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9th February, 2015

Office of the Head of State: His Majesty the King of Barotseland;
Office of the Administrator General: Royal Barotseland Government;
Secretaries and Under Secretaries of State: Royal Barotseland Government;
The Secretary: Royal Barotseland National Youth and Sports Council;
All Secretaries: Regional, District and County Youth and Sports Councils

Royal Barotseland Kingdom.


The Department of Youth and Sport is earnestly appealing to all the established, formed or created Youth Development structures, Organizations or Institutions- from the County to the National level- to set sail and to continue putting in place what is expected of them to be put in place now that the Department has concluded the ‘Operational Management Act of 2014’ and its plans for the ‘Integrated Youth Development Programme’ alongside other National legislature required for Statehood.( _act_2014.pdf) We should prepare for the mammoth task of preparing our National Teams, Federations, Associations and Clubs for various sports and disciplines and other Recreational and Youth Development Activities for the benefit of the Nation and the purpose of making our Youths responsible and productive Citizens, which is ahead of us, now!

I wish to retrace and re-emphasize my earlier appeal to the Barotzish Citizens, the Youths especially, which I had conveyed through the Royal Barotseland Kingdom’s National Youth and Sports meeting held at Mungu in the Lyondo Region, then, in June, 2014. I earnestly wish to remind you, once more, to stand firm and to retrace the pace which we have set for the reconstruction of our Motherland, now that we are about to retrieve our ship from the Phantoms and pirates who had seized it and made us captives for about half a century and, are about to dock.

We should prove to the Neo-Colonialist forces which marshaled the crusade for the extinction of the Malozi that we are a humble and formidable but peaceful force to reckon with which is very much capable of running its own National Affairs in accordance with its own Barotzish designed and tailored Development Agenda set for the reconstruction of our one and only God-given Motherland: the Royal Barotseland Kingdom! We should not be swayed by the make-shift colonial power’s fake Development programs made in bad faith which are merely intended to appease us momentarily, nor should we be distracted by some former politicians who failed to represent us, the people of the Royal Barotseland, effectively and efficiently to have missed their golden opportunity because of their insatiable love for the Neo-colonialist’s dirty pieces of silver and belief that they could not live without the oppressor or colonizer, like a virus! We should not be the least confused by confused personalities who, like scavengers, stealthily tracking  a hunter or lonely hunting Lion to pounce on the kill at the slightest opportunity, after a kill, claiming what they have not killed or toiled for. These people are cunning due to being intoxicated by and sunken into immense personal selfish interests enough to threaten the integrity and dignity of our Monarch. They have even set ultimatums for the oppressor to leave Barotseland, which they have so calculated in anticipation of coinciding with the Barotseland Legal Team’s progression of the ICJ verdict in order to confuse loyal Barotzish Citizens so as to claim that it is them who may have made Zambia move its authority from Barotseland. Shamefully enough, the Zambian so-called Clergy even congregate to pray for the continued sufferings of Barotseland against the will of the God they feign worshiping to for help!

We should stand our ground and be firm to preserve, protect, defend and honour the integrity, dignity and honour of our sacred Institutions such as the God-given Monarch, the Privy Council, the Royal Authority, the legitimate Afumba-led Government and the people of the Royal Barotseland Kingdom whom the elements of destruction yearn to divide, at all costs. Our Kutas must also desist from antagonism. They should preach collective participation and responsibility of ‘Costa Nostra’ alongside the legitimate visionary Leadership and Government, in good faith, in order to maintain and preserve their respect and honour which some failed former political leaders threaten, but which the Afumba-led Government has vowed to forever accord them and protect.

We should also shame the man who inflicted divisive excruciating pain, misery, sufferings and evil upon the innocent Malozi,  as we wish him long life to see the end of the misery he inflicted upon an innocent and honest people by his ‘divide and rule Big man’s syndrome’ under the pretext of ‘Above Board’ One Party  Undemocratic Governance. That mean man to whom whoever was opposed to his opinion was a ‘Stupid Idiot’. . . . . . The Man who paraded himself as an ‘Anointed Holy Angel of God and Messenger of Peace, Love and Tranquility while being evil. . . . . the tyrant  who was law himself and whose opinion became law.

Dear compatriots, let us mount courage and build our Nation in the way we know we would want it to be because it is us, and only us, who know how we would want our Nation to be, and how we can reconstruct the one and only Motherland we call home: the Royal Barotseland Kingdom. The Lord is wonderful and has always been wonderful to us! He has made the race not only to the swift, nor the battle only to the strong. Neither has He provided bread to only the wise, nor riches to only the men of understanding, nor favour to only the skilled but, He has made time and chances happen to us all though at different times and in different forms and ways. However, all in all, time and chances still come to all! We are a State capable of running our own affairs, henceforth; we should commence or continue with our tasks, from where we left, vigorously, towards the implementation of the National Youth Skills and Sports Development Programmes!

Let’s ‘keep the flame of liberty alight’ as we pray, solicit and lobby the International Community  and Global Organizations for their prompt intervention with regards the unconditional release of our gallant Leaders incarcerated by the Neo-Colonialist Regime for intimidating purposes and deliberate denial and delay of our liberty, which must come!

C.M. Muyunda

Under Secretary for the Department of Youth and Sports

The three Barotseland National Youth League leaders; Boris Muziba Muziba, Nayoto Mwenda and Sikwebele Wasilota (Skwiz) who were sentenced to 3 years prison sentence with hard labour by the Kaoma Magistrate Malata, on one count of “publication of false news with intent to cause fear or alarm to the public contrary to the laws of Zambia.” have successfully appealed their sentencing to the high court, and their trial is reported to begin tomorrow the 2nd of March 2015 at Mongu High court, at 09:00hrs. The three were arrested on the 26th of January 2014, and have been in prison since then.

Details of the appeal are yet to be known, but their main protestation was over the jurisdiction of the Zambian judicial system over Barotseland, let alone the merit of their case.

Last year Magistrate Malata found the BNYL officials guilty over Barotseland related publication they had written, privately, to another Barotseland leader. After incarceration and trial that lasted 6 months, the trio were found guilty, and slapped with 3 year prison sentences each, with hard labour for having publicized false news with intent to cause fear or alarm to the public contrary to the laws of Zambia, a charge that has since been declared 'unconstitutional' under Zambian laws. Throughout their trial the trio elected to say nothing in their defense, questioning the jurisdiction of Zambian judicial processes over Barotseland, as well as the merit of their offence. They boldly submitted that, as far as they were concerned, Barotseland had declared her independence from Zambia through the popular resolution of the 2012 Barotse National Council, BNC, in view of Zambia’s abrogation of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Last year a similar charge was ruled “Unconstitutional” in the Lusaka High Court of Zambia; MacDonald Chipenzi, Richard Sakala, Simon Mwanza and the People; before the Honourable Mr. Justice I.C.T Chali of 4th December 2014.

Many Barotseland liberation activists, nationals and clergy criticized their imprisonment. One clergy man who categorically condemned and appealed for their release. Fr. Chanakila Muyunda said in a statement to the media that,

“Those three youths who were arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to three years imprisonment should be released with compensation. Among our learned men and women in law I beg you in the name of God to use the law you have learnt to secure the freedom of those youths.” The father said this after a lawyer friend of his had explained that in fact the Zambian law was clear on freedoms of the press and expression in general;

"The law is clear on the freedom of the press in Zambia. All of us including u and I are free to inform and publicise any form of news. We can report on the happenings in the country. Further, we have the freedom of expression enshrined in the constitution [Article 20 (1)]. Given the facts you have given, I wonder why the youths are locked up. That is a clear violation of human rights and an arbitrary use of powers. Given the law I have alluded to, the youths are at liberty to report on anything. However, if what they report on is malicious and turns out to be untrue then they will be liable for defamation. Defamation Father is not a criminal offence, it is a civil offence whose penalty if found liable are damages to be paid to the injured party. The only criminal offence related to Defamation is the defamation of the President."

With the above knowledge, the priest took a bold public position in demanding that the youths be released immediately. Furthermore, he said that he was convinced by the teachings of the Catholic Church which states that “human dignity can be protected and a healthy community can be achieved only if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met.”

Many Lozis have often been arrested and incarcerated for lengthy periods, sometimes without trial, over matters surrounding the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, even when Zambians of non – Lozi origin can freely express themselves over the same matter without government or police censorship and harassment.

Self-determination declaration announced by the people of Barotseland in 2012 through the historic BNC , refer to the territory's expressed preference for self-government and independent statehood. This territorial self-governance extends not only to the existing ‘western province’ boundary but that of 1900 as described and documented in the Anglo /Portuguese Barotseland boundary case of 1905 and Barotseland Northwestern Rhodesia in Council of 1899. The demands are for both external and internal self-determination. From the perspective of the traditional Barotseland nation-state, there are no challenges that the self determination of Barotseland claim of 2012 is not born in sincerity, or rather than as part of illegality process that would threaten the political boundaries of other states. The due process of the law was followed to the letter. For the people of Barotseland, the pursuit of territorial self-governance does not become a question of secession but a legitimate control over the institutions of government and cultural reproduction throughout the territory of the state.

The autonomy of a state is one of the most often employed term to describe territorial approaches to conflict resolution. It is used both in an abstract and functional sense in the context of governance arrangements, and as a concrete manifestation of territorial self-governance. It is important to bear in mind that Barotseland territory is not seeking for mere autonomy but sovereignty. The former is about self governance within an existing state in a unitary arrangement. Barotseland is no longer interested in unitary arrangement with Zambia, that has ruled or misruled our territory for fifty years, without any legal back up. Barotseland as a territory is conceptualized more appropriately as a place, bearing significance in relation to the Lozis history, collective memories, and ‘character’ of national identity. How we depict ourselves and how others define us is an essential trait of our existence as a nation that evolved for centuries. It defines who we are as a nation, and as part of the international community of southern Africa.

Every individual in Barotseland holds power identity that defines the vector of our independence resolve to statehood. It is realistic in a sense of individual power as a reservoir of unity in radical dimension to total freedom attainment, which is inversely proportional to change according to perception of events and their manipulation by leadership strategy of prospective liberation groups. The value of territorial identity is cardinal to avoid dormant attitude until it is threatened, revived or incited by political, military or cultural leadership utilizing a particular identity to attain power. However, it should be noted that every individual person is very important among the ethnic people of our great nation of Barotseland having several different group identities. In other words, Barotseland is a multicultural and a multiethnic nation, united under the old founded hierarchical monarch system, and it never had anything like one ethnic group threatening or overshadowing others.

The terms and principles of unity generally include policies or guidelines towards separation and integration within the future internal constitutional order of a state to maintain sovereignty, statehood and identity completely. This realization has been fulfilled by the act of transitional government inauguration in August 2014. It is appropriate to mention that the transitional government is under obligation to implement the terms of 2012 BNC resolutions which is an act of unilateral declaration of independence. It is also worthy of note that at no time did the 2012 BNC resolutions demand for an alliance or any other vehicle in order for the resolutions to be implemented ; to the contrary the resolutions demanded urgency of government to carry out the implementation. The gesture taken by the transitional government for the impasse between Barotseland and Zambia to be settled once and for all by the international court of justice is applauded, knowing the importance role of the court in international disputes.

As indicated in the letter of intent to take Zambia to ICJ, the lawyers, on behalf of the transitional government and people of Barotseland will seek relief from the court in four categories, namely Declaratory, Consequential, Financial and Interim or urgent relief.

1. The Court will be asked to declare: (under Declaratory relief):

a). that the basis Barotseland became integral part of Zambia was through the BA64 agreement

b). in its absence Barotseland has reverted to her original status,

c). hence, administration of the territory by Zambia is illegal.

2. The Court will, under Consequential relief:

a). asked to give directions for the assumption of responsibility for and control of Barotseland by Barotseland government and request Zambia to peaceful withdraw from the territory.

3. Under Financial relief Zambia shall be Ordered to make financial reparations to Barotseland:

(a) for the unlawful taking of the contents of its Treasury.

(b) for the loss of mine and mineral revenue and

(c) for the violation of the human rights of citizens of Barotseland.

3. The court will further ask under, Interim Relief:

(a) to be made on urgent application, either before or after the substantive case is commenced to secure safe and secure passage to the Barotseland legal team to travel to, within and from Barotseland and Zambia for the purposes of preparation and conduct of the case.

For now we should rally behind our government to be, internationally and administratively, seen as accepting the visionary leadership exhibited by His Excellence Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa and his team for engaging international lawyers of high caliber to table our case before appropriate court of ICJ , for the cause of achieving the expulsion of the oppressors. The facts are before us that Barotseland is ours, and was never annexed to Northern Rhodesia. All the people of Barotseland totally want Barotseland independent and there is nothing to stand in our way.

We already rejected the issue of mere self autonomy under RESTORATION of the abrogated BA64 and unanimously VOICED out for TOTAL Independence in our 2012 BNC gathering.

Barotseland must be free.

Tukongote Litunga Ni lyetu.

Zambian Vice President Inonge Wina has told her parliament Friday morning 27th February 2015, in her capacity as leader of the Zambian government business in the house, that the Barotseland problem was not the only issue in Zambia.

Wina was responding to a question from Mapatizya Member of Parliament Clive Miyanda who wanted to know when Wina would issue a pronouncement on the Barotseland Agreement since she originated from Western Province (Barotseland).

Wina said the fact that she originates from Western Province (Barotseland) does not mean that she could make a declaration on the issue, and further said the problem has been around for a long time. She claimed that the Zambian government would take appropriate measures to address the Barotseland issue.

And Sesheke UPND Member of Parliament Siyanga Siayauya wanted to know what Wina was going to do about the Barotseland activists currently in detention.

Wina said the matter of the activists in detention was still before the courts, and stressed that she hoped that the law would amicably take its due course.

The Lusaka High court was today a hive of colorful activity as Lozi Indunas dressed in their Lizibas and mashushus submitted that the current Mweene Mutondo of the Nkoya is illegally in Office and was wrongly gazetted by the Zambian government, using undesirable Zambian politics. This came to light when Induna Mutwaileti, who was one of the 16 Indunas that came from the Kuta as key witnesses on behalf of the BRE took to the witness stand. This is in continued trial in which Chief Mweene Mutondo has sued the BRE in Kaoma for stopping him to rule the entire Kaoma district as a senior Chief.

“Government has interfered with our governance system in Barotseland by using politics since 1964” charged BRE's Induna Mutwaileti as he told the court furiously over what he termed as abrogation of The Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Induna Mutwaileti said that the current Mweene Mutondo is illegally in office as he did not go through the normal process according to the Lozi tradition and customs. He added that he (Mweene Mutondo) was not only illegally in office but was also a wrong person to have taken that position even according to the Nkoya Royal family tree. He said this was witnessed by some people who had petitioned the BRE in Mongu to remove him (Mweene Mutondo) from the throne as he was not an original Nkoya, because he is believed to be half Nkoya, which case was taken to Mongu high court.

The Induna clarified that infant it is his office which is in charge of installing Chiefs like Mwene Mutondo on behalf of his Majesty the Litunga of Barotseland, at which point he outlined the whole process of installing the chiefs beginning from the initial process of being picked by the family members to being taken to Lealui where one is officially installed as a chief in the presence of everyone including government officials. At Lealui, a number of traditional rites are performed which include covering of the blanket (kuapeswa kubo) giving of the whisk (muhata), gong (ngongi), skin (mukata) and special advise (litaelo) by Indunas in front of the Litunga while seated on a traditional mat which consist part of the instruments of power.

The new chief is further given extra instruments and more advise by the Litunga himself. Later on the chief is taken back to his Palace by the Indunas who go and present the new chief to his people, and further instructions are given there on how they should treat him and take care of him among other things. When all is done, and about a month or so later, the Litunga writes the Zambian president to officially recognize the chief by Government Gazette. However, all this never took place in the case of this particular mwene Mutondo despite his fore fathers having followed the same procedure.

He added that efforts were made in 1994 to have him follow all the process, but that after he promised to go there in February the same year he did not do so but only to hear that, somehow, the Zambian government had already gazetted him much to the BRE's surprise, which in return refused to recognize him as a chief. Despite him having refused to follow this process, other Nkoya chiefs like Chief Mweene Kahale of the same Nkoya speaking people did the same process in 2006, and has since been recognized by the BRE and the Litunga.

In cross examination by the complainant's lawyer Mr. Sebastian Zulu SC, who asked whether Nkoyas had no rights to their cultures, the Induna said Nkoyas like all other tribes in Barotseland have rights and were enjoying their rights within their jurisdiction. "The problem," the induna continued, "started in 1964 because of the politics by the Zambian government in the governance system of Barotseland. Between the period 1884 to 1964 there was harmony in Barotseland."

“Is it that those Nkoyas who were there then were not intelligent?” he asked.

He added that in Barotseland, which came to exist together with Northern Rhodesia in 1964 through the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, the Litunga is the owner of the land.

“My lady, Litunga means land. In Barotseland the Litunga is the owner of the land, and there is no state land.” said Mutwaileti emphatically.

As to whether the Nkoyas cannot rule in Barotseland, he said they have their powers and rights but that does not surpass that of the Litunga and that if they (Nkoyas) did not agree to that, they were free to go back to wherever they came from. The Induna who physically looked very infuriated with the matter, had to be cooled down by the lawyer,

"I know you are an Induna and am giving you respect, please take your time" advised Sebastian Zulu.

Mutwaileti further added that the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 which was signed in Britain by both countries had been broken by the Zambian government especially Kaunda and that anyone who wanted to make the changes should go back to the drawing board in Britain where it was signed.

But lawyer Zulu said the matter (Barotseland Agreement 1964) the Induna was bringing in court was not necessary in the case at hand, at which point Mutwaileti insisted;

“But that is the genesis of everything which has brought us here, where have you heard the Litunga been taken to court in Barotseland, you have abrogated the BA 1964 which brought us together. This is politics you are bringing because from time immemorial my Lady that has been the system in Barotseland, and we are shocked to see these jokes for the first time.

“In Barotseland there are about 38 ethnic tribes making one language called siLozi. Even these gazettes and records government has are wrong; written by wrong people, and as BRE we don't recognize such confusion in our system. Senior chief Amukena of Naliele Palace is a chief for all people in Kaoma including the Nkoya.

“Even though in your gazette it indicates only Naliele, that is just his capital but he rules the entire Kaoma districts including the new ones” concluded Mutwaileti.

The case has since been adjourned to tomorrow (Thursday 26th) at 10:00 hrs, as defense closes up tomorrow with Induna Imandi who will be the last witness called in by defense council. The state is also expected to bring some witnesses in the same matter through the office of the DPP who have since informed the court that their only key witness, the then PS at the ministry of local government and housing died last week, and that they have since informed state house to look for someone else as a replacement.


It will be important to briefly run down some of the government formation processes to remove the innuendo being peddled by those unaware of these processes as they exist in international law, such as has been displayed by some top BNFA leadership and members lately.

‘GOVERNMENT’ is the political organization of the state. It is the concrete and visible instrument of state power. We should be aware that the government is the agency through which common policies are determined, and by which common affairs are regulated.

The particular form of government depends upon the nature of the ‘STATE’ which in turn depends upon the political habits and character of the people. Government usually consists of three branches: the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. Their respective functions are legislation, administration and adjudication.

A community of persons does not necessarily form a ‘STATE’ unless it is organized by an established Government, whether in ‘waiting’ or ‘Transitional’ or whether it be based in the ‘TERRITORY’ or in ‘EXILE’.

The ‘Government’ is a very essential ingredient in ‘State’ formation, as without the government's organization; the international community will not take our independence declaration seriously.

‘Governments’ in liberation period can be formed in exile or in the territory they claim, and whether they have complete or partial territorial control is normally NOT really the point. It should also be noted that it is the mandate of the liberation group (s) to form government that will be championing the aspirations of the people. At this stage it can be termed (once it is publicly named) as a PROVISIONAL or TRANSITIONAL government, which is just a vehicle to coordinate the people's ‘Will’ to the international community when it is in bondage. Before the naming Stage it may be termed as GOVERNMENT IN WAITING as they are organizing local support and waiting for certain processes to be ready. PROVISIONAL governments are never usually 'ELECTED' as popular ways of national elections may not be available or may have been suspended, but may have some local process and usually involve willing members from across the popular divide.

Therefore those opposing the formation of transitional government in preference to alliance are either enemies of progressive community or are indeed exposing their deep lack of understanding in International law and process.

There are different kinds of governments in different states, common examples being, MONARCHY, DEMOCRACY and DICTATORSHIP.

Barotseland is a CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY system, in which State power is shared between the CIVIL government and the MONARCH, while maintaining distinctive roles between the Royal and the government in a clear cut manner.


International law recognizes that such Governments may undertake many types of actions in the conduct of their daily affairs.

These actions include:

1. Becoming a party to a bilateral or international treaty;

2. Amending or revising its own constitution;

3. Maintaining military forces;

4. Retaining (or "newly obtaining") diplomatic recognition by sovereign

5. Issuing national identity cards;

6. Allowing the formation of new political parties;

7. Instituting democratic reforms holding elections allowing for direct (or more broadly-based) - elections of its government officers, etc.

To conclude on the brief subject of Government, I wish, therefore, to let the people of Barotseland know that a TRANSITIONAL government is in place in Barotseland, and YES, this Government is LEGITIMATE and it meets the INTERNATIONAL NORMS. It has already started mobilizing towards the attainment and the actualization of some and many of the above mentioned activities.

So let us all consider it our DUTY to RALLY behind this government to actualize our DREAM. It will not and may not appear to have all the CHARACTERISTICS of a FULLY FUNCTIONAL government (for LOGISTICAL and other REASONS such as SECURITY, etc), BUT let all Barotseland be united under this Royal Barotseland government in place. It is MY government; it is YOUR government and OUR government! In TRANSITION, it is led by ADMINISTRATOR   GENERAL (As Prime Minister will be ELECTIVE) while THE HEAD OF STATE is the LITUNGA by Default! The formerly BRE is the BRA and has other distinct Role which I can not get to today. This is what our Emancipating Order Stipulates.


I personally stand to disagree with Mutophehi Wanga's response "biwawayi" to Shuwanga Shuwanga's article "BNFA is MOREBA in Disguise, a Retrogressive set-up for future quagmire" where he seems to have displayed his sheer hatred for Hon. Afumba Mombotwa led government. Wanga's hatred seems to be the reflection of the BNFA's ideology identity, and this kind of attitude has been echoed by the group calling itself "BULOZI NAHAYALUNA" an affiliate women organization under BNFA in today's (25th February, 2015) titled, "Linyungandambo and BNFA must work for the good of Barotseland."


1.1. In his pre-amble Hon. Mutungulwa talked of;

a. BNFA's stance against criticism- constructive or non constructive

b. BNFA's members cannot be shaken or challenged by people known to them as ' biwayawaya'

c. That Shuwanga as the author was just rumbling against MOREBA and BNFA associates


In summary of the preamble, Hon Wanga writing as a Deputy Chairperson General-Strategy and Diaspora Liaison, BNFA , has proved that:

1). BNFA leadership is arrogant

2). BNFA leadership is not accommodating to people with different views

3). BNFA leadership has selfish and dictatorial attitude that does not believe in dialogue

4). BNFA leadership is composed of people not "having" diplomacy, dispute and conflict solving skills but mere academic rhetoric.


In his endeavor to justify the alliance, Mr Wanga;

a. mentioned that Shuwanga does not fully understand the word alliance in practice and as an English word and told him to refer to English dictionary for clarification.

b. He further claimed BNFA is an umbrella organ through which programs of members organizations are channeled and coordinated.


I am not inspired with his insinuations that Shuwanga lacks understanding of the English word "Alliance" and its etymology. He failed to challenge the genius elaboration Shuwanga gave, and I quote; "Another worrisome precedent that needs to be honestly challenged is the claim that BNFA is the umbrella movement of all Barotse activist groupings. Such a claim is not only untrue but also malicious, bankrupt and counter-active" end of quote.

Mr Wanga has confirmed that the BNFA represents the ideology of the member organization not to fulfill the wishes of the people, it does not care about the urgency of governance formation.


Mr. Wanga in his quest to justify their alliance's non cooperative attitude;

a. That MOREBA did not change its policy from RESTORATION to INDEPENDENCE of Barotseland, but it moves along ONLY because it was one of the stakeholders at the historic 2012 BNC meeting that resolved for independence.

b. That Shuwanga's invitation of MOREBA to support the Transitional government in place is nonsensical because the ideals and work methods of MOREBA, Shuwanga does not agree with.

c. That the idea that the independence of Barotseland can only be realized when all groups work together is utopian.

d. That the Traditional government if it was in charge of Barotseland it could not have allowed Zambia's presence in Barotseland and could have not gone to the KUTA for permission to fund-raise money for legal fees in the territory it is in charge of.


It is surprising that such reasoning could have come from the person holding a high position in a liberation organization. Instead of explaining the failure by BNFA to work or embrace what Hon Mombotwa led government has achieved and done so far, he throws a twist for not having ideology similar to the government in place. I wonder where on earth a government can exist without giving respect to the head of state.

It is good that the Litunga is recognized as the head of state, and a government operates under the mandate given to it by the head of state. The transitional government’s authority and continuity should be embedded into a modernized system.

How can Mr. Wanga, with due respect, diminish the transitional government in place as manduwani? For God's sake, why should he degrade the job well done by serious and down to earth leaders of transitional government in the light of black-out from public media like that?

Is his organization, the BNFA, aware that it is actually in direct violation of the tenets of the 2012 BNC resolutions, that urgently required for government formation within the possible shortest time to formalize the disengagement from Zambia and notify UN of the intent?

Barotseland must be free. Tukongote Litunga Ni lyetu

By Saleya Kwalombota

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