BAROTSE CHANGE: The Best S.W.A.T. Operation Rescue for Barotseland and BRE!

04 May 2018
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post


Finally, what started as a rumor has now matured into an OFFICIAL OPEN SECRET- Equivocal Position Statement from our parents in BRE – “DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE BAROTSE ROYAL ESTABLISHMENT AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA OVER THE BAROTSELAND AGREEMENT 1964”. This statement alone indicates that our parents are in a state of political stupor!

Foremost I find the press statement equivocal because it is silent about their opinionated view of the 2012 BNC Resolutions and at the same time it does not elucidate whether the intended negotiations are actually the long-awaited political dialogue to finally lead to our amicable disengagement with Zambia!Additionally, the heading itself is full of ambiguous terms/ phrases like should it be BAROTSE ROYAL ESTABLISHMENT (BRE) or Barotseland National Government (BNG/BTG/RBG)Vs THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA” In our current political dispensation the heading is highly exclusive of civil wing in BTG, meaning our parents do not believe in the structure, but why to invite them at the same time? As the matter stands now Zambia is a skeleton or pseudo name for what should be Northern Rhodesia bearing in mind the legal implications of 2012 BNC UDI Mandate for Barotseland. That in itself tells us a lot that there is a lot taking place and planned behind scenes to be revealed gradually as time goes. The unholy alliance with GRZ is now in the public domain in what may be the ultimate drama in the series of Anti-Barotseland’s independence drive by the arch enemy. One prominent attribute of this unholy alliance is the pitting of BRE against its expatriate Barotseland nationals serving in Zambian high profile portfolios brother against brother and sister against sister while Zambia watches and painting a picture to the international community that “It is actually Barotzis insinuating for BA ’64 Restoration, not us!” The other feature is that our parents are held as political hostages to Zambia and struck with some kind of political hypnosis such that they are bereft of their capacity to rationalize as Barotzis! A condition that can be described as “frenemy”; being friends and enemies at the same time – what a diabolic condition!


One thing that is clear to most of us is that the political union of BRE and GRZ have been in serious courtship and has now been publicised, attempting to culminate into an unhealthy marriage in form of their BA’64 Government Modified Option (GMO). And so, we know that whatever has befallen BRE now and yet to transpire is actually catalyzing the confederation of all BRE allies in defense and consolidation of the subversive solidarity against Barotse Change. This explains why our parents have never attempted to change the name BRE to BRA or other names consistent with the transition period mandate of the 2012 BNC. Instead, we have seen BRE circumvent our own 2012 UDI Mandate creation! Why the trouble of:

1. Negotiating for another treaty when the first and at least credible one was abrogated before implementation? What guarantees BRE that their bogus ‘treaty’ will succeed against all odds and omens of Zambianism beats logic and imagination indeed!

2. Negotiating for another ‘treaty’ when both Barotseland and Zambia irreparably do not desire to politically cohabit anymore is the wonder of it all! Apparently, there is more to this than what meets the eye and time will tell the real package of motives behind BRE’s dissidence.

3. ImportuningGRZ for inferiority complex every time and yet a twin power in Zambia (state versus state), and one reason behind the 2012 BNC; to restore the usurped power of both the Monarch (Litunga) and Monarchy!What is most hurting and disgraceful here is why BRE parents find it better to be under Zambian servitude perpetually even when given chance by both Zambia and Barotseland to rule our country! It was not so from the beginning! That needs correction indeed.Otherwise, Barotseland is more than ready to run its own affairs with or without the BRE, this too is irrefutably true!

The truth on the ground is that BRE, like Zambia, has failed lamentably to run the affairs of Barotseland Kingdom, metamorphosing into a tenderpreneuring entity or firm for those deeply engrossed in Zambian self-aggrandizing politics much to the destruction of our land with political suppleness. However, our parents need to know that there is still hope for them to rise up from indignity to glory. To every temptation handed down to them by the enemy, there has been an opportunity for them to lead us and display the wisdom embodied in silozi maxims “Tukongote wa mwana a nongolo”, “Kopano ki mata” and others. To my fellow citizens we need to know that we are fighting a regime system that is thrice deceitful and illegitimate; first by abrogation of BA’64, secondly by controverted 2016 election and lastly masquerading in form of the unholy alliance of BRE-GRZ all in bad faith for Barotseland. This requires our concerted national unity this time around. Let us keep our eyes wide opened now more than before lest we find ourselves auctioned from our Barotseland. This is true because Zambia recently declared a great interest in our land to delineate further in the name of sham developments promised for over fifty (50) years and denied us by nullifying the BA ’64 Treaty.


An analysis of the whole saga reveals that actually Barotseland has been hijacked and is under State capture by the extortionist of GRZ (GRZE) and we are all held political hostages. Political hijacking here means THE SEIZURE OF BAROTSELAND THROUGH BRE BY ZAMBIA FORCIBLY IN ORDER TO GET OUR COUNTRY TO A NON-SCHEDULED DESTINATION OF COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE BACK TO ZAMBIAN CAPTIVITY INCONSISTENT WITH THE 2012 BNC UDI MANDATE. To hijack also means to cheat, swindle, and so on by the use of force. The hijacker Zambia has planned to use the nation of Barotseland as the political hostage captured, to be killed, injured or incarcerated each time we defy Zambia’s demands for the perpetrated subjugation of Barotseland. Using BRE as the pawn Zambia has hijacked Barotseland both for economic ransoms and political concessions they now want as deals from the intended bogus BA ’64 negotiations between BRE and GRZE authorities.

The BNC gathering was a product of many years’ work figuring how best to resolve the political dilemma of Barotseland but then how could our leaders just summersault overnight and leave their children in the cold being killed, maimed, incarcerated and the like over a matter they were part of and rightfully owned from the beginning?

Menaced by issues of hijackings of civilians the USA government, in 1967, devised a specialized Police crime-fighting unit acronymed as SWAT (Special Weapons and Advanced Tactics) to function as an operation rescue squad for civilian hostaged victims. Barotseland today needs a special SWAT rescue operation far much better than a barrel of the gun to decisively redeem both the BRE and our country from the shackles entangled in owing to the defunct BA ’64 international treaty. I strongly believe that we need to start with the twin power of nationalism and patriotism at individual levels upwards, for that much-needed Allegiance and Purely Barotzish Mindset change among us. If the enemy is united against us then we too need that unity of diversity and purpose more than them. Otherwise, it is like our parents are really not themselves but just politically hypnotized seriously needing our help!


The unfolding political scenario in Barotseland is one that implores every Barotzish to be a true nationalist and patriot. We will never tire-up reminding our readers that “a patriot will stand and fight because land and territory are under threat, but a nationalist will fight because identity, culture and values are undermined”. This is the invocation we get regarding the issue on the table. Given the level of BRE-GRZE’s seared consciences to Barotseland’s reality, one cannot hope for better results from the duo if not pressurized. This calls for our categorical collective patriotism and nationalism to extirpate this bondage once and for all. We do not hate Litunga and BRE because they are our parents but the evil indulged in by the individuals in the ranks thereof is abhorring and subject to vetoing if it inflicts pain or discomfort upon us or stretches our patience out of proportion. We demand patriotism and nationalism from the cohorts of BRE if at all the country they profess to be leading is Barotseland. They are not operating in a vacuum space but Bulozi and therefore should listen to Barotzis when we speak.


Barotseland media is flooded with admonitions and counsels to our dear parents over their stance concerning the plight of BNC 2012 Resolutions and UDI Mandate for new Barotseland but alas! All has been falling on deaf ears. We are saying, in a nutshell, that we are not really surprised by the sad development because we could foresee it coming in one way or another due to the signs in recent past. But the truth BRE- GRZE syndicate needs to know is that BAROTSELAND HAS ALREADY SPOKEN THREE TIMES concerning our statehood and nationhood as stated following, and anybody or anything standing in our way to total independence deserves nothing better than our complete resistance and UNISON ANSWER NO;

1. First through the 2012 BNC RESOLUTION AND UDI MANDATE; we desire Nothing more to do with Zambia a bogus state; to preserve our country, an action that is irreversible by international law statutes.

2. Secondly through the VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the confederacy of Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II and the BRE cohorts through the signatures collection by BNFA in 2015 to preserve our institution of Litungaship, and

3. Thirdly through the NO Voting against the PF’s Zambian government patterned from Zambian's last 2016 quadripartite elections.

That was a type of our summative referendum against the coerced Zambianship and nothing really can outspeak that bearing in mind that Zambia and Zambians also said “NO” MORE THAN THRICE to the legal BA ’64 and unitary statehood with Barotseland - first in 1968 when the entire North Eastern Rhodesians voted against the BA’64 in a national referendum, secondly when the BA’64 was unliterary abrogated by the Zambian regime in 1969 and afterwards at every municipal constitutional review of Zambia to date! Furthermore, Zambia has refused to sign the PCA documents as a guarantee that that GRZ does not welcome genuine dialogue. Therefore, how can they honor dark corner dialogue outcomes? Forget it AND not from a professional supplanter state like Zambia. SURELY IF ONE WORD CANNOT BE ENOUGH TO A WISE BAROTSE NATIONAL THEN I WONDER WHAT ELSE IT COULD BE! God forbids that we remain political hostages to another human system


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