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10 April 2019

Barotse news media have done a tremendous job highlighting issues that affect Barotseland, so far, and it would be very sad if the Barotse Royal Establishment’s newly installed Ngambela, Mukela Manyando, begun to regard the men and women who have worked selflessly to promote Barotseland as enemies rather than partners in development.

It may be true that many times some Barotse media have reported news that has turned out to be untrue or misleading, but again this may also be due to the lack of transparency that has emanated from the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) itself or sheer lack of logistical capacity to run professional news media!

However, if the new Ngambela will appreciate the potential good that Barotse media can bring to the general development of Barotseland, he should now be seeking to see how he can engage the various existing Barotse media, and avail himself to them so that whenever there are issues that need clarification, the news media could simply reach out to him to authenticate their news before publishing it.

Brandishing them as mere enemies of the Kingdom will be counterproductive!

The BRE Kuta need to not only be more transparent but also more accessible, especially to Barotse news media practitioners so that the entire nation will be better informed through them.

It must be noted that these various media do what they do for the good of Barotseland, and also because their love for Barotseland is so much that they continue to serve even without public financing or commercial gain, and in many cases at the risk of their own life.

Barotseland has today become an international phenomenon, not because of Zambian government-sponsored media, but primarily because of the tireless selfless service of Barotse news media, whether they operate as online social media networks or as traditional news media.

The media, the world over, has changed and gone not only digital but also social, and a man of Mr Mukela’s learning should now seek to see how to promote media excellence in this digital era rather than vilifying those trying to be of service by highlighting issues that affect Barotseland.

Of course, caution must be issued to those erring among us, especially those peddling fabrications, but overall it must be emphasized that the budding Barotse media can do more good than harm if well nurtured and supported by the BRE Kuta and the nation at large.

To the colleagues in the media, we wish to encourage that we all try to pursue excellence even under the difficult environment that we operate. We must continue to speak truth to power and continue to investigate, probe and report all that which concern Barotseland.

However, we must at all times do so for the general good and greater promotion of Barotseland knowing that falsehoods benefit no one but Barotseland's oppressors!

Therefore, we wish to say to Barotseland Broadcasting Network (BBN), Barotseland Post (Barotse Post), Barotseland Watchdog (BWD), Capital Hill Limulunga Post and the many other individual social media networking groups and pages, too many to itemize, that well-done so far, and may we all seek to excel in truth and courage for the greater good of Barotseland.

To his Honour, the Ngambela, we say thank you for showing us yesterday that your Kuta is actually capable of acting swiftly to address matters of public interest, unlike in times past when the Kuta chose to remain silent even when there were critical matters that needed its urgent attention!

We, therefore, wish to encourage you, your honour, to go on and address all other pending matters affecting Barotseland, and the Barotse news media will be ready to publish your official feedback to the nation!

Consequently, Barotse nationals eagerly wish to know what your Kuta’s stand is, really, on the following, among many other pending national matters:

1. The March 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) unanimous resolutions for Barotseland independence

2. Afumba Mombotwa, Likando Pelekelo and Inambao Kalima, and their continued imprisonment for pursuing the implementation of the popular resolutions of the March 2012 BNC, which was sanctioned by His Majesty the Litunga, King of Barotseland, and organized under the auspices of the BRE, Government of the Republic of Zambia and witnessed by the Church and the international community, among many others, which also called for the quick implementation of the same resolutions.

3. The constitution and institution of a substantive civil Barotseland government that will work alongside the Monarchy in a power-sharing structure of a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy type of government

4. The continued raping and plunder of Barotseland’s natural and mineral resources by the Zambian state with no benefit to the local communities of Barotseland

5. The continued disregard of Barotseland’s traditions, customs and governance by the Zambian state and government, undermining the inherent power and authority of the Litunga of Barotseland

6. The continued bloody Zambian electioneering by Zambian politicians and their uncivilized type of politics

7. The continued illegal occupation of Barotseland by the Zambian state without any legal treaty agreements after the Barotseland Agreement 1964 was unilaterally abrogated by the Zambian state using successive national constitutional amendments

These and many other pending issues, your honour, need your Kuta’s urgent answers and the public would be more at ease if they could officially hear from you sooner rather than later.

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