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If BA 64 is restored, there are several issues that must be done first to legitimize the process so that fire generations can be safeguarded.

1. It must be restored in full
2. in that case, zambia will cease to be a unitary state but a federation
3. Barotseland will have its own right to rule. the BA 64 give s the Litunga and His council powers over all natural resources in barotseland, including local taxation. that means that Barotseland will have to restore its barotse treasury, open investment deals with other nations,, gather, trade, sell or involve in its own natural resources. This will require Barotseland to have a well organized local government that should spear head its own activities.
4. barotseland must be free to have its own federal kind of governance system. the Kutas should become the local parliaments in every district and at Namuso, the National Council, and the katengo.
5. The people of Barotseland, through their councils will be empowered, under the seal of the Litunga to make local laws to govern themselves.
6. Other towns in Barotseland like karma, lukulu, kalabo, sesheke with their tribes must be allowed to run their districts.
7. Lozi cannot be the only official language anymore in barotseland, but each language must be promoted, documented and used in their locality without any law opposing it
8. the Baroness must be free to sing their own national anthem, have their own flag,court of arms
9. The katas are already democratic, and the Barotse local government system must not be tempered with.

If that is the case, then we the youth will not oppose it.