Barotzis Homecoming Pilgrimage, 50-Plus Years in Barotseland – A BAROTSE CHANGE Reflection

23 August 2019
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post


The historic August 2019 Africa Homecoming Pilgrimage 400 Years (1619 to 2019) Anniversary held in “Zambia - Western Province” is past. However, that was just the inception and the detailed program itself continues through the Diversity Restoration Solutions (DRS) Inc. a social business entity that, among other activities like the just ended homecoming, endeavours to reconnect peoples and families formerly separated by traditions of slave trade for mutual beneficence and project development activities in both America and Africa, Barotseland in particular herein spotlighted.

Divergently, the wrappings of the whole event packaging ranged from the titles of people, places visited, goodwill speeches to hypocrisy and reactions by Barotse Change enemies (Barotse betrayers and Zambian state). Additionally, the atmosphere, spirit, and nostalgia mostly turned up to be typical homesickness and homecoming to Barotseland. It was a very wonderful program indeed. Barotse Change witnessed, more than anything else the event could give the meaning, pleasure, peace, reunion and the foretaste of the purported blessings of not only the program itself but also a miniature of the Barotzis Homecoming Pilgrimage 50-Plus Years in Barotseland, at complete disengagement with Zambia. In the same spirit, Barotse Change would like to commend the good work done by Barotseland intelligentsia; the academicians, historians, politicians, leaders and general Barotzis for the work well done to set the record right. Ni kamuso shangwe sicaba sahesu – keep it up!


As a way forward, in response to the Homecoming Anniversary, it has become crucial for all well-meaning Barotzis to consider adopting Unity principles in form of the perspectives of patriotism and nationalism, in our Barotse Change crusade. The enemy of Barotse Change is aroused with unprecedented anger now more than before. This is true because while Barotseland stands to gain numerous benefits from the DRS Development Program in Barotseland, Zambia sees herself a big-time loser ultimately, as Barotseland positions herself for the complete disengagement with rogue Zambia. Hence the now pledged Zambian frantic efforts to sway Barotseland off course!

Since 2016 there have been heightened calls for Barotseland to awaken her sense of nationalism and Patriotism. The twin virtues of Patriotism and Nationalism deserve our utmost attention and are more than imperative perspectives of Barotse Change today. They are a must-do and our lifeblood now and, therefore, we wish to reiterate the same because of the profound significance, solemnity, and impetus they transmit and bear in Barotseland nation regarding Barotse Change. This is reality and themes that should excite and invigorate every minute of every Barotseland citizen. And with this write-up do hereby passionately plead with any fellow citizens still belligerent to the reality of our Present Political Truth and Barotse Change to introspect and get aboard the independence train to new completely independent Barotseland.

We emphasise again that “a patriot will stand and fight because land and territory is under threat, but a nationalist must fight because identity, culture and values are undermined.” In essence, we should be very concerned with Zambia’s insatiable appetite to further cede parts of our country away. Barotse Change views the unfolding Zambian constitutional crisis as a misplaced craving to further delimitate Barotseland by the creation of the looming Kafue Province using the on-going fuelled tribal wars in Barotseland; Kaoma district in particular. Zambia has been working hard to ignore the fact that with or without the defunct BA’ 64 our Litunga and King is Head of State in Barotseland. And consistent with our famous 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate Litunga Edwin Lubosi is still the transitional ultimate figurehead in Limulunga AND NOT President Edgar Lungu in Lusaka. We can only conclude that our territory is indeed under threat and enemies of Barotse Change were hoping to auction it to the traders from the East (Mambali and Chinese) rampant and capturing Zambia. The DRS Development Program comes in to disrupt their imposed illegal occupation and postmodern enslavement of Barotseland, in a way rather out of the blue.

On the other hand a “nationalist must fight because identity, culture, and values are undermined, In essence, it should worry every Barotseland national and nationalist that the Litungaship is being undermined and eroded by Barotse Change enemies and agents, that Silozi is being misconstrued to be a tribe and yet a national language and nationality, just like Setswana, English, Sesotho, and others.


Every country has a pledge of allegiance whether nominal or actual and formally written down as common national allegiance. In some countries, the pledge of allegiance becomes a requirement only for holding a very important public office like President, Judge, Commissioner and so on while the rest of the citizenry is generally expected to show patriotism and nationalism in principle only. A Pledge of Allegiance can be one sentence, paragraph or other ways a state may gazette. Barotseland is no exception. Before then, now is the time to prepare by giving motherland the due allegiance, since ‘practice makes perfect’ as it were.

According to one criterion of statehood the Barotseland nation is required to have a willing permanent PEOPLE or POPULATION with COMMON ALLEGIANCE (an expression of UNITY in diversity, purpose and clarity of focus). The National allegiance, therefore, becomes a vow, an oath or promise of allegiance to one’s country. The term allegiance means the obligation of fidelity, loyalty, commitment, faithfulness, duty and obedience which the native individual (Barotzish) owes to the government (BTG/RBG) under which he or she lives, or to his sovereign in return for the right of protection he or she receives. In law, every right comes with a responsibility. Therefore, in our case, we owe Barotseland our full responsibility through nationalism, patriotism, and allegiance first and foremost, for RBG to supply the national rights of our citizenry interchangeably. It may be an ABSOLUTE and PERMANENT OBLIGATION (By Barotzis), or it may be a QUALIFIED and TEMPORARY one (By resident Foreigners).

Notice that the national allegiance is mutual in terms of providing rights and duties (Responsibilities) to both the state and nation. Additionally, when a nation (Citizenry) gives the due allegiance, it empowers the state (Leaders) to do more services to her citizens, in addition to offering protection. That is how powerful BTG/RBG can be with our unwavering allegiance this time around.

And so for Barotseland the pledge of allegiance and citizenship may read like this:

Barotseland is my country. I love my country, and I am proud of its wealthy and diverse heritage.

All Barotzis are my people as brothers and sisters.

I shall always strive to be worthy of it.

I shall give my parents, teachers, colleagues, compatriots and all elders [chiefs, seniors, leaders, etc.] respect and treat everyone with courtesy.

I pledge my dedication to Barotseland my country and my people.

My pride and happiness lie in their well-being and prosperity alone.

There is nothing like NON-ALIGNED CITIZENSHIP in Barotseland Independence. Change in human beings starts from the inside-outwards, not from outside-inwards. It is not the changed clothes, houses, foods, cars, churches and the like which effects behaviour change. It starts with the mind to finally express itself through words or/and actions that are used by people to classify our behaviour as Lozi, bad, good and so on. Before this process occurs there is usually a need for us to gain new insights, information or knowledge that lead to changed behaviour only when we see a need for the change ourselves. So those who do not see the need for Barotse Change and completely independent Barotseland will always scoff the idea and ridicule everything and everybody regarding the issue.

We commend the role played by Barotseland media like Barotseland Post, Barotseland Watchdog, Barotseland Broadcasting Network and others in endeavouring to provide the much-needed understandings and impetus to effectively grace Barotse Change to its logical conclusion. It then remains with individuals; you and I, to change accordingly. Otherwise, you will have no reason, at the fullness of time, for denying Barotseland the due Patriotism, Nationalism and Allegiance, as a son and daughter of Barotseland.


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