative and positive or elements of both. Given the right to self-determination of Barotseland Barotse Change signifies positive conflict. On the other hand, it has been seen to be negative conflict when perceived as the destroyer of Zambia’s conundrum of self-deception. Fortunately, we now have a fully working government which stands ready to meet head-on with any negative conflicts in addressing our 2012 BNC and UDI Mandate.


Self-deception can be quite costly and has been the underlying cause of most of Zambia’s political entanglements and melancholies. Emanating from irrationality as the foundation upon which the argued paradoxes of self-deception stem some Zambians learned it while others, mostly as political elites seemed to have the special talent and capacities for self-deception about Barotseland’s autonomy in Zambia which together led to many rationalisations inclusive of the delimitation of Barotseland into “Western Province” of Zambia.  This case formed the majority of Zambian life.

Self-determination instead, is the key for both Barotseland and Zambia as this will allow both parties to live their normal lives devoid of pretense and self-deception that mostly characterised “Zambia’s” Golden years. THE OPPORTUNITY HAS COME FOR ALL TO UNDERSTAND THAT WHAT WE COULD NOT ACHIEVE IN UNIT OF UNIFORMITY (DUBBED AS ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION) WE CAN DO BETTER IN UNITY OF DIVERSITY AS SEPARATE SOVEREIGN STATES - WHAT FREEDOM OF DEPENDENCE COULD NOT ACHIEVE IT IS LUCRATIVELY  FEASIBLE UNDER FREEDOM OF INDEPENDENCE from each other! In a nutshell, Self-deception has lost the case to Self-determination. John C. Maxwell once said, “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them”, - that is wisdom.


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