BRE will set a dangerous precedence if they ignore the 2012 BNC resolutions – Linyungandambo

17 April 2018
Ngambela Mwenda with a clique of BRE Induna

The Linyungandambo independence movement of Barotseland has warned that the Barotse Royal Establishment, BRE, could set a very dangerous precedence if they ignored the express will of the people for a totally independent Barotseland.

Responding to the announcement by BRE that the establishment was now ready to dialogue with the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) over the abrogated 1964 Barotseland agreement, the Linyungandambo national spokesperson, Lubinda Kunangela, said that Barotseland was a kingdom anchored on the culture of mutual respect between the royal establishment and the people.

“As custodians of our culture, the BRE know that mutual respect is a fundamental principle of Barotse governance. We respect the BRE and they, in turn, respect us! However, if they break that norm by disrespecting the people, then they should also expect that the masses will disrespect them.”

Mr. Kunangela further emphasized that the BRE are never expected to make national altering decisions on behalf of the nation as such important decisions were better left to people through the supreme Barotse National Council.

“BRE could be setting a very dangerous precedence if they decided to ignore the express will of the people for an independent Barotseland by engaging in dialogue over the dead 1964 agreement which is not beneficial to both parties,” stated Mr. Kunangela, further warning that the BRE would regret their unpopular course of action if they stubbornly went ahead pursuing an agenda unsanctioned by the people.

“We advise that they rather focus on demanding the unconditional release of their gallant sons, Afumba and others, who are currently in jail for pursuing resolutions that came out of the 2012 BNC held under the auspices of the Litunga of Barotseland!” Concluded Mr. Kunangela as he pledged that Linyungandambo and its entire broad-based membership would not relent their efforts in pursuing the actualization of the March 2012 BNC resolutions by offering their utmost support to the Royal Barotseland Government in transition and beyond.

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