BAROTSE CHANGE: The Immutable Reality of Facts!

21 April 2017
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post



The much spoken Kuomboka ceremony of 2017 has come and gone and indelibly imbedded in the annals of Barotseland history, with all the varied descriptions ranging from names like “infamous”, “PF” to being the “dangerous” Kuomboka. As ever and according to human practises we are bound to make review of every event that we hold. Each Barotseland citizen and visitor has their own analysis version of the Kuomboka ceremony.

Unfortunately, I do not think there will ever be a common moment for a collective review as a nation, given the fact that its hosting this year was highly characterised by numerous apprehensions with some calling for its cancellation. From my own perspective I wish to share here with the Barotse Change agents, participants and followers my elicited and concomitant views.



Every genuine person aware of Barotseland’s plight acknowledges the fact that our country did not need a union of state with Northern Rhodesia for her economic survival in the first place, contrary to views advanced by enemies of Barotse Change. This is due to the inarguable fast fact that at the attempted formation of unitary state Zambia Barotseland was already a liquid capital of over £75 000 000.00 which her counterpart state did not have. This was in excess of the unexploited resources then and the now plundered economy during the political cohabitation period of Zambianism. Therefore, our country has been a paradoxically silent but salient economic powerhouse of ‘Zambia’. And so if anything, it is Northern Rhodesia’s poor economy making her cleave onto the vestiges of the failed political marriage with Barotseland in a rather insidious and parasitic relationship. This is quite undeniable.


Indisputably, as an elite British protectorate our country was ably governed by the Barotseland Native Government up until the fateful 1969 onwards when our native government continued to surfer mutilations as Baroste(land) Royal Establishment (BRE), to its deplorable state today. It was the BNG that co-signed the BA’64 with the UNIP’s GRZ on Parity Power Terms, which qualified Zambia to be a Unitary State under international Law; not monolithic State nor Federal State. Otherwise, I find the power sharing structure that ensued from the BA’64 it as purely colonial administrative convenience that was unwarranted; Barotseland could have managed to stand alone as completely independent country when every other country gained independence.

3.    THE FAMOUS 2012 BNC

Unalterably, since 2012 BNC Barotseland has been a free country only awaiting her complete independence when Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) should formally concede or be forced to disengage with Barotseland and have nothing whatsoever in interfering with her Business, and be mere neighbours. The killings, arrests of Barotseland citizens and parading of Barotseland nationals in Northern Rhodesian high offices like Ministry of Justice, Attorney General, Inspector general, Vice Presidency, patronising and Zambianising the Barotseland Institution of Litungaship and other actions by GRZ can neither atone for the defunct BA’ 64 nor suffice to veto the match by Barotseland to her complete independence. It is only an instrument to exploit fellow Barotzish.

Back home in Barotseland, the reality of our famous 2012 BNC Resolution and UDI Mandate stand as the major consolation against all evil since it is immutably secured in international Law and nothing done by BRE and GRE (GRZ Extortionists) syndicate can authentically unsettle the resolution. THE IRREVERSIBILITY OF 2012 UDI IS AS UNDISPUTABLE AND IRRETRIEVEABLE AS THE ABROGATION OF THE BA’64. Therefore, as long as Northern Rhodesia does not own up her mistake and continue being oblivious to Barotse Change she will not know real peace anymore but plague after plague.


The institution of Litungaship has always been monarchic from early years of inception of the Barotseland Kingdom. However, as time went by it started to assume some political functions though, with its top functionary being apolitical and non-partisan. The political functions were solely as in the institution’s interaction with international bodies like BSAC and other foreign dignitaries visiting our country for various economic, political and other causes, for instance Lewanika Concessions.

The 2012 BNC among other resolutions undertook to transform the BNG and then BRE to Royal Constitutional Barotseland Government (RBG) now as BTG, as a dual governance system comprising Royalists as the monarch arm and commoners as the politicians and civil arm on the other hand; a ploy that will well safeguard the Litungaship. This move was informed by a careful analysis of our plight in our short-lived Zambianship era  (1964 – 1969) and the best practices of constitutional monarch governments trending in the 21st century globalising community of countries. It is observed that the political/civil arm engage well with fellow politicians on the international arena, unlike what has been trending by or to the current Litungaship. Let alone GRZ would always have the upper hand even though the defunct BA’64 did not demean or elevate one above the other of the two governance  institutions that have equal powers and hence co-signed  the BA’64 Treaty as state to state tripartite agreement.


The 2017 Kuomboka ceremony is a done deal with both our BRE and GRE having a take home lesson and scores settled as was planned. As if in a GRZ gear to bid farewell to the former  and defunct BA’ 64 Union Treaty, for the first time our “Paramount Chief”, as sarcastically said and seen in the eyes of Northern Rhodesians, WAS GIVEN THE BEFITTING KINGLY STATUS! This in itself is an immutable fact indelibly chronicled in history and will not help much spending our precious time on it anymore at the expense of the ultimate and Complete Independence of our Motherland. Undoubtedly it was just one of the hopeful distractors aimed at shifting the focus of  Barotseland nation and state from our ultimate goal; in preparing ground for the much spoken and determined programme of GRZ’s G.M.Os to the defunct BA’ 64. Paradoxically, it also served to strain further the foul relationship between the already divorced states and nations.

One of the most outstanding phenomena from the recent 2017 Kuomboka ceremony is the change in colour of the elephant epitome distinctive of the Litunga’s Royal Barge. The big question yet to be explained is why our parents unilaterally decided to change the age-old tenet of our culture from the usual black colour of the elephant epitome to grey one! Can this be an incontrovertible revelation of a new ideology and scheme to change and characterise Barotse Nation from passionately being “Bana ba Poho ye NSU” to rather “Bana ba poho ye SETA; grey”?

The little I know is that both in the Bible and in our life grey carries some serious negative and ominous symbolisms of death and bad heartedness– BU PILU SETA or SITUHU, respectively! If this is something to go by then does this mean an unprecedented ruthless shift in the BRE stance and focus of powers that be against Barotse and our match to total independence;  to be more heartless just as GRZ  Zambia is brutally closing down upon her people? The imbedded meaning is unfortunately irrefutable. A check in our world history confirms the prophecy found in Revelation 6:8 “And I looked, and behold a PALE HORSE: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death.. “, NKJV. Emphasis supplied.  Even in the time of King Litunga Yeta II Nalute Mucabatu we were still a symbolic nation of “Bana ba Poho ye Nsu”. Fortunately, RBG will soon be correcting all the mutilation done to our Silozi culture by Zambia for whatever distortions done against it are opportunely redeemable and repairable.


BTG is at work as per their mandate by 2012 BNC; whether in hiding or not; of course for a good cause, whether all of the cabinet or some. International Law does not prescribe the number of cabinet officials to render a constitutive legal and effective government for any country. When dealing with the evil type of Barotse Change enemies you are not limited and can adopt even the weirdest strategy to get what you want, just as the adage states that there are times when “Silence is eloquence”. To the best of my knowledge BTG is still under oath to discharge the duty and deliver to us a Completely free Barotseland in the shortest time possible. We have not received any communique that they have failed and would love to be substituted by another. Until then it is onus upon each Barotse national to give the interim government (BTG) the needed complete allegiance and all the support, in wrapping up their work. On the other hand, without genuine remorse for all the pain caused us by walking back over the 2012 BNC Resolution and UDI Mandate, our BRE functionaries do not go scot-free and will one day soon have to account to Barotseland locally and internationally along with GRZ, a very unfortunate turn of events then.


This account of hard fast facts shows the reality of Barotseland freedom, as revealed to us by our beloved Barotseland elders and intelligentsia that according to the wisdom given to them have written and exposed to us all facts regarding the reality of Barotseland independence.  As also in all circumstances, there are those who have chosen these things as hard to be understood; some who are unlearned, learned and unstable wrest, as per their own evil tendencies but this time only to their own bewilderment! This is because the complete independence of our country is unstoppable and has only been delayed.  You therefore, beloved, who know these things, beware so that you do not get led away with the error of the enemies of Barotseland Independence and fall from your own honourable steadfastness position in Barotse Change. It is said that “the darkest hour is before dawn!”

Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  We are in a moment of time when we should mind the ‘hopeful distractions’ by the enemy of Barotse Change at all costs and continue to focus ahead. “As a rule, we find what we look for; we achieve what we get ready for” is a famous quote by James Cash Penney. For Barotseland this calls for common CLARITY OF PURPOSE AND FOCUS not much from the quantity (Nyangela) but the quality (Bunata/Bundwalume) of the few committed Barotseland Revolutionary War soldiers. It is that time in our struggle for a Completely independent motherland that we need most the unity of focus and readying our capacities to receive our ultimate achievement so that it does not find us as a shock.

Finally, may Barotse Change active participants find further impetus and motivation from the political and economic current affairs to drive us forward, in giving Barotse Change its logical finale.


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