BAROTSE CHANGE: Litunga’s Litigation – a twin power perspective

09 February 2017
Author  L. Wamunyima, Barotseland Post

I wish to submit with this article my considered view on the current subject seemingly polarising my nation and drawing so much attention – the suing of our Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II in the Zambian courts and the looming dethronement thereof. I must confess that it is a very sensitive and quite mentally challenging issue playing right at home due to the nature of the case. It is a situation that has not only prompted my response but also demands input from every other Mulozi. I must say upfront that Iam not really taken aback by the sad development because I could foresee it coming in one way or another due to the precursors in recent past. That is, Barotseland has already spoken three times over what she desires as stated following, and anybody or anything standing in our way to total independence deserves nothing better than our complete resistance and unison answer NO;

1. First through the 2012 BNC Resolution and UDI Mandate; we desire NOthing more to do with Zambia a bogus state an action that is irreversible by international law statutes.

2. Secondly through the Vote of NO confidence in Lubosi Imwiko II through the signatures collection by BNFA last year to preserve our institution of Litungaship, and

3. Thirdly through the NO Voting (Referendum) against the PF’s Northern Rhodesian government patterned from the recent Zambia’s 2016 quadripartite elections.

What more really needs to be done besides all these and many more actions done before, if one word does not become enough to a “wise person”? Unfortunately all this has not yielded the correct results with Zambia. And then, the result is this litigation that is before us though received with mixed reactions from among us as Barotse nationals. At the end of it all however, we must speak with one voice, whether Litunga takes the day with remorse, conditioned on compliance to 2012 BNC Resolutions Mandate or Imbwae Imikendu does it on a contrite traditional and nationalistic duty point of view. In my view the outcome should all be for the glory of our reclaimed motherland Barotseland.


Most of us have read here before that “a patriot will stand and fight because land and territory is under threat, but a nationalist will fight because identity, culture and values are undermined”. This is the invocation we get regarding the issue under debate on the table. But given the level of BRE-GRZ’s seared consciences to Barotseland’s reality one cannot hope for better results from the duo if not pressurised. This calls for our categorical collective patriotism and nationalism to extirpate this bondage once and for all. We do not really hate Litunga and BRE because they are our institutions but the evil indulged in by individuals in the ranks of thereof is subject to vetoing if it inflicts pain discomfort upon us or stretches our patience out of proportion. Our nationalism demands that it is now either he repents or retires whichever way available for his own good and that of Barotseland nation.

Therefore, it is time for us as nationals to harmoniously blend our nationalistic and patriotic stances for our common good as a nation and state of Barotseland. To do that we need to be reminded here and concede that conflict of opinion is never always negative. People who view conflict as negative will work hard to eliminate it just as Zambia is addressing our independence change crusade. Such an approach is similar to someone taking pain killers to eliminate or suppress a headache, thereby denying oneself a chance to know the underlying clinical or health problem or cause. Most of us may be aware of the assertion by our medical experts that headache is not a disease but symptomatic of some biological disorder somewhere in the system. That is same is like the headache in our current debated thorny issue. To the contrary individuals who regard conflict as functional virtue recognise its potential to inspire the creative and curative solving of problems. And so with the current issue we must dig deeper with a revolutionary mindset, and in applying the adage “there are several methods of killing a rat in a house” for the benefit of our land and posterity mwa Bulozi while doing so above erring individual’s interests. Of course this must be done meticulously with the aim of saving Barotse nation, the wrong doers (prodigal sons and daughters of the land) in separating them from their trespasses if they must or are so willing.


One thing that is clear to most of us is that the twin powers in form of our BRE and GRZ have been in serious courtship that is trying to culminate into an unhealthy marriage in form of their BA’64 GMO (Government Modified Option). And so, we know that whatever is befalling BRE now is actually catalysing the confederation of all BRE allies in defence and consolidation of the subversive solidarity against Barotse Change. The truth on the ground is that our parents in BRE have failed lamentably to run the affairs of the Kingdom. This has been confirmed by their recent statement that “Litunga has done nothing wrong” even in the face of the plethora of glaring evidence – surely we know that only God is omniscient or too wise to err. Without the Zambian push the best thing our parents would have done is to relinquish their posts honourably and peacefully for other royalists and loyalists. This would have spared our honourable traditional structures from all this shame and ridicule they are going through now! And the winner in all this is really Zambia not BRE functionaries who just benefit themselves with Zambian alms like we have seen so far. What is most hurting here is why BRE finds it better to be under Zambian rulership perpetually when it was not so from the beginning! That needs correction indeed. To my fellow citizens we need to know that we are fighting a government system that is thrice deceitful and illegitimate; first by abrogation of BA’64, secondly by stolen 2016 election and lastly by the unholy alliance of BRE-GRZ in bad faith for Barotseland. This requires our concerted national unity this time around. Let us keep a closer eye on them now more than before because they are even capable of auctioning us from our land given chance.

Additionally, we need to remember that it is this side of Africa and world in Zambia and SADC where the legal virtues like rule of law is hurriedly becoming a rare commodity unlike The Gambia and ECOWAS where the ideals of constitutionalism and human rights at least have been demonstrated to still prevail. Ya mwa kang’oto ha sa iposholi ushwela mwa ten’i. We blame all unfolding current affairs mwa Bulozi on the bogus state of Zambia who have been using our parents like Lubosi and Imikendu as pawns or agents in this whole drama. They are equally to blame for accepting the spoil in one way or another. Fortunately not all is lost as yet each one has this opportunity to redeem themselves by joining the Barotse nation in exalting Barotseland by doing the most honourable thing much to the shame of our enemy.


One is the administrative capital that makes the Barotse King while the other makes the King to work as reigning capital and Litunga! According to Barotse centuries-age old traditions the KING MAKER Induna Imbwae Imikendu hails from Makono village as his administrative capital of the system that enthrones a Litunga of Barotseland. On the other hand, the enthroned Litunga reigns from an administrative capital Lealui/Limulunga according to current setting.  One makes the King while the other makes the King work; not from Broken Hill Kabwe or any other place but Limulunga and Lealui, that has been one of our cries!

One can see from here that the two systems are paradoxically at par and different from each other. However, the wonder of the twin power here is that how can the appointee ‘fire’ the appointing authority as it happened? The appointing power remains superior such that under normal circumstances the Litunga (appointee) has no powers to fire the appointing power like it has been reported and such firing is seriously enough cause for Litunga to abdicate the throne. Can it be that as a Barotse Nation we have long been ‘fired’ by our parents as the reason why they find it difficult to hear, listen and adhere to the Barotseland’s Three historic NO voices, as the ultimate King Makers mwa Bulozi represented by Induna Imbwae Imikendu and Litungaship? If the normal traditional value system was allowed to prevail then the current situation would not have escalated to where it is. To me it appears the King Maker also is to blame for compromising authority which precipitated the current situation to the level of this antagonism among Barotseland citizens over the same matter. In a nutshell, one can only hope that Imikendu and team run their full race without succumbing to bribes along the way. Otherwise, he will then run the risk of being the scapegoat for all of Lubosi’s transgressions committed and omitted upon Barotseland. That is because he still holds the ultimate authority to correct his mess, since his dismissal from office was null and void from the very beginning. In fact according to me, he should have started with an apology to the Barotseland nation as he came public with the mission for the transgression of flouting his office.


I wish to add my voice to the many who have called upon the twin power of RBG and BNFA to rise to the challenge of the hour to give the political machinery to direct the flow of economic and political business mwa hae. Using the patriotic horn as we use the nationalistic one that together we resolve the issue at hand in a manner that will display to the whole world the experience of our centuries old democratic governance system better than our younger sister nation Northern Rhodesia and Zambia . SURELY IN THIS MATTER EXPERIENCE MUST BE THE BEST TEACHER ON HOW TO HANDLE IT. It cannot be over emphasised that the issue of Barotseland National Government is something that is long overdue, with or without the abrogated BA’64. The agreement provided for continuity. Anybody opposed to RBG must be met with the fiercest opposition so that we begin seeing the fruits of self-determination. There are examples in the world where administered territories have full running governments even before the quasi coloniser completely vacates territory finally. Definitely our unique case should do better this time than before. The twin power of our two political entities must vantage themselves from the ensuing civil fracas so that the enemy of Barotse Change has no room to scavenge for some political mileage or fish in troubled waters. Muyoyange wino!

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