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The embattled Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II had his coronation commemorative ceremony locally known as COLISO on the 17th of October through to Monday 19th October 2015, although the festivity was halted on Sunday 18th to participate in Zambia’s declared day of ‘Prayer, Fasting, Unity and Reconciliation’.

Many loyalists, however, have said that this year’s coliso was nothing but a failed attempt to show that Lubosi Imwiko II was still firmly on the Barotse throne. The embattled Lubosi Imwiko II has of late being widely perceived to be in undesirable alliance with the Lusaka government to perpetuate Barotseland’s subjugation by Zambia.

The event which started with a prayer service on 17th October was poorly attended. The Catholic, UCZ, New Apostolic and some Pentecostal Church members in attendance mainly saved face to the poorly attended ceremony. Traditional dancers also had to be hired by Zambia’s Permanent Secretary to the region and these entertained the handful people who were present. 

“Yesterday’s ceremony was a flop. Such an event normally attracts Barotse Nationals across Barotseland, but this coliso has been an embarrassment. Had it not being for the faithful from the participating churches, family members, Zambia’s ruling patriotic front cadres, heavy police officers, office of the President Security personnel, some of whom disguised themselves in Barotse attire, and other government officials working in Barotseland, this event would have been completely shunned!” declared one observer.

Several children also added colour to the multitude while all Barotseland independence advocate groups were conspicuously absent as they have all officially disowned Lubosi Imwiko II as Litunga of Barotseland.

All this poor attendance was in spite of efforts made by local Catholic run Oblate Radio Liseli who tried their level best to announce and broadcast live in Limulunga for the people to come for the ceremony.

Induna Katema of the Barotse Royal Establishment, however, disagrees as he declares the event was a success; “You see, this celebration is a success. We thought people would not come. But look they are here'' said Katema as he proudly grinned at what he thought was an impressive turn out.

The ceremony was concluded on Monday 19th October 2015 with Induna Katema’s address attempting to reassure the people of Barotseland that the Barotseland Royal Establishment (BRE) had never at any time worked against the aspirations of the people and advised against any such false news reported in some section of the media he did not name.

12th October, 2015

Mr. Lubosi Imwiko Edwin
Private Bag
Barotseland Kingdom



With reference to the above captioned matter, we the Barotseland National Youth League (BNYL) do wish to officially inform you Mr. Lubosi Imwiko the position of the youths in the entire Kingdom of Barotseland.

This follows a letter which was written to your Kuta two weeks ago, asking you to allow and authorise the Kuta to come on air and address the citizens of Barotseland Kingdom over several issues and allegations levelled against you and the Kuta. The allegations were pointing that you as an individual has been involved in a number of activities drawing back the actualisation of Barotseland independence by accommodating Zambians at the palace, championing schemes to elude the will of the people of Barotseland, requesting the Zambian government to bring more tracks of soldiers and policemen into Barotseland, encouraging arrests, incarceration and torture of Barotzish Citizens and many other treachery activities.

BNYL gave you and the Kuta 14 days to clear all these allegations, but you chose to remain mute and continue with your vicious schemes under the auspices of an alien government of Zambia. THIS TRULLY CONFIRMS THAT THESE ARE NOT MERE ALLEGATIONS BUT ACTUAL ACTITIVIES YOU ARE INVOLVED IN.

We as an organisation would like to jog trot your memory with many other events we hold against you in confirmation of your treachery actions.

1.    We as an organisation have made several attempts to meet the Litunga at Kashandi, but Lubosi Imwiko rejected by telling the Kuta not to accord chance to the youth movement, an act of betrayal.

2.    As an organisation, we protected the Litunga from being assassinated by the Sata Regime and part of this movement’s Executive Members are imprisoned by the same government and Lubosi Imwiko and His Kuta never uttered even a single word in rescue of these Messer.

3.    Not only youths have been attempting to meet the Litunga, even our parents and stakeholders in the independence of Barotseland namely Linyungandambo, BNFA, and BNC have made several attempts but all ended up at the Sikalo Kuta or if lucky, up to SAA Kuta as per instruction of you Lubosi Imwiko.

4.    Letters have been written to the Litunga and the Kuta trying to get you to respond to many important issues which would have enabled Barotseland actualise her Independence, but they have always not been attended to as expected because of Lubosi imwiko Edwin.

5.    We are reliably informed that not only by the activist groups, but even the Barotseland Transitional Government has faced similar challenges to meet the Litunga over serious issues of the Kingdom because of Lubosi Imwiko.

6.    We are reliably informed that the “MADANDUME ATTONEYS” legal team representing the Barotseland Transitional Government failed to meet the Litunga of Barotseland when they visited the Kingdom, because Lubosi Imwiko had to fetch false excuses not to meet them.

7.    We reliably informed that you have totally supported and encouraged the Zambian Government to continue incarcerating His Excellence Rt. Hon Afumba Mombotwa and Others simple because Rt. Hon Afumba refused and rejected your offer of Him as Ngambela in the foolish 2015 Agreement.

8.    In the absence of the Administrator General, His Excellence Afumba Mombotwa, the Litunga was scheduled to meet the Barotseland Allies and Investors from the West three times but Lubosi imwiko made sure that the Litunga gave excuses not to.

9.    After sanctioning and signing on the popular 2012 BNC resolutions, The Litunga vowed to stand by the resolutions through His spokes person the Ngambela, but Lubosi Imwiko turned around and sided with the enermy to try and make alterations to the will of the people of Barotseland. To confirm the above point, people have been arrested from 2013 to date and the Litunga has never acted and exercised His power and authority because of you Lubosi Imwiko.

10.    If you Lubosi Imwiko was fit for the Litungaship of the Kingdom, The Litunga could have, even from His personal coffers, been able to pay the Legal Team for the Royal Barotseland Transitional Government or better still could have raised the required resources through the Lilalo Indunas in the entire Kingdom, but Lubosi didn’t.

11.    If you Mr. Lubosi Imwiko had passion for Barotseland Kingdom, you would have used the monies that you have been benefiting from the many projects which you have denied the people to benefit from, such as the Liuwa National park dealing with the African Parks, collections from the communal markets and customary land and many others.

12.    Lubosi Imwiko has chosen to trust the enermy of the people of Barotseland for his security, but if He was the Litunga, He would have trusted His people to safeguard Him and the institutions like it used to be with the past Litungas.

13.    You Mr. Lubosi Imwiko and your Brother Inlaw Dominic Lisulo think Barotseland Kingdom is your property, but be informed that your foolishness has reached unacceptable levels to any sane people. You are no longer the Litunga of Barotseland.


All the above raised issues point to only one thing and that is to say, Lubosi Imwiko does not represent the will of the people of Barotseland, hence your legitimacy as Litunga of this Kingdom is seriously and undoubtedly questionable. It is not surprising for you Lubosi imwiko to act in this manner, because only a baby born yesterday, who doesn’t know that, you were installed as Paramount Chief of Western Province by the Zambian Government for the Zambian conveniences (to spearhead your Zambia agenda).

No wonder Micheal Chilufya Sata, the deceased Zambian President once told those that visited Him at statehouse that, “YOU COME HERE AND SAY I AM YOUR ENEMY YET YOU HAVE LEFT YOUR ACTUAL ENERMY BEHIND” who is you Mr. Lubosi Imwiko Edwin. We shouldn’t have protected you when Micheal Chilufya Sata wanted to arrest you and Rupia Bwezani Banda over the January 14th 2011 shootings and killings through the popular Roger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry.

As per standard requirement, any person holding a public office in a particular state, and loses 60% to 80% of the total population’s support, that particular individual must vacate or abdicate that particular position. This issue is in conformity with Theories of Political Science because it is a fact.


We, The Barotseland National Youth League (BNYL) an institution representing the youths who constitute over 60% of the population of Barotseland Kingdom and the views of the elderly inclusive, wish to tell you Mr. Lubosi Imwiko Edwin that you have no Legitimacy of Acting on behalf of the people of Barotseland, the Royal families and The Heirs to the Litungaship on any matters pertaining to Barotseland. An official communication is yet to be made to the International community with appended signatures.

The BNYL wishes to inform you that we are in total support of any individual, group, movements or any institution which calls for your ABDICATION OF THE THRONE because you have failed the Great and Lovely of Mother Barotseland.

Even when the Zambian government is dealing with you, THEY SHOULD KNOW that they are dealing with a mere farmer from Kabwe, a supplier of cabbages, rape and meet to Zambeef.

By BNYL National Executive Committee

Cc: Royal Barotseland Transitional Government
Cc: Linyungandambo
Cc: Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA)
Cc: Barotse National Congress (BNC)
Cc: All District Kutas
Cc: File


The concept of leadership has many definitions attached to it as people try to explain what it is or what it is not. None of the two is a wrong approach because every concept is two side faced like a coin; being what it is on one hand and what it is not on the other. My biased view in this article is to address the issue of leadership from both perspectives; in as far as the subject affects my country Barotseland this time in her dear history. This is in connection with the dual leadership structure of State and Monarch in our Democratic Constitutional Monarch.


Some people look at leadership as “a social influence process in which the leader seeks voluntary participation of subordinates in an effort to reach organizational goals, (Schriesheim, et al cited in Kreitner & Kinicki, 2001:551). Others say leadership means “vision, cheerleading, love, trust, verve, passion, obsession, consistency, the use of symbols (Silozi culture) , paying attention as illustrated by the content of one’s calendar (BNC Resolutions), out-and – out drama, (and the management thereof), creating heroes at all levels, coaching, effectively wandering around, and numerous other things” (Peters & Austin cited in Kreitner & Kinicki, 2001:551). My own working definition of leadership has been and will always be “the ability to direct, motivate and influence the participation of a group of subordinates toward achievement of personal and organizational goals”. Relating this to our Barotse change it becomes evident that “charity begins at home”; the realization of our core change business requires each one of us being in the right frame of personal identity to subsequently ally oneself with the rest of Barotseland for our freedom of independence campaign resolution. Needless to say here that some of our people will assert their identity only when all this strife is ended, for fear of the unknown!


Again here several categorizations of leadership do exist but for the purposes of this article I would like to mention two types namely transactional leadership and transformational leadership. Transactional leadership is implementing type of leadership which guides or motivates subjects or followers in the direction of the established goals by clarifying role and work requirements. It sounds like what managers do to inculcate the culture of efficiency in goal achievement. Experience has shown that this type of leadership is very vulnerable to corruptive vices like we have observed so far in BRE. This needs to be underlined among our ranks to avoid the confusion that has rocked the BRE into stupor they have found themselves in. On the other hand, transformational leadership energizes others with visions and strategies of how to refocus and revitalize the larger organization (Barotseland) so that change meets people’s enduring needs.


It is quite pathetic and regrettable that our monarchic leadership seems to be wanting and bereft of these needful virtues, at a time when we seriously crave them upfront as leaders. This is how bad bribes can go in degrading a man. I do not know how the BRE will clean itself of all these allegations. Here is what the holy writ says about bribes in Prov. 17:23 “A wicked [man] taketh a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment.” The Serotse adage states that “muswala-swali wa nama hatokwi mali kwa mazoho”, meaning that if you skin an animal you will definitely get blood stains as evidence of your dealing. The BRE deals and dealings are no longer a hidden but an open secret ready to be chronicled in the pages of our national and struggle history. There is nothing to be timid about our status quo with Zambia given that facts (legally & historically) speak in our favour. To make matters worse Zambia has closed doors to discussions over the same issue. This is why it has never been tabled in their Cabinet or Parliament, WHY? They know that it is all up to us.

All it requires now is decisive, valiant, visionary and consistent leadership on our part to get things done. The whole world is wondering what the hell on earth is BRE and Litunga (Lubosi) are trying to do!!! For instance, our days of fasting and prayer started long ago (in years)and we have never heard the Monarch leadership endorse and proclaim this, even calling upon nationals for convocations at the palace and everywhere in Barotseland! Are they going to promote the recent one (18/10/15) and Zambian day of fasting and prayer in a foreign land Barotseland? We implore the stronger political hand to be the ‘brother’s keeper’ to straighten and strengthen the weaker at all costs, for like in a chain, the weakness of one ring can render the whole chain functional difficulties.

We wish to commend the work of our political or Barotse state leadership for staking all, even their lives, just to make sure that law is mighty and not war, even though it takes all the types of evils by the illegal occupying Zambian leadership! Really we need the strong arm of leadership today more than before. And for sure your great sacrifice is not and will not be in vain.

Leadership and management are two distinctive and complementary systems of action. While management focuses on coping with complexity (which the Monarch leadership is failing to display), the focus of leadership is on coping with change (which the political leadership is giving), requires concerted effort from all.

However, for every successful change there is usually a strong integration between strong management and strong leadership. While management aims to maintain stability, create culture of efficiency (doing the right things the right way), leadership aims at creating change, a culture of integrity and effectiveness (results or target getting). To achieve this goal True Leadership embraces the following five point plan imperatives:

1. DIRECTION: - creates strategy and keep the eye on the horizon; to be visionary. Our Vision for now is none other than the 2012 BNC Independence mandate.

2. ALIGNMENT: - creates shared values and culture, helping others to grow and reducing boundaries between members. Tukongote wa mwanaa nongolo!

3. RELATIONSHIPS: - focusing on people to inspire and motivate followers, use personal power to act as coach, mentor, facilitator and servant.

4. PERSONAL QUALITIES: - having emotional connections with the people (heart), open minded (Mindfulness), listening (Communication), Nonconformity (Courage) and Insight to self (Definable Character).

5. OUTCOMES: - create change and a culture of integrity (Transformation- Barotseland ‘colony’ of Zambia to Barotseland Free State).


In Barotseland we really need a fairly blend of transactional and transformational types of leadership, while using different leadership styles, to handle the conflicts, negotiations and politics within and without successfully. However, I feel we need more of transformational leadership for among other virtues, it paints vision of the desired future state and communicates it in a way that makes the pain of change worth the effort, this time around in our continued and heightened Barotse change crusade.

Litunga ni lyetu.


It is essential and imperative to issue a Press Statement about the position of the Linyungandambo. This will give a clear guidance and leadership to all the people of Barotseland.


It must be clear that Barotseland is not part of Zambia. Whatever is declared by the Zambian President should not in any way affect Barotseland. Zambia has dedicated the 18th day of October, 2015 to be a day of prayers for Zambia. We advise the people of Barotseland not to join this meaningless scheme.
Barotseland is still held captive by Zambia under bondage of occupation. Our leaders are still held in Zambian Prisons, there is no reason why sensible, right thinking Barotseland Nationals should accept such a ruse of deception and double standards.

The people of Barotseland have been going to Church as Christians for a very long time. This time around you should go to church on Sunday, the 18th October, 2015, but we advise you to pray normally without the irrelevant directives of the Zambian President.


It is essential to trace the history of Mr. Edwin Lubosi Imwiko and how he ascended to the position of the Litunga. It is a well-known that Mr. Lubosi was put there by the GRZ MMD Government. He was not the popular person the people of Barotseland would have chosen. The Zambian Government had imposed him on Barotseland so that he could continue to derail the crusade to independence. The people of Barotseland cherish and value the Litungaship as an institution of their heritage. There is a distinction between the Litungaship and the man who is called Lubosi Imwiko, and he should be separated from this revered and highly placed title because his conduct is very much at variance with the norms and personality of a true and normal Litunga.

Lubosi Imwiko and his BRE should be considered irrelevant to the issues of Barotseland. The BRE was Kaunda’s creation as a vessel by which Zambia would continue to weaken the effectiveness of the Barotse people. The BRE was created for the purpose of robbing the people their voice. Zambia would continue to manipulate. The infamous “one Zambia one nation motto,” and this slogan is not Kaunda’s creation or innovation, it is paragraph number 3 of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Therefore, you cannot pick one that suits you and leave the rest. This time around we are wide awake. So Zambians continue to be duped by a treacherous and untrustworthy government period!


The Barotseland case is already on the working files of the African Union awaiting the deliverance of the judgement to the Head of State summit at their next sitting. We expect the AU to advise Zambia as the people had resolved at the 2012 BNC. Barotseland wants to be an independent state free of foreign control and occupation. Zambia should be advised to leave Barotseland without bloodshed. Kaunda should be answerable to the atrocities committed against Barotseland.

No one in Barotseland wants any new agreement with Zambia. The death of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 means that the two countries can never be together again, and we are very watchful and we shall never allow it to take place again. Zambia and its citizens in nature have a diabolic attitude and they cannot respect agreements.


Currently Barotseland is awaiting the decision of the International Court of Justice to declare that Barotseland Kingdom as a sovereign and an independent state, can sue or be sued in that court. The application for jurisdiction was well tabled on 17th August, 2015 and was well accepted.

Zambian Government can never or temper to withdraw this case in that particular court. Let’s understand and support our identity of being a God chosen nation and people of Barotseland.

Sensible scholars of history fail to understand why Kaunda is hailed in some circles as a saint. Kaunda caused death and destruction to his own people of Northern and Luapula Provinces during the Lenshina uprising. Hundreds of people were killed in 1964 and property destroyed. He has caused misery to Barotseland and he must be regarded as a criminal of a worst kind. He had brought poverty even to his own country Zambia.


This slogan is hollow and void of any meaning. People should not be duped by it when they have not learnt its proper meaning. The curriculum that was supposed to show how Barotseland and Zambia came together was routinely excluded from the educational system. Zambia as a one nation cannot be defined by a mere slogan without proper legislation.


Zambia celebrates the 24th October each year as the country’s Independence Day. To the contrary, 24th October of each year is the dooms day when Barotseland lost her identity and was plunged into occupation of Zambia. It is unthinkable for any sane and right thinking Barotzish National to join Zambia in its celebrations. How does a slave join his occupier the day he was enslaved?

An appeal is made to the people of Barotseland to examine the meaning of this day to both Zambia and Barotseland.

Northern Rhodesia became Zambia on the 24th October, 1964. On the same day, Barotseland became a colony of Zambia. The relationship between Zambia and Barotseland is like that between the colonizing, occupier and the colonized or occupied. Sensible and understanding people of Barotseland will not therefore take part in the celebration.

Barotseland should press harder and fight for her real independence. Those that care and have a heart for Barotseland let us stand and sing hymn number 183 for the youth, 218 and 223 alongside 222 our National Anthem and at the same time national prayer so that God hears our cry.

We leave you with the following readings:

Arise because the dawn is here, 2 Chronicles 20:20-22, Isiah 44:26 ….. “That confirmeth the word of his servant, and performeth the counsel of his messengers; that saith to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be inhabited; and to the cities of Judah, Ye shall be built, and I will raise up the decayed places thereof.”

Therefore, Barotseland shall be restored says the Lord.

To all the traitors of Barotseland, read 2 Samuel 17:23 “And when Ahithophel saw that his counsel was not followed, he saddled his ass, and arose, and gat him home to his house, to his city, and put his household in order, and hanged himself, and died, and was buried in the sepulchre of his father.” Surely, that will happen to you.

The time when King David was standing facing Goliath in the name of the Lord, and Goliath was defeated. David had praised the Lord previously with the Psalms in Psalms 23. So even us as Lozis we stand with God, and one day, we will sing this Psalm. Because at the moment we are singing Psalm 137:1-9. Please take time to read these verses!

But remember, AS LONG AS ZAMBIA HOLDS ON TO BAROTSELAND, THE LORD OUR GOD will plunge it in severe social, political and economic upheavals, just like the Pharaohs of Egypt when they held Israel captive.


By Saleya Kwalombota

I would like to share here that the reforms are vital to bring about political power in the  kingdom. In short let it be known that modernization of BRE is not in anyway  abolishing monarch but is  to bring in the element of  statehood. There is no way a political government can be introduced without the modernization of the "Zambian" initiated institution of BRE.


i. The Litunga  as the ceremonial  Head

ii. The Minyolui as Lord Chancellor

iii) The Lord Prince (ss) as the sitting princes or princesses

iv) Territorial Chiefs  as part of monarch authority

v) The Village Headmen  as extension to the monarch authority at village level.

i) The Prime Minister as the Head of Government

ii) The Cabinet - elected outside parliament and  are part of Government

iii) The Chief Justice

iv) Commissioners

v) The Members of Parliament

Their roles to be well defined so that there will be no ambiguity of order in the day to day administration of government departments.


Below are  my views:-

a) It is intended to reduce the power of the monarch in order to establish a more genuinely parliamentary system of government in order to restore a Litungaship  as a source of unity and stability, other than a conduit of perpetual subjugation of Barotseland people through collaboration with the state of Zambia;  

b) It is  intended to define the monarch role as  figurehead whose duties are purely ceremonial and civic, so that the figurehead should  not be a constitutional arbiter;

c) Allowing the monarchy or royal household to  have extensive powers to control security and diplomatic institutions is damaging to democracy, since it excludes key state institutions from the control of ministers who are responsible to parliament. To prevent this, the constitution of the re- established  Barotseland government ( according to the emancipation order of 2012)  would require that all state authorities, including the military and security forces, report solely to the government (and through them to parliament), and not to the monarch;

d) It  also require that the activities of the royal court fall under the responsibility of the prime minister, who should be answerable for the actions of the royal court in parliament (i.e. there should not be a special sphere in which the monarch can give orders). Furthermore,  the budget assigned to the royal court should be determined by parliament and should be subject to the same robust scrutiny and auditing as other expenditures;

e) It is important to insulate the government from royal interference and to protect the  monarch from political controversy. This can be achieved by ensuring that the prime minister, and not the monarch, presides over the cabinet, and by forbidding the monarch from attending cabinet meetings, except perhaps on ceremonial occasions.  If the monarch or other members of the royal family hold ministerial office, the parliamentary nature of the political system is compromised;

f) It is impossible to preserve the political neutrality of members of the royal family who are actively involved in day-to-day politics, and very difficult to hold ministers to account if they are also members of the royal family—with all that implies in terms of immunities and privileges. To avoid this, it is worth considering a constitutional rule in Independent Barotseland,  such as that found in the Constitution of Belgium, expressly prohibiting members of the royal family from holding ministerial office;


I) It will bring government closer to the people in villages, county and districts which is of cherished ideal.

II) It will bring about local administration that will ensure real devolution of powers.

III) The time-old Barotse system of having the Kuta, i.e. court, serving as the executive, the legislature and the judiciary concurrently shall be reformed in order to have separation of powers.

IV) The title "Royal Establishment" will be replaced by the more meaningful and appropriate title of "Royal Authority"

V) It promotes the rule of law; where the law would be of prime importance rather than republic of crooks like Republic of Zambia.

VII) Among supporters of constitutional monarchy, however, the experience confirmed the value of the monarchy as a source of checks and balances against elected politicians who might seek powers in excess of those conferred by the constitution, and ultimately as a safeguard against dictatorship.

Currently, there are  44 monarchies in the world, and most of them are constitutional monarchies. People should realize that Barotseland has been practicing some sort of constitutional monarch though it remained stateless for centuries because the system lacked political component. Now the element of state that missed for centuries is added to bring about the required functional constitution monarch.  A system of governance that blends the traditional pattern with modernisation which is idea for Barotseland in this age and that is the essence of constitutional monarch where Sovereignty belongs to the people  and not to the ruler.

Bulozi fasi la bondata Luna

Reports of continued use of personal ‘bribes’ to influence  the embattled  Litunga of Barotseland, Lubosi Imwiko II, against his people by Zambia’s president Lungu has riled many Lozis who are now calling on the people of Zambia to take keen interest in what their government is doing in Barotseland.

“We wish to appeal to Zambians to take keen interest in what their Lungu led government is doing in Barotseland as huge sums of money are being spent here on Lubosi and his minions, the Indunas at the expense of development in Zambia.” charged the concerned Barotse nationals.

The entire signed statement is here below reproduced in full.


13th October 2015

It has come to our attention that the Zambian President Edgar Lungu, who for months now has been showering our embattled Litunga with bribes, has once again thrown undisclosed sums of money at the Litunga to buy off the independence struggle of Barotseland.

We, as Barotse nationals take great exception to this and demand that Lungu stops, forthwith, using the tactics he uses in Zambia of buying his way out of critical issues through bribery and Deception. We also wish to sternly warn Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II to desist from his treacherous ways of selling our liberties to his masters in Zambia. Further we seriously caution Inonge Wina to stop all these maneuvers of exchanging Barotseland for worthless kwacha.

Similarly, we wish to appeal to the people of Zambia to take keen interest in what their Lungu led government is doing in Barotseland. Huge sums of money are being spent here on Lubosi and his minions, the Indunas, at the expense of real development in Zambia.

We will not sit back if these monkey tricks don't stop. We shall seek wisdom from whoever we want in order to get rid of these stinky greedy buffoons of leaders.

Instead of concentrating on improving lives of Zambians, President Lungu is busy dishing out huge sums of money to his fellow charlatan Edwin Lubosi. We the people of Barotseland have denounced him and we have shifted camp. We will never turn back on our March 2012 BNC independence resolutions which we consider sacred, and therefore, they are final, and no single person or any other institution in Barotseland can override them apart from another BNC.

As for our great Indunas, we believe in many of you; that you still carry the wisdom of our forefathers. We believe that many of you are with we, your children, and desire their independence.

We cry out to you to stand up for your convictions.

We cry out to you to show leadership as we know it in Barotseland.

We cry out to you to defy the Lungu - Lubosi alliance and stand on the right side of history.

Barotseland is standing at the banks of the river ready to cross into the Promised Land - help lead the way by not obstructing it.


Riled Barotse Nationals

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