2015 Lubosi Imwiko II COLISO in perspective

21 October 2015
Part of the crowd at Lubosi Imwiko II COLISO 2015

The embattled Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II had his coronation commemorative ceremony locally known as COLISO on the 17th of October through to Monday 19th October 2015, although the festivity was halted on Sunday 18th to participate in Zambia’s declared day of ‘Prayer, Fasting, Unity and Reconciliation’.

Many loyalists, however, have said that this year’s coliso was nothing but a failed attempt to show that Lubosi Imwiko II was still firmly on the Barotse throne. The embattled Lubosi Imwiko II has of late being widely perceived to be in undesirable alliance with the Lusaka government to perpetuate Barotseland’s subjugation by Zambia.

The event which started with a prayer service on 17th October was poorly attended. The Catholic, UCZ, New Apostolic and some Pentecostal Church members in attendance mainly saved face to the poorly attended ceremony. Traditional dancers also had to be hired by Zambia’s Permanent Secretary to the region and these entertained the handful people who were present. 

“Yesterday’s ceremony was a flop. Such an event normally attracts Barotse Nationals across Barotseland, but this coliso has been an embarrassment. Had it not being for the faithful from the participating churches, family members, Zambia’s ruling patriotic front cadres, heavy police officers, office of the President Security personnel, some of whom disguised themselves in Barotse attire, and other government officials working in Barotseland, this event would have been completely shunned!” declared one observer.

Several children also added colour to the multitude while all Barotseland independence advocate groups were conspicuously absent as they have all officially disowned Lubosi Imwiko II as Litunga of Barotseland.

All this poor attendance was in spite of efforts made by local Catholic run Oblate Radio Liseli who tried their level best to announce and broadcast live in Limulunga for the people to come for the ceremony.

Induna Katema of the Barotse Royal Establishment, however, disagrees as he declares the event was a success; “You see, this celebration is a success. We thought people would not come. But look they are here'' said Katema as he proudly grinned at what he thought was an impressive turn out.

The ceremony was concluded on Monday 19th October 2015 with Induna Katema’s address attempting to reassure the people of Barotseland that the Barotseland Royal Establishment (BRE) had never at any time worked against the aspirations of the people and advised against any such false news reported in some section of the media he did not name.

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