BAROTSE CHANGE: What Freedom fighting is, and is not, in New Barotseland!

22 December 2017
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post

Most people think freedom means independence, rare or exceptional success, exclusive privilege and the competence to do anything that one’s heart desires. True as the statement is, and while so many of us boast of this same freedom just because slavery is no longer tenable today, when it comes to ultimate freedom paradoxically many of us remain en caged. This is due to the fact that though we have all been created equally, yet our rights, opportunities, and justices still remain wanting and inequitable.

For some people, freedom equates to being able to attain a great education, a high paying job, owning a home, a car and a collection of other valuable things. But to a simple person like me, freedom is about being brave enough to go against the norm and just be happy no matter what I attain to this very end.Can this be the entire prerequisite for attaining ultimate freedom, in Barotseland? Definitely not at all, and perhaps this is why Matt Haggman once said"The best way to fight what’s wrong is to stand up for what’s right", maybe because it is also said that “two wrongs do not make a right”. However, in mathematics this logic is defied when negative multiplied by negative gives positive; (-ve) x (–ve) = (+ve)! Purposely, there are certain things we need to do in Barotseland which uniquely define and characterize us as a people, contrary to the general norm and expectations – as paradoxical DOES and DON’Ts of Barotse Change. This Barotse Change series publication is premised on this breath-taking thought, in Barotseland’s continued crusade for her ultimate freedom from the failed and sham unitary statehood and nationhood of Zambia.


First, we need to understand that ultimate freedom is the BASICSTATE OF MIND TO BE LIBERATED. For Barotseland ultimate freedom then means complete independence, rare or exceptional success, exclusive privilege and the competence to sovereignly fulfill our heart desires; as individuals and nation.That is, when the mind is free indeed, because we then think freely, speak freely and live the freedom in deeds freely! Here we are not talking about Absolute Freedom which is tenable only in the Ideal World and not this life. But in our world today, whatever life situation that warrants bondage of some kind it begins with the mind for one to be a bond slave or bond free! This then is the bedrock of our ultimate freedom in question. History has aptly recorded the 27/03/...(27/03/2012) as actually a national holiday for Barotseland which celebrates our Fundamental Freedom as a country, from the omens of the failed unitary statehood and nationhood of Zambia. Therefore, how you identify yourself with this national date reveals the degree and quality of the status of your PURELY BAROTZISH MINDSET CHANGE and ULTIMATE FREEDOM attained thus far. Whether you want it or not, and whether you know it or not! As our UDI date, it is the day when most, if not all Barotzis alike, should celebrate with music, great food, laughter and conversation alongside friends and family, while honouring the Barotseland flag, heroes, heroines and others those who have exceptionally aided in the fight towards our decisive freedom, as marked by this very important date, without fear of any consequences. Here are some multi-million dollar questions for every Barotseland national to ponder;

1.    Do you really take cognizance of the significance of this day 27th March, 2012 for yourself and country Barotseland?

2.    If you do, is your freedom celebrated beyond this single date in history or was just a once off event in 2012 then? Why not give it the due attention in 2018 onwards?

3.    If you don’t, for how long will you continue suffering from IDENTITY CRISIS and stay stuck in between two opinions or nationalities?

4.    Has your freedom (whichever) seeped into your daily being? True ultimate national freedom begins with exuding true individual freedoms emanating from a complete paradigm shift and mindset change!

The New Year 2018 is right here and is an opportunity for us all to start anew or do better than before, in addressing ourselves honestly to the fore-stated questions.


For me, this means going against the norm of solely using education as a stepping stone for just landing a “good job.” After all, most celebrated politicians and business people do not have that rich educational background! I believe strongly that education is a tool that should be used to sharpen your passion in any area of study, not just a thing that is attained to prove that you are schooled, “educated”, “trained” or “learned”but use your acquired skills, knowledge, aptitudes and values to advantage one’s people. Therefore, for me, true education is demonstrated through personal missions done to ultimately help Barotseland attain her complete freedom – loving and living the experiences that teach someone to be a better person and help others to be better in New Barotseland. This is a call to duty for all educated Barotseland nationals; for every true education is for service, not servitude.

In addition, fighting for ultimate freedom in Barotseland means honestly sharing one's story, whether good or bad, hoping that your truth inspires someone else to embrace who they truly are, where they started, and most importantly, where they are headed. This means that fighting for ultimate freedom in Barotseland requires the removal of personal fears of judgment, rejection and the possibility of being misunderstood and still go forward. It also means proudly walking into one’s journey of being an aspiring entrepreneur, which is not a definite path; given Zambia’s highly Barotse-phobic mindset, but a series of failures and successes that ultimately lead to great influence, in New Barotseland. We need to see, hear and read more about investments by our own people mwa Bulozi no matter how underprivileged, just as we argued before that the twin of Political Power and Economic Power complement each other and should empower us to thoroughly rid ourselves of the impediments of the post-modern imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism currently at variance with our full independence determination.

In our continued struggle and fight for ultimate freedom, we must remember that our own liberated individual walk and journey are precursory to our overall complete national freedom being sought. Once we walk uprightly and resiliently as free individual Barotzis, creating an ultimate small picture, our illumination will eventually mature, spread and continue to shine as a part of the ultimate collective bigger picture called New Barotseland. Taking a look at other great people like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and others we see that all of these people have fought for their individual ultimate freedom, along with the ultimate freedom of others, to help create a greater ultimate freedom for all, in every area possible. They each had a dream which required them to be brave enough to act on it and for some of them stand alone in the fight, even if it meant confinement in jail, solitude or other humiliating conditions! Afumba Mombotwa and Team, Barotse inclusive too, when finally done with our fight!


Precisely, in Barotseland, among others:

1.    Freedom fighting is maintainingBarotse Change overall objective as complete restoration of Barotseland’s autonomy usurped from her by Northern Rhodesia. Attainment of total liberty for our country Barotseland is the ultimate goal of Barotseland freedom fighting. It is not denying, disputing, repudiating and abrogating the 2012 BNC UDI Mandate, like Zambia did with BA ’64 since 1969, and thus betray our people back to grime infinitely into the deceptive citizenship as Zambians. “Two wrongs will not make a right” in this regard and can be a recipe for untold political crises for both countries, given our political dispensation and Barotseland National Citizenship Awakening!

2.    Freedom fighting for Barotseland is warranting the complete separation of our motherland from Northern Rhodesia and NOT “Secession” or annexation of it to Northern Rhodesia, to perpetrate hoax Zambia, as advanced by the Barotse Change enemy, under guise and guile of the erroneous “One Zambia, One Nation” slogan. Don’t you know that there is no ghost statehood or mono unitary statehood in international law, the status Zambia is averring? All countries are united entities but when “unitary state” is mentioned the partner state is clearly cited in the national constitution. Zambia chose to evade the legal truism.

3.    Freedom fighting is grounding our political and economic wrestling to exterminate repression of Barotseland our defined territorial area having explicit and antique political and geographic boundaries, supplanting the oppression herein with sovereignty and complete independence.

4.    Freedom fighting is totally owning the struggle for a completely free Barotseland by both the affluent and the marginalized Barotzis, the people whose country and/or lives have been impoverished by the oppressor on account of the abrogated BA ’64, spurious Zambianship and consequent mystified purely Barotzish identity. Barotzis is all qualifying citizens, not just the marginalized people economically, politically and socially, in Barotseland.

5.    Freedom fighting is not using terror or other ruffian factors to motivate or induce Zambian civilians to act politically or apolitically to GRZ on behalf of Barotzis to expedite the complete disengagement (ultimate freedom). While it is our major duty to continue with our 2012 BNC transition pro-activity we must leave reactivity for Zambians, for our primary and delightful business or national duty is to actualise the ultimate freedom of Barotseland.

6.    Freedom fighting is targeting the oppressive and illegally occupying Zambian system out of Barotseland, instead of each other’s throats through infightings, badmouthing, bickering, power struggle and other forms of internal strife detrimental to our noble cause of ultimate self-determination for our lovely country Barotseland.

7.    Freedom fighting is engaging in rightful freedom fighting rights and responsibilities as opposed to wrongs or self-injustices of being cowards, conformists, indifferentists, or diffident. For instance, a Barotseland freedom fighter is a front-runner acting on behalf of at least our civilian Barotseland population in direct opposition to the Zambian military or government; without expecting the ordinary masses to take the lead.

8.    Freedom fighting is restraining from any proactive destructive and terrorist acts on Northern Rhodesia as much as possible to avoid being the pretexted cause of suffering of Zambians such that when we are finally separated Barotzis should be the celebrated cause of much wellbeing of Zambians, not the malevolence thereof!

9.    Freedom fighting in Barotseland is not recusal, withdrawal or choosing to be passive or disoriented on the pretext of apparent confusion in certain parts of the struggle. To the contrary, it is being bold and honest enough to learn lessons from the negative experiences we have had as vantage-ground to soldier on.

10.    Freedom fighting for Barotseland means being satisfied with every single positive outcome of the struggle so far attained regardless of who has done it, as long as it is from TEAM BAROTSELAND or our international comradeship. That means Freedom fighting should embrace virtues of Common Commitment, Common Goal (2012 BNC UDI Mandate) and Common Enemy, not having double standards over the same.Finally, when complete freedom is attained for Barotseland, true ultimate freedom fighters will be ready to stop the fight and find common ground, especially with the enemy; in genuine political dialogue mandate imperatives like cooperation in trade, resource repatriations, reparations, affirmation of our geographic boundaries and other areas that inculcate and entrench good neighborliness of states and nations.


All in all, our complete or ultimate freedom in New Barotseland brings about a type of change that not only affects you and your happiness, but the happiness and success of all other Barotzis, including our neighbours. We call it Barotse Change because while it is personal it is, by all means, corporate, encompassing all Barotzis at different Barotseland echelons.

The phrases “What Freedom fighting is, in Barotseland” and “What Freedom fighting is not, in Barotseland” have stark differences as discussed above. The use of optimisms, commitment, compliance, courage, nationalism, patriotism, team spirit and unity of purpose perpetrated by Barotseland freedom fighters is an exigent need and does not take into account willful destruction of target illegally occupying governmental and military installations or lives and properties of innocent people in vengeance to Zambia’s ruthless attacks on Barotseland and her people. The freedom fighters are in hopes to bring Zambia to the GENUINE NEGOTIATING TABLE to amicably and logically conclude the political impasse regarding our irreversible 2012 BNC Political Stance. This is in contrast to guerrilla and radical approach ultimatum many people have craved to be utilised. The Barotseland freedom fighter cause is much celebrated and is enjoying increasing support from all sections of the society including global democratic institutions.


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