BAROTSE CHANGE: An Open Letter to the GMO – “BNT” Syndicate

04 December 2017
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post

We trust and pray that this correspondence finds you in the best of your health and spirits. Our calendars indicate that we are now in the Christmas Advent; a time, among other rationales,  when most people engage in self-introspection aimed at reviewing personal successes and failures this year, with a view to come up with personal strategies for successes in the ensuing New Year. Barotse Change is convinced that you too, given your high profile standing, are bound to engage in the same exercise. It is our greatest desire, as proponents of Barotse Change, to appeal to you once more brothers and sisters for you to reconsider your ways so that you do not find your names finally indelibly chronicled on the wrong and bad side of the history of Zambia, Northern Rhodesia and unquestionably Barotseland.

Undoubtedly, you know that there is separation already between Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland! Zambia ditched us first and in so doing, initiated the separation we have been “singing” about since 27th March 2012. The separation is the abrogation of our 1964 political union, maintained even against Barotseland’s importunate calls for restoration for over four decades. Subsequently, Barotseland became an independent sovereign state and nation by the action of the 2012 Barotseland National Council (BNC). Both your high profile standing and schooling advantageously and adequately have illuminated your understanding of international legal framework provisions that

1.    The 2012 BNC action irreversibly served to approve the gulf of separation initiated by Zambia on Barotseland – Northern Rhodesia Union Treaty BA ‘64, such that it now remains an irrefutable and irreparable breach!

2.    The status of BA’64 was that of a Treaty as defined by Vienna Convention and Law of Treaties (VCLT) and other principles of international law.

3.    “Treaty” means an international agreement concluded between States in written form and governed by international law, whether embodied in a single instrument or in two or more related instruments and whatever its particular designation.

4.    Termination (by 2012 BNC UDI) of the operation of a treaty as a consequence of the material breach of the bilateral treaty (Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia) by one of the parties (Zambia) entitled the other (Barotseland) to invoke the breach as a ground for terminating the treaty’s operation in whole (2012 BNC). [VCLT Article 60 (1)]

5.    Recalling that on the 15th October 1969, Zambian parliament passed a Bill into law, a constitutional Amendment Act [AMENDMENT ACT NO. 5 ] abrogating and repudiating the Treaty (Barotseland Agreement 1964) in its entirety, in so doing legally authored Barotseland's right to REVERTING to her/our original statuses as separate territories; as we were prior to Zambia’s independence in 1964.

6.    On 27th March 2012 Royal Barotseland Kingdom, using her SUPREME POLICYMAKING BODY the Barotseland National Council (BNC), therefore accepted Zambia’s 1969 material breach and divorce of Barotseland from the attempted unitary statehood. By action of the 2012 BNC Barotseland constituted her irrevocable independence charter as 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate.

7.    Hence Barotseland today cannot be cited for SECESSION by any impartial court, United Nations or any other law-abiding institution. It is a done and clean game over!

8.    Ultimately, what Barotseland is seeking now is the complete settlement of separation marked by complete departure and objective, disinterested withdrawal of all Zambian administration offices and personnel from Barotseland amicably.

9.    Furthermore, you know very well that it is your detrimental high order compromise and our continued illegal political co-habitation which caused the complete disengagement five years now long behind schedule.

Be informed that GENUINE POLITICAL DIALOGUE that can finally settle amicably the political stalemate between the once unitary statehood partners of Zambia (Barotseland – Northern Rhodesia) is welcome, BUT NOT the way the so-called Bulozi Negotiating Team (BNT) are pedaling the events. It is common knowledge in Barotseland that Barotse Change revolution betrayals are a recipe for disaster you are not prepared and able to extinguish once incited! You have had enough time to appropriately use your authorities and powers, ascribed to you by Zambia, to benefit the logical resolution of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia political impasse. Well, be it known to you that when you recuse yourself from affording Barotse Change its rightful and due process you definitely cease being one of the key factors in the logical conclusion of Barotse Change.


1.    Do you know that the much talked about BA ’64 actually never got effected such that negotiations over the subject matter in the first place are obstinate, wicked and irrational, much so after the 2012 BNC? Are you aware or ignore the fact that when the people of Zambia state that “Zambia” shall remain a Unitary State they mean forced annexation of Barotseland to Northern Rhodesia as Zambia?

2.    Notably, are you aware that “Zambia” has not owned up the mistake publicly, hence your dark corner negotiations? Are you aware that the long-reported government of Zambia’s modified options (GMO) to the now defunct BA ’64 is a deceitful affirmation of the separation that already exists, hence the desire for dialogue by Northern Rhodesia?

3.    Was it Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE), Bulozi Negotiating Team versus Government Republic of Zambia (GRZ) OR it was Barotseland Government (BNG or BRA) versus Northern Rhodesia, in Britain’s presence negotiating for BA ‘64? Was it Paramount Chief, head of BREin Western Province or Litunga of Barotseland as head of Barotseland Government? Where is RBG or BTG in your clandestine maneuvours, post-2012 BNC?

4.    Therefore, on what basis are your meetings; country versus country or Province versus Country and why? If being done as part of “united” country, can a country negotiate with itself for a unitary treaty of BA ’64 or “BA’ 2017” magnitude? Who is your arbiter?

5.    If you are doing so as Zambians are you aware that there are still unresolved and haunting political issues regarding the 2016 quadripartite elections calling for patience and holding in check the legality of everything – how can you resolve amicably the issues of Barotseland when the Zambian state is still in serious doubtful legitimacy? Why not give Barotse Change its due process and participation by the rightful stakeholders?

6.    If your political dialogue is premised on forced integration or annexation AND NOT the finalising of the complete separation or disengagement of Barotseland and “Zambia” are you aware that you are just wasting yourselves and other resources? Are you aware that when all shall backfire you will be required to account for all that?

7.    Does the BNT really have the assurance that the GRZ wants to use the “political dialogue” as a tool to resolve Barotseland deadlock with Zambia or is just a procrastination ploy to delay longer the valid meaning and significance of the whole separation process started by Zambia in abrogating and repudiating the Union Treaty BA ’64?

8.    Do you know as BNT that genuine political dialogue Barotseland is awaiting, among other reasons, is contextually aimed at Peacebuilding and Statebuilding of individual parties at loggerheads; Barotseland (passive since 1964 and erroneously called Western Province) and Northern Rhodesia(roguery called Zambia since 1969)?

9.    As BNT are you aware that you are just being used as ever before, to maintain the illusory Zambian status quo, by the illegally occupying regime in Barotseland? Do you know that the “GRZ” has no capacity now to pledge or indulge commitment and compliance to the endogenous process meant to enhance capacities, institutions, and legitimacy of the states of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia?.

10.    Didn’t you, as BNT members, form part of the key and or normative participants in the 2012 BNC? This means that you were no ordinary stakeholders but that you are fully aware of the irreversibility, solemnity and immensity of the 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate for Barotseland. If you walk back over your word do you have to force others to do the same even if it means doing so against their democratic and human rights heirloom? And can we hold you trustworthy and capable of making similar or important decisions as principled men and women, if you are capable of reneging your 2012 BNC stance?

11.    Therefore, are you aware that your ruses reported in the media recently despite being illegal, subversive and inferior to our 2012 BNC Resolutions the Barotseland’s 2012 UDI Mandate is impervious to your conspiracies? Do you know as BNT that your persistent betrayal of your motherland is an indication that you are either seriously bereft of the crux of genuine political dialogue or that you are just determined dissidents of Barotseland? Therefore, do you know that the deal product of your negotiations is decreed bogus already, in all terms of references?

Brethren you are treading on very dangerous grounds if at all the media reports on the subject matter are substantiated. This is because your loci-standing on the issues you are reportedly embarking on in the name of Republic of Zambia’s government modified options (GMOs) to the defunct BA ’64 is seriously wanting, compromised, and an indictment of international law and organizations you claim to belong to. Whether you will be corrected by them or not it is not for Barotseland to decide. However, what Barotseland will not allow is messing up with Barotzis anymore. This is just to put it on record that you were advised accordingly but you despised advice. Even a contemporary Barotseland citizen can clearly see that there is something terribly wrong going on with your attempted agenda. The activities of “BNT” are a scenario TANTAMOUNT TO SELLING OFF BAROTZIS AND OUR OWN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY AWAY WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. Nothing then becomes worse than this and be it known that Barotseland is greater than individual citizens and therefore, stands ready to defend herself in whatever ways available.  If you are ready to face the consequences of your actions someday soon, as well have your names engraved in the Hall of Infamy in Barotseland then go ahead!TAKE TIME AND LEARN LESSONS FROM THE ZIMBABWE’S RECENT POLITICAL BREAKTHROUGHS – There is nothing that lasts forever under the sun!

Tukongote, Litunga Ni lyetu.

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