BAROTSE CHANGE: A quest for Political and Economic sovereignty

21 March 2017
Author  Lindunda (La Mulonga) Wamunyima, Barotseland Post


The victory of the Barotse people’s revolution against Zambia’s illegal occupation and oppression intensively and formally started on 27th March, 2012 to markedly undercut the Zambian imperialist colonial system. This laid the groundwork for the development of a sovereign and completely independent Barotseland economically and politically, in Southern Africa.

This was an event of historic significance in heralding the commencement of our crusade for maturation of our CORE BUSINESS aimed at ensuring that the Economic threshold at which our nation Barotseland can live sovereignly; without relying on the support of Zambia as has been the case during the imperial colonial years is attained in the shortest possible time frame.


From the word go I need to emphasize that political sovereignty and economic independence go hand in hand. Sovereignty is absolute, supreme and ultimate dominion and authority of a political state (RBG) subject to no higher power, expressed within its territory in full self-government and in complete freedom from any outside influence. In other words, sovereignty in our context simply means the TOTAL OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL OF BAROTSELAND BY INDIVIDUAL BAROTZIS OR/AND THEIR GOVERNMENT RBG. For Barotseland therefore, the Core business is long overdue and very viable because we have the needed political functionaries and economic resources to help us attain the independence goal.

The basic question in any revolution—and Barotseland national revolution in particular—is one of state (RBG) power. Therefore, usually the primary task of all oppressed peoples like Barotzis who seek total liberation is to completely overthrow imperialist (Zambian) colonial control and to strive for political independence first and foremost. Yet, it is not sufficient to merely win political independence, which is only the first step in our Long March to Completely Sovereign Barotseland. After winning political independence started by action of 2012 BNC, Barotseland needs to make full use of her political and international legal powers to equally win economic independence. The twin of Political Power and Economic Power will then enable us to thoroughly rid themselves of the control of the imperialist, colonialist and neo-colonialist exploitation and approach to our full independence. To this end I strongly wish to differ with those nationalists and patriots calling for economic independence first, prior to attainment of our political independence – the formula cannot work that way for Barotseland; far from it! This is because of the following reasons:

1. We have had the nearly 50 years period as Zambians proof enough for the futile and failed economic independence as prescribed in the abortive unitary statehood legal documents. Another 50 years or even 5 years to the same cause will definitely fail, if given chance. Not with Zambians anymore! The freedom of dependence on another nation pessimistically failed us and now we have opted for freedom of independence just like other states and nations.

2. The current embattledness of our royalty in BRE and the elite Barotzis who are ‘Zambians’ and PF partisans is proof enough that attempting economic independence first as a means to political independence of Barotseland will only serve as a costly recipe for further corruption and other evil vices by the same forces/agents seriously against Barotse Change, as judged from events in our ‘golden jubilee’ Zambian history and current affairs. In this matter honestly experience should be the best teacher. Pursuing and concluding our Political independence first and then economic independence is the safer and feasible path for motherland.


If a country like Barotseland does not have its own economy and instead is penetrated by foreign Zambian capital then we cannot really be free from the tutelage of Zambia we are dependent on. Consequently, Barotseland will find it much difficult to make its self-determination prevail if it so clashes with the powerful interests of Zambia’s economic dominance upon us, as a foreign illegal occupying state. In other words, if as Barotseland after our complete independence we do not continue to carry forward our newly found national democratic revolution, do not take effective revolutionary measures to actively struggle for economic independence, then we will not be able to win finally and secure our complete independence. Just like most independent African states still heavily rely on their historical imperial colonial masters for aid so we may likewise find ourselves living as parasites on the state that is already too impoverished to support another and bring about meaningful national development ‘mwa hae Bulozi’.

The danger then will be to lose our hard-won political independence as Barotse nation loses faith in the political leadership for failing to entrench the much needed economic independence. Additionally, seeking economic independence first will be placing the economic lifelines and economic sovereignty of Barotseland still in the aggrandizing hands of the imperialist corrupted Barotzis and the foreign monopoly capital of the illegal occupying Zambian political and economic systems. Thus, advertently and unintentionally, it would then aptly be described by the saying: “While the wolf has been driven out through the front door, the tiger has sneaked in at the back.” That will rightly be so because all of the Zambian –isms; Zambianism, imperialism, colonialism neo-colonialism and nepotism, etc. would still retain in varying forms and extent their various economic influences and features to impose on RBG many unequal deals and undue pressure which will directly encroach upon our sovereign rights reminiscent of “going back to Egypt “- Zambia. It will therefore be aptly described by our own Silozi maxim that “Kuya mbindingi ku kuta mbindingi”, in essence hopefully traveling and never to arrive at our 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate!


In my view I find it quite imperative that upon the winning of our complete political independence, RBG should then adopt appropriate and effective measures to eradicate the economic influences of the Zambian ‘isms’ and to abolish all their political, military, economic and cultural vestiges to nationalize everything and put the nation’s economic lifelines and economic sovereignty in the hands of the Barotseland state and nation. It is against this background that some ‘economically free’ Barotzis are insinuating for economic freedom first because the future Barotseland includes measures that will inevitably affect the interests of the imperialist monopoly capital of the dissident and Zambianised citizens who are now resorting to their Zambian state machinery and are resorting to every means including counter-revolutionary violence all aimed at making a retrogressive eleventh-hour struggle against Barotse Change. Hence, it can be affirmed that the process of recovering economic sovereignty from the imperialists and eliminating their influence in the economic sphere is inevitably a process of repeated tests of strength with imperialism, and the struggle inevitably should be accompanied but preceded by our decisive political struggle.

Given the hard, cold facts of reality, the Zambian imperialists, colonialists, neo-colonialists and nepotismists share a common aversion for the development of independent Barotseland national economy for reasons discussed already. Furthermore, they understand that once Barotseland is fully independent with an independent, established and developed national economy, then the economic base for their colonial rule over Barotzis will be undermined, starved and deprived of the means to perpetrate their colonial plunder on Barotseland, the very source of their reaped super profits.


The development of an independent Barotseland national economy, the winning and weaning of full economic independence are of great national interests for the newly independent Barotseland. Additionally, for the newly completely independent Barotseland, the struggle for political independence and the struggle for economic independence are interrelated but should not be confused by reversing their order.

Without secure and full political independence first, genuine economic independence is impossible. Conversely, without genuine economic independence, secure and full political independence will not last mwa Bulozi. In other words, political independence is the precursor for meaningful economic independence, with economic independence inversely becoming the engine for sustained political independence; for a stable completely independent Barotseland. Whether in the transition or after complete independence attainment, the winning, maintaining and consolidating of our political independence will always be the primary chore for Barotseland government (RBG). Political independence takes precedence over economic independence rather in a complementary manner. Before the Complete Barotseland independence, all efforts must be directed first of all at winning political independence so as to prepare the conditions for economic independence. After the complete independence and while continuing to consolidate our political independence, we will need to make full use of our political power to wipe out the influences of the Zambian “isms” and their minions, carry out agrarian, industrial and other reforms to establish and develop an independent national economy and thus consolidate the political independence already secured. HOWEVER, IN THE PROCESS OF STRIVING FOR ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE, IT IS NECESSARY TO COMBINE ECONOMIC STRUGGLE WITH POLITICAL STRUGGLE SO THAT THEY COMPLEMENT AND PROMOTE EACH OTHER, in a process that requires a long and toilsome struggle. The whole Transition progression was expected to be marked by some ups and downs, with quantitative Barotse changes (e.g. the current affairs’ confusion) of the transition now finally leading to qualitative Barotse changes in the ultimate realization of our 2012 BNC UDI Mandate outcome for the completely free BAROTSELAND.


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