A Training Workshop on serious ‘Organized Crimes’ to convene in Mongu on 24 - 25th May, 2018

27 March 2018

DNL Consultants Limited will convene a training workshop on serious organized crimes that will tackle the growing global threat of transnational crimes such as fraud, racketeering, corruption and money laundering in Africa; implications of impunity of international organization's immunity before national courts among others.

The venue has been slated for The Accams Lodge in Mongu, Barotseland, from 24th - 25th May, 2018

For Registration forms, procedures and other details, please, download the brochures below:

1. Workshop on Transnational Organized Crimes:  http://barotselandpost.com/images/dnl/dnl_workshop_transnational_organized_crimes_mongu.pdf

2. Registration For:  http://barotselandpost.com/images/dnl/dnl_registration_form_barotseland.pdf

3. Invitation to a Training Workshop on Serious Transnational Crimes in Africa:  http://barotselandpost.com/images/dnl/dnl_barotseland_invitation_letter.pdf

4. About DNL Consultants Limited: http://barotselandpost.com/images/dnl/dnl_about_us.pdf

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Africa has reportedly recorded economic growth since 2010 and it has the potential of becoming a pole of global economic growth. However, as investors are taking advantage of this economic growth to invest in the African continent; transnational organized criminality also seem s to have found an opportunity in such economic growth and in creating empire sand recipients of the economies of the crimes being committed in the movement of funds and services, into and out of Africa.

The workshop will concentrate on studying different trends of transnational crimes/ fraud, corruption, racketeering and money laundering activities and identify the methods used to commit and integrate the proceeds of such crimes back into the economy.

We shall look at constructed benefit entitlement frauds, wire transfers, mistaken payments & recoveries, trusts, narcotics trafficking and fraudulent lawsuits in national states with weaker legislation, covering impunity of judicial misconduct and independence of the judiciary.

There will be a discussion at the end on whether Sub Sahara African States are providing opportunities and aiding such crimes, with the loopholes and conflicting protocols regarding International Treaties and Sovereign immunities; AND how such crimes affect Africa’s economic growth, migration, slave trade and the fight against and return of colonialism. The aim is to equip the delegates with a toolkit on how to effectively prevent, detect, investigate and seek resource to justice against such complex transnational organized crimes and to find a resolution on how to effectively engage with Investors from both the West and the Eastern part of globe.

We should all remember what the incumbent American President said about Africa recently and discuss how we can fight and avoid such stigma and marginalization.


Bankers, Industrial/Mining/Contractors Personnel, Government Personnel, Police/Army Officers, Forensic Investigators, Investors, Fraud Investigators, Internal Auditors, Prosecutors, Criminal Investigators, Anti - Corruption Investigators, Private Companies /Law Firms Staff, Drug Enforcement Investigators, Training Institutions Staff and Members of the Civil Society.

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