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The BNFA official web site and the BNFA aligned Social media platform, Barotseland Broadcast Network (BBN), have carried sharp criticism from a senior citizen by the name of Nyambe Sapaya, a Barotse nationalist and a Sinyinda enthusiast, who has directed his fury at incarcerated Barotseland Administrator Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, Linyungandambo liberation movement, Barotse Post (this publication), independent writers Shuwanga Shuwanga and Saleya Kwalombota for what he has termed ‘insults’ against Hon. Sinyinda, leader of the Barotse National Freedom Alliance, BNFA.

We publish here below, his sentiments as published by the BNFA official web site in their March 6, 2015 article;

"KWALOMBOTA AND SHUWANGA TOLD-OFF BY A BAROTSE NATIONALIST" by Nyambe Sapaya, Barotseland Broadcast Network.

Linyungandambo's mission was good but has been lost half way through fighting other freedom fighters using fake accusations. We can’t worship Afumba or Linyungandambo, NEVER! They started well, but poor finishing is awaiting them. Just look at their mouth piece, the Barotse Post, they don’t even report or give others a chance to express their views over Barotseland statehood. Let them come out and stop hiding. Sinyinda’s office is open and what about theirs?

Kanti Saleya Kwalombota kimani (who is Saleya Kwalombota)? Information has it that he is a young man living in comfort in Gaborone, Botswana. He has never shown his face to the Barotse. What has he done to the people of Barotseland or to Barotseland itself? He is a new kid on the block who starts by insulting our integrity. He should know that, we have suffered a lot. We have been arrested, beaten, shot and jailed by the illegal Zambia regime over the issue of Barotseland statehood. I, in particular, lost my family’a nephew and a young brother who died in Zambia jails. Even today, my nephew, Kabayo Kabayo, is still in my heart. It bleeds when I see insults from the likes of Kwalobota. Where was Kwalombota? This man stands and insults us here today. Please stop insulting us.

What does he know about Hon. Clement Sinyinda? Hon. Sinyinda is a man of integrity with a passion for continuing the freedom struggle for Barotseland. Kwalobota and his kind are bitter and jealousy over Sinyinda’s achievements. The so called Royal Barotse government or whatever they call themselves is fake, where are their offices, on the internet or in Windhoek? Let them just know that, we are watching them.

I am disappointed with Shuwanga Shuwanga. Soon after I was introduced to him by a dignified Barotseland national, he is already making outbursts on other Barotse freedom fighters and everyone is wondering if that is indeed how you can achieve independence? Is he in Nakonde or Tanzania from where he keeps on talking ill about Hon. Sinyinda? Jealousy ikamunyokola sha (He will die of jealousy). Please come to your senses. END

We want a united family, co-operation ki mata - BNFA

About the author as published on the BNFA website:

Mr Nyambe Sapaya is a Barotseland freedom fighter arrested twice by the illegal Zambian regime, first on 23rd October 2010 after telling-off then Zambian president, Rupia Banda, then Police Inspector, Francis Kabonde and then Barotseland (Western Province) Zambia Police Commander, Fanwell Siandenge over the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, he together with other Linyungandambo founders, such as Mr Mukubesa Ilukena, Nawa Luyanga, Pastor Nawa Mutakela started their civic education campaign in Barotseland, which shock the Zambian government. Mr Nyambe was arrested for the second time in Limulunga in January 2011 together with the former Ngambela (Prime Minister) of Barotseland, late Maxwell Mututwa, aged 90years at that time.

I note Mutompehi Saleya Kwalombota's response to my article titled Shuwanga on Moreba--A  case of siwawayi, which was in turn a response to Shuwanga’s article. I wish to make the following observations:

1.    Creation of Provisional or Transitional Government

Mutompehi Kwalombota has made great effort in defining the spheres of government, though in the context of Barotseland Kingdom he forgot to mention the Monarch. While his effort is appreciated, it was not the matter of contention. Further, there is nowhere in my article where I demanded that the start-up government should be elected and neither did the question of legitimacy arise. Indeed, the issue of legitimizing any governmental set-up should be one of the key ingredients of the process of establishing sovereignty, but it is not necessarily a starting point.

The point I raised was that of visibility of the Afumba government or whatever it calls itself in terms of tangible performance in areas such as the ones Mutompehi Kwalombota outlined—Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. A government, whether provisional or substantive, should be felt by the people it is serving through tangible outcomes, otherwise it is nothing but mandwani (child play). With substantial performance being churned out, there will be no need to beg uninterested people to join, support or recognize it as they will simply be sucked-in by its whirlwind. On the issue of who was mandated to run governmental affairs by the Barotse National Council resolutions of March 27, 2012, Mutompehi Kwalombota should pinpoint which one supports his provisional government.

2.    Co-operation with others

Mutompehi Kwalombota is suggesting that Moreba and/or BNFA members are uncooperative and arrogant in not wanting to work with other organizations. He forgets that Shuwanga’s theme, as reflected in the title and the rest of his article, was that BNFA should DISBAND and WORK WITH the so called transitional government. Who created this illusive Provisional government? I pointed out that BNFA was a creation of the efforts of Linyungandambo and the other organizations that are now comprised in it while the said Linyungandambo has stood aloof after assisting that creation. Mutompehi Kwalombota has not disputed these facts. So who is uncooperative and arrogant? What does the phrase ‘disband and work with entail? We should learn to understand the words we choose to use.

3.    Interpretation and application of the BNC resolutions

The BNFA has not held itself as a government and does not wish to prevent formation of government. The BNFA’s main objective is to facilitate implementation of the BNC resolutions as correctly interpreted, including assisting the Barotse Government, as it existed at the time of the BNC meeting and supporting the modernization of its institutions as laid out in the resolutions. Resolutions 8 and 10 are very clear in that regard and they do not mandate any one of the participating groups to unilaterally form a parallel government or structures. Has Mutompehi Kwalobota forgotten that BRE was Kaunda’s creation and mockery? We have always had the Barotse Government, despite the onslaught by successive Zambian regimes.

The BNFA’s activities which are in the public domain include:

1)    Barotseland membership to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO). It is Barotseland as a nation that has been admitted as a member not an individual activist group. No individual activist group has been registered or de-registered;

2)    Prosecution of the matter laid by the Ngambela of Barotseland and Others before the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR), which is an organ of the African Union based in The Gambian capital of Banjul. The Commission is in session right now and I trust that it will be considered as per our plea—it is common knowledge that the Zambian government failed to provide counter evidence;

3)    The matter of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague where the immediate past Zambian president ran-away from the process by refusing to append his signature and thereby admitting guilty. We have since challenged the new president to rise to the occasion and do the needful—Already, he is also showing symptoms of running away;

4)     Engaging SADC to support Barotseland statehood as clearly demonstrated by Zambia’s admission of guilty by failing to append its signature to the PCA process as in (3) above; and

5)    The reconstitution of the Barotse government via the establishment of an all embracing Barotseland Transitional Authority (BTA)—Transitional Katengo Legislative Council.

In what sense are these activities contradicting the BNC resolutions? Going forward, it will be very useful for anyone claiming to be acting on the basis of the BNC resolutions, or accusing others of violating them, to cite the specific resolution/action that is being violated or implemented in contradiction thereof by such a party. Wild claims or accusations do not help the attainment of Barotseland statehood.

Zambia's SPORTS minister Vincent Mwale says the government is scrutinising the K294 million Mongu Stadium contract as it is too expensive for a 20,000-seater facility.

And Parliament heard on Tuesday that Wakong Enterprises and PJP Associates Limited, who are the contractors engaged to jointly erect the stadium are demanding K59 million to move on site.

Responding to concerns raised by opposition backbenchers on the reasoning behind the signing of such an expensive contract for a small stadium, Mwale said the government was reviewing the whole issue.

Kalabo Central UPND member of parliament Chinga Miyutu wondered whether the initial amount would suffice to complete the stadium, to which Mwale responded in the negative.

“It’s true that time has passed since this contract was awarded to the contractors. I know that obviously the prices for things like cement and other materials have escalated but I must mention here that the Ministry of Finance is really finding it hard to raise this money because even just the initial payment looks so huge,” Mwale said.

“I mean, K294 million, more than US$40 million for a 20,000-seater capacity stadium; I think that it’s so exorbitant.”

Mwale said his ministry was working out modalities of seeking a cheaper contractor for the project, even though it had already engaged those awarded.

Keembe MMD member of parliament Lieutenant-General Ronnie Shikapwasha wondered why the government did not sign the contract after securing funds, to which Mwale said the state had negotiated with the contractor, who had agreed not to move on site untill funds were secured.

“We have had challenges and the ministry has raised very serious questions of the pricing of this stadium. We are trying to get back to the contractors to look at the whole pricing and negotiate,” Mwale said.

Mafinga MMD member of parliament Catherine Namugala asked Mwale to be categorical, that the contract would be cancelled and a new one entered into, so as to save resources, but the minister said negotiations were ongoing with the substantive contractors.

“We have to wait for the negotiations to be concluded, we are not sure. We are going to lose money because we might get a better price after negotiations with the contractors,” he said.

And earlier, sports deputy minister Ronald Chitotela told the House that the contractors were demanding K59 million as initial payments to move on site.
Chitotela was responding to follow-up questions by Lubasenshi independent member of parliament Patrick Mucheleka and Miyutu over the matter.
He explained that the contract would run for 24 months after works resume.

“So far the contractors have issued a demand for down payment of K59 million. Once this money is paid, they will move on site,” Chitotela said.

He explained that the construction of the stadium would only resume once the government had sourced funds.
He said so far, over K300,000 had been spent on the project for bush clearing.

Kasempa MMD member of parliament Kabinga Pande asked why the government signed a contract without money, to which  Chitotela said the project was launched in 2013 by late president Michael Sata even when it was not budgeted for -

Zambia’s Minister of Information and government's official spokesperson, Chishimba Kambwili, has rebuked the 'Nkoya' Royal council’s David Tamboka for alleging that the Zambian government did not consider Nkoyas for any government positions.

The Nkoya faction that has been used as a tool to destabilize Barotseland by the Zambian government has attacked its sponsors by accusing Zambian President Edgar Lungu of being ‘a Lozi tribalist.’

Nkoya ‘Royal Council’ (a creation of the Zambian government) Chairperson David Tamboka claimed that the Zambian government was siding with one ethnic group which he said was dividing the region.

Tamboka said the Zambian government should reserve some positions for Nkoyas so that they also have representatives in the governance system and complained that every new government left the Nkoyas out of governance.

He said Nkoyas would soon seek audience with government so that they actively participate in governance of the country and warned that if government did not listen to them they would demonstrate against people appointed by the Zambian government to serve in Kaoma.

The Nkoya constitute only 16 percent of the population of Kaoma which is comprised of Luyis, Kaondes, Luvales, Mbundas and Chokwes but have always accused a nonexistent tribe they call 'Lozi' of undermining them. Lozi is not a tribe but a language (Lingua franca) spoken by all ethnic groups of Barotseland.

But the chief government spokesperson for the Zambian government Chishimba Kambwili has expressed disappointment at the remarks by Tamboka.

Kambwili said on Wednesday, 4th 2015, that Tamboka’s tribal statement can cause disunity in the country adding that government cannot reserve positions for one tribe.

The Zambian government has for a long time been using certain Nkoya individuals to destabilize Barotseland by promoting ethnic tension and sponsored the creation of the so called 'Nkoya Royal Council' which is now attacking them.

The Nkoya sentiments appeared in the Daily Nation newspaper edition of Wednesday 04th March 2015.

Muziba, Nayoto and Sikwebele were today brought to Mongu high court by prison officers, to an enthusiastic warm Barotseland greeting from many of their supporters who had come to attend their appeal case take off today. However, they were not brought into the maim court room because their appeal case was moved to 11th of March 2015. As such, upon arrival at the courts, the trio was kept in waiting cells. Many people, however, were able to greet them, and as they were taken back out of the court grounds, people and supporters sang the Barotseland national anthem, ‘Bulozi fasi Labondata luna’ among other solidarity songs.

The three are currently serving jail sentences of three years each with hard labour for “publication of false news with intent to cause fear or alarm to the public contrary to the laws of Zambia” a case they have since appealed against.

A female judge yet to be named has been assigned this case, as trial starts next week on Wednesday, the 11th of March 2015.


Lizazi la bulalu mwa kweli ya Yowa mwa Silimo sa 2015
Muuso wa Bulozi u kupile tuso ya Bayemeli ba Mulao ba Licaba ba li-Company za bo Madandume Attorneys, Chambers of Dambe ni Chadwick Anderson and Partners, zepeli ku zona ki za Naha Butswana mi iling’wi ki ya si British. Bayemeli ba ba b’a chuukile mwa Milao ya Mitomo, Mileko ni bu Mapanga-panga, kungelela cwalo ni Bubangoki kamba Bukebenga, ba kupilwe ku fa kemelo mwa taba ya Bulozi ni Zambia mi ki limbule za likelezo mwa litaba ze amana ni lingambolo ni Naha ya Zambia. Bayemeli ba ba ta fa kemelo kwa Muuso wa Bulozi, Mulonga (BRE) amoho cwalo ni Sicaba sa Bulozi kamukana.

Zeo ha li li cwalo, Bayemeli ba se ba ng’olezi ni ku lumela ling’olo la mulelo wa ku zekisa Zambia ka lizazi la bu mashumi amabeli ka mazazi a supile ka amabeli, ka kweli ya Sope mwa silimo sa 2015 (29th January, 2015).

‘Lu hatisize lona ling’olo mwa tasi mo ku fa temuso kwa sicaba’.

Mutompehi Edgar Chagwa Lungu
Mweteleli wa Zambia

Ling’olo le li lumezwi ka Ofisi ya Ndumeleti wa Zambia, kwa Gaborone, mwa Butswana.

Ku lemusiwa ba ba tatama:-

Muyemeli yo muhulu wa Mulao mwa Zambia, ka nokushimba;
Mung’oli yo Muhulu wa Litaba za Linaha ze mwa Silikani sa Commonwealth, wa Muuso wa United Kingdom, ka Ofisi ya Ndumeleti, Gaborone, Butswana;
Mung’0li yo Muhulu wa Kopano ya ba Macaba (UN), New York, USA;
Mung’oli yo Muhulu wa Kopano ya Silikani sa Linaha za Africa (AU), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;
Mung’oli yo Muhulu wa Kopano Linaha za Commonwealth, London, England;
Mung’oli yo Muhulu wa Kopano ya Zwelopili ya Linaha za Mboela wa Africa (SADC), Gaborone, Butswana;
Kaongolo ka Nyambe, Mulena Lubosi Imwiko wa bubeli (II), Mweteleli wa Bulozi ni Mulonga wa hae;
Mukokeli wa Muuso wa Bulozi (Mutompehi Afumba Mombotwa);
Mung’oli yo Muhulu wa Kopano ye yemela batu ni Linaha ze sina Kemelo, Butswana.

29th January, 2015



1. Lung’ozi katilo-tilo ka ka ku yemela Muuso wa Bulozi o lu laezi, ka taelo ya sicaba, ku uyemela mwa   mikwa ni litaba kamukana ze amana ni buino maswe bwa Naha ni Sicaba sa Bulozi, ka nako ya cwale, sihulu-hulu asamulaho wa Zambia ku loba ni ku mbwanjingela Tumelelano ya Bulozi ya 1964 (Barotseland Agreement 1964), yeo lu ka ama za yona asamulaho. Muuso u kupile kemelo ye ka taelo ya Katengo ka Bulozi ka ka Nyakisisa za Mutomo, Milao ni buino bwa Naha ni Sicaba sa Bulozi (BNC) ka 2012 ke ne ka lumelezwi ki Litunga, ka ku ba kona ka ka tuna ka ka bona za ku tomwa ni ku tiisezwa kwa Milao mwa Naha ya Bulozi;

2. Litaba za simuluho li talusa kuli Sicaba sa Malozi si kalile ku pila mwa sibaka sa Bulozi amoho cwalo ni sibaka seo si zamaisiwa ka ku ba Wiko wa Zambia ka lishendo la libizo la Wiko wa Zambia, yona Western Province, le li hanwa ki Bayahi ba Naha kaceku, mwa lilimo za bo sikiti ni myanda ye milalu (13th century), la kaceku. Simuluho ya buino bwa bona ne i si ka ng’olwa kono buniti ki kuli ka lilimo za bo sikiti ni myanda ye supile (17th century), Bulozi ne li Naha ye lukuluhile mwa kamaiso ya Mulena (Litunga) ni Katengo ka Mulonga wa hae o ne u ngungekilwe ku shulumukela ku bo Lyaminzi ka Malena ba Libaka za Likiliti, Lilalanda, Manduna ba Lilalo ni Minzi ni Tundiyana. Mi Katengo ka Mulonga ki kona ka ka tuna ka ku fitisisa kwa ku toma Milao ya Naha ye tama Muyahi kamukana wa Naha ya Bulozi ni Litunga cwalo ili kao ba basweu ba ka biza Barotseland National Council (BNC ka bu kuswani);

3. Ku butokwa ku talusa kuli, ka linako zeo Sicaba sa Malozi si pilile mwa sibaka se, miseto ya Naha ne inze ishimbululwa ni ku yandululwa ni ku yo fita mane buse bwa sibaka se si zibahala ka Wiko wa Zambia (Western Province) kaceku. Mwa linako zeng’wi, sibaka sa Bulozi ne si ambakani libima ze fita fa Likiti ze myanda ye milalu ni ze mashuni a supile (370,000 square Km). Ku sabisa ku honona, lu tiiseza kuli, ka litaba za cwale kamukana, Muuso wa Bulozi u tiiseza litukelo za milelo ya ona mwa hal’a Miseto ya 1900 kuya 1947 ka mo ku hatiselizwe mwa Mutomo wa Tukuluho wa 2012 ili mwa kauhanyo ya pili, timana ya bubeli (Barotseland Emancipation Order Act of 2012, Article 1.2.);

4. Kuzwa mwa myaha ya b’o sikiti ni ye mashumi a supile (17th century) ku fita ka 1964, ye simuluzi Tumelelano ya Bulozi, Bulozi ne bu onyekile Tukuluho ni puso ya bona ka kamaiso ya Litunga lya Aluyi ni Katengo ka Mulonga mi kwa li kusimwa bu s’a zamaiswi ki Maata Naha yeng’wi kamba Batu basili. Mi kwa mafelelezo a lilimo za bo Sikiti ni ze supile ka zepeli ba British South Africa Company ba kupa kolo ya Tumelelano ya ku petela misebezi ya bona mwa Naha ya Bulozi, ku Litunga ka silimo sa 1898 mi, ka ku landala fa kupo ya Litunga ya kwa mulaho ku amana ni silelezo ya Bulozi, Bulozi bwa ba mwa silelezo ya si British (British Protectorate) ni ku ba Bulozi bo bu silelelizwe (Barotseland Protectorate). Bwa ba cwalo kufita 1964 (a bu to bindelwa);

5. Litaba za Northern Rhodesia, ye n’e bupilwe ki BSAC, mwa lilimo za bo sikiti ni ze myanda ye supile ka ze peli (19th century), ki za ona cwanong’u fa. Mi, ni yona Northern Rhodesia, ne ibile mwa silelezo ya si British kufitela 1964 asamulaho a ku nyatelwa kwa Tumelelano ya Bulozi, ha ifumana tukuluho kwa United Kingdom ku ba Naha ye lukuhile ya Zambia, yeo ne i tahiselize Bulozi ku ba siemba sa Zambia;

6. Kusina kuhanyeza kamba ku kakanya, mayemo a bao lu yemela ka Mulao, , ki  kuli Zambia, ye zibahala kacenu, ibupilwe ki linaha za bo Bulozi ni Northern Rhodesia ka Tumelelano ya Bulozi ya lizazi la bulishumi ka mazazi a keta-lizoho ka amalalu a kweli ya Kandao ka silimo sa bu sikiti ni myanda ye supile ka ye mibeli ni lilimo ze mashumi a silezi ka zene (18th May, 1964), ye ne nyatezwi ki Mutompehi Kenneth David Kaunda, Ngambela wa Northern Rhodesia, ku yemela Muuso wa Northern Rhodesia, Mulena Sir Mwanawina Liwanika wa bulalu (III), Litunga wa Bulozi, ka ku icemela, ku yemela Malena ni lishwana za Bulena kamukana, Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi, Muuso amoho cwalo ni Sicaba sa Bulozi kamukana, ni Mutompehi Duncan Sandys, Mung’oli wa Muuso wa Silikani sa Linaha za Commonwealth ni Linaha ze mwa kamaiso ya Britain, ku yemela Muuso wa United Kingdom ili ku bonisa ku lumela kwa Muuso wa United Kingdom (Ku tambeka Zambia mutiyo);


7. Tumelelano ya Bulozi i na ni makepe a keta-lizoho feela, kungelela cwalo ni a ng’ambekelo. Lu ng’omela katiso yeo kwa ling’olo le ka ku lika kufa sikuka. Mwa Tumelelano ye ku fumanwa ahulu litaka ze: “Ni h’a”, ze bonahala ka ku supeza mulelo wa Tumelelano ka cwalo:-

(i) Northern Rhodesia i ka ba Naha ye lukuluhile ya Zambia;

(ii) Ki ka tato ya Northern Rhodesia ni Bulozi ku amuhela Tukuluho ku ba Naha iling’wi mi ni Batu ba zona ba ka ba Sicaba silising’wi;

(iii) Ni h’a ku na ni Litumelelano zeng’ata cwalo hal’a United Kingdom ni Litunga wa Bulozi, zeo li ta fela ka lizazi la Tukuluho, amoho cwalo ni liswanelo zeng’wi za United Kingdom kwa Muuso wa Northern Rhodesia ni Bulozi zeo ni zona li ka felisiwa ka kuli Northern Rhodesia ni Bulozi li tabela ku nyatela Tumelelano ye amana ni buino bwa Bulozi ka ku ba siemba sa Zambia ye ta be ikulekile Litumelelano kamukana ni Litaba zeng’wi cwalo ze ne kulekilwe ki United Kingdom;

8. Zeo ni ha li li cwalo, Tumelelano i zwelapili ku taluhanya Liswanelo za Bulozi ka ku ba siemba sa Zambia. Ku zeng’wi za Butokwa ki ze tatama:-

a) Litunga ki yena (Sakaungu) mufelelezi ya bona za Kamaiso ya za Muuso ni Milonganyana mwa Bulozi;

b) Litunga una ni maata a ku toma Milao ka bupala bwa litaba zeo li amana ni Muuso ni Milonganyana mwa Bulozi kamukana, ili ze cwale ka: Mubu, Litapi, Mitelo ni ze amana ni yona kamukana mwa Bulozi, Milao ya Buzumi, silelezo ni pabalelo ya za naheng’i ni Pulukelo ya Sikwama ye ne biziwa Barotseland Native Treasury;

c) Litunga ni Katengo ka Mulonga bata zwelapili ku ba ni maata e ne ba ikola kuzwa kwa simuluho ku amana ni litaba za Mubu ka Mulao wa Sizo o belekisiwa mwa Naha. Likuta za Sizo li ta zwelapili kufa likatulo mwa litaba za Mubu mwa Bulozi ka Mulao wa Sizo mi hakuna taba ya Mubu ye ka pahekiwa kwa Kuta ye Pahami ya Zambia (Zambian High Court) ka likatulo ze amana ni Mubu haisi ka taelo ya Kuta ya Saa-Sikalo;

d) Muuso wa Zambia u njangekilwe musebezituna wa ku neula lituso za masheleng’i a Kamaiso ni Zwelopili ya Sifumu sa Bulozi ni ku bona kuli Naha ya Bulozi ya tokomelwa hande ka swanelo ha ku bapanywa ni libaka zeng’wi za Naha Zambia;

e) Muuso wa Zambia unjangekilwe musebezi wa ku bona kuli mihato kamukana ya Milao ye ka tomiwa mwa Naha Zambia ha i lwanisi Tumelelano ya Bulozi;

f) Ku bu tokwa ku lemuha kuli kauhanyo ya bubeli ya Tumelelano ibonisa fo ku sweu kuli Mutomo wa Zambia una ni ku hatisa litaba ze ne lumelelanwi kwa Mukopano-tuna wa Liswanelo za Butu amoho cwalo ni Litukuluho za Mutu kaufela, Likuta ni Maluko a Misebezi ya Sicaba mi Mihato yeo ina ni ku ba ni maata ni ku beleka (ni ku tiisezwa) mwa Bulozi, ili ku talusa fo ku sweu kuli Mihato isili ha i na kuba ni maata kamba mane ku beleka mwa Naha. Ze ni ha li li cwalo, ha ku si ka ba ni sisupo se si bonisa mafelelezo a litaba mwa ling’olo le;

g) Ka ku feleleza, kuya ka litaba za ng’ambekelo kwa Tumelelano, ku na ni mibamba ye nyalisa Maata a Sizo ni Likuta mwa Litaba za Mubu za Litunga ni Mulonga, ka Kamaiso ni Likatiso za mihato ya Maluko a Misebezi ya Sicaba ya Zambia;

9. Tumelelano ya Bulozi ikile ya tambekiwa kwa Ndu ya Milao ya United Kingdom ki Mutompehi Sandys, yena Mung’oli wa Naha ya United Kingdom, hal’a lizazi kamba amabeli iman’o nyatelwa, mi ya amuhelwa ki sibeli sa Mandu a Milao a United Kingdom. Ngambela wa Northern Rhodesia u kile afa sepiso yetwi Tumelelano ye i ka be i tiiselizwe ka lizazi la Tukuluho;

10. Ha i nyakisiswa hande ka butungi, Tumelelano ya Bulozi ibonisa fo ku sweu kuli litukiso za Linaha zepeli ze ze ne sina nto ni ye kana ye li kopanya mwa mikwa kamukana kwand’a ku ba mabapa, ni kuya ka maneku kamukana amalalu ka nako yeo, Linaha ze ne li tabezi ku pilisana amoho. Mi nto ye, ne i tahisizwe feela ki Tumelelano. Musebezi wa bu babaleli on’o kulekilwe ki Muuso wa United Kingdom wa shimbululelwa kwa Muuso wa Zambia (o si ka kuteka Tumelelano).


11. Tumelelano ya Bulozi ha i baliwa ka litaba za simuluho tota, yomung’wi ukona ku ba ni maikuto mane ni ku tiiseza buniti bwa mulelo-tuna wa kozo ni kutwano on’o ka tusa kwa ku pilisana amoho. Ha ne ku ka zwelwapili cwalo ka moya wa lilato ni kutwano ono kulubelwa, lifapahani za kaceku ne li si ke za ba teng’i. Ni ha kuli cwalo, ku bonahalile fo ku sweu kuli Muuso wa Zambia ne usina mulelo wa swalisano ni ku kuteka lisepiso za ona fa halimu a ba Bulozi kamba ba si-British;

12. Ka bumai, Muuso wa Zambia wanga mihato ye situhu ya ku luba-luba Tumelelano ku itokwisa ni butokwa bwa ku hatisiwa fa pampili fo ne i hatisizwe, ku zwa kwa makalelo;

13. Sapili, Tumelelano ye ne i si ka hatisiwa kamba ku tiisezwa ki Muuso wa Zambia ka mo ne ku sepiselizwe banyateli ba ba ng’wi ba Tumelelano ye kwa London. Ka 1965, Kaunda a loba Tumelelano ka ku tahisa cinceho kwa Mutomo wa Zambia. Mulao wa kamaiso ya Milonganyana wa tumuswa ka ku lika ku felisa Mulao wa Kamaiso ya Muuso wa Bulozi ya Miloganyana (Barotseland Native Authority Ordinance) ka mulelo wa ku fukuza maata a Litunga ni ku felisa cwalo Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi ku ba feela sisusa. Ka be muhato wo ne una ni kemelo ya Mulao, mulelo-tuna wa muhato wo ne ili ku lika ku felisa maata a Litunga a kamaiso ya Muuso wa Bulozi ni Milonganyana ili kuli Litunga ni Katengo ka Mulonga mwa Bulozi ba be feela lisusa;

14. Ka 1969 Muuso wa Zambia wa tumusa licinceho za Mulao wa bu ketalizoho kwa Mutomo wa ona (Constitutional Amendment Act No_ 5). Kaunda a laela kuli Tumelelano ya Bulozi ya 1964 ifelisiwe, amoho cwalo ni liswanelo kamukana ze iputezi-teng’i. Ni h’a likezo ze situhu zeo, ha li nyakisiswa ka mabaka a ka fitiswa asamulahonyana, ne li ezizwe ka b’omu isi ka Mulao, ka mulelo wa ku mbwanjingela kamba ku luba-luba feela Tumelelano kwa lineku la Muuso wa Zambia, asamulaho a lilimo ze ketalizoho feela kuzwa fo i nyatelelwa, mutu ukona ku lemuha ni ku tiiseza kuli ni h’a Muuso wa Zambia ne u nyatezi Tumelelano ye, ne u sina mulelo wa bu sepahali wa ku ikuteka. Ne u inyatezi feela ka ku lika ku tabisa Muuso wa si British ni kuli u kone feela ku fumana kolo ya ku hapa Bulozi ni Batu ba bona ba ba eza bo lule ba balalu ni licika (3 ½ million people);

15. Isali ka silimo sa 1969, Muuso wa Zambia wa ekeza kwa milelo ye situhu ka ku tahisa cinceho kwa Mutomo wa ona ka ku cinca Mulao wa Mikoti ni Milafo (Mines and Minerals Act) o ne u lelezwi ku felisa maata a Litunga fahalimw’a kamaiso ya Mikoti ni Milafo zeo ne li bulukezwi yena ni sicaba sa hae kuzwa kwa linako za kwa mulaho.Haili Tumelelano ya Bulozi i kuzize fa litaba za Mikoti ni Milafo. Ni ha kuli cwalo, liswanelo za Litunga ka litaba ze, li simuluha mwa Litumelelano za pili-pili ni ba British South Africa Company za kwa lilimo za bo 1880 ni 1890 cwalo. Kuzwa ku ba BSAC Liswanelo kamukana za Mikoti ni Milafo ze ne li mwa maata a Litunga za tambekiwa kwa Muuso wa United Kingdom ka ku ba ona one u li mu babaleli. Kuzwa teng’i, hakuna mukwa wo liswanelo ze ne li ta ipumana mwa lipokoto za Muuso wa Zambia sina ka mo ku inezi kaceku, ka bumai. Ku zusiwa kwa Liswanelo ze ne kuli ya yeng’wi ya milelo ye situhu ya Kamaiso ya Kaunda ni mufumbo wa hae wa ku paleliswa Bulozi ku ipusa sina ka Tumelelano;

16. Asamulaho a silimo, ka 1970, Muuso wa tahisa cinceho yeng’wi hape kwa Mutomo wa Naha (Constitutional Amendment) ye ne fa Mweteleli wa Naha Maata a ipitezi fa lifa la Naha mwa tasi a kamaiso ya hae. Mwa ku sebelisa maata a cwalo, a n’a lelezwi Bulozi, Mweteleli wa Naha Zambia na shimbuluzi lifa la Bulozi kungelela cwalo ni Pulukelo ya sikwama sa Bulozi (Barotse Native Treasury) se ne si fita ku bo lule ba ba supile ka ba ketalizoho ka ba balalu ni licika la Lipondo za si British (£78,500,000.00 ‘British sterling Pounds’) se ne si tatauzwi ka busholi, kusina ni ha i ke maswabi, ki puso ya Kaunda ka maata a tula tikanyo a na ipile ona fa halimu a Bulozi, ku siya bayahi ba Bulozi ba imbwetukezi mi ba sina ni tuso kamba maata kamba bu ikalabelo ni bo bu kana. Ha ku luni ku talusa kuli Tumelelano ye ne ibeile pabalelo ya pulukelo ya sikwama sa Bulozi (Barotse Native Treasury) ku Litunga ni Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi;

17. Mwa milelo ya ona ya ku fukuza sicaba sa Malozi ni ku felisa Bulozi, isali ka 1970, Muuso wa Zambia wa ipeela Mulao ni ku cinca libizo la Bulozi ku bu shumwelela lishendo le ne li hanilwe ki bang’i ba Naha, la ‘Wiko-wa-Zambia’ (Western Province) isi ka Mulao. Zeo ne li eziwa ka taelo ya Kaunda ka ku ba Mweteleli, mwa tumuso ya hae ya n’a bizize “Ni lakaza ku lemusa Naha” (I wish to inform the Nation). Muhato wo ne u bonisize milelo ye situhu-tuna yeo Muuso wa Kaunda ne u bile ni ona fa Tumelelano ya Bulozi ni sicaba sa Bulozi cwalo;

18. Tumelelano ya Bulozi i si ka be ya ba teng’i Bulozi ne bu si ka be bwa hapiwa kuzwa kwa miteng’i ya kwa mulaho. Ba Bulozi ba ti lo ipumani mwa buzike mwa Naha ya bona ka likezo za Muuso wa Zambia ko ne ba lukela ku fumana lituso si na ka mo se ku taluselizwe kwa mulaho. Bulozi bwa siyala bu sina sepo, zwelopili, lituso, kemelo hande ni silelezo yeo ne bu sepisizwe ka buzwale ni ka mulelo wa ku pilisana amoho ka kozo. Ne bu bile mwa buhapiwa bo bunca (Neo-colonialism) mwa Africa ka Bayahi ba Africa kwa Bayahi ba bang’wi ba Africa;


Ka Mulao wa Licaba

19. Ku na ni nto iling’wi ya tatululo ya Mulao tota ka Tumelelano ya Bulozi. Silama ni silama sa yona, bao ne ba ipondile ku yona, ze iputezi-teng’i, mukwa ka mo ne i bupezwi, mulelo mane ni butungi bwa litaba za yona za itoka kuli, ka si konkwani sa Mulao, ki Tumelelano ya Licaba, mi hakuna mukwa ni omukana m’o ikona ku futulelwa;

20. Ka ku ba Tumelelano ya Licaba, ne ilukela ku latelelwa ka litaelo za ba Licaba ni Sizo sa Mulao wa ba Licaba ka kuli, ba ba ipondile ku yona ne ba tamehile ku peta misebezi ye ne ba itamile ka yona. Ne ba s’a lukeli ku ica matilikuba kamba ku mbilingana inge kuli Tumelelano ye ne ili siyo, sina m’o Muuso wa Zambia u i timeliselize mitala mane inge kuli Tumelelano ye ne ili siyo kamba ha u izibi.Tukelo ya ba Licaba ni ze tokwahala kamukana linga litaba ze ku ba ze fitelela litaba za mwa hae kamba Mulao wa mwa hal’a Naha;

21. Lu boni hande li kakalezo, ka mikwa ye bonahalile ha ku kupiwa maikuto a Muuso wa Zambia ka mayemo a ling’olo le kuli, mafosisa kamukana na ezwa ka ku ya ka Milao ye bupilwe ki Zambia. Ni ha kuli cwalo, kang’i-tuna i iputezi fa Mutomo wa Mulao wa ba Licaba oli, lineku lililing’wi ha li koni ku itinga fa Milao ya lona ku ba tebe ye li paleliswa ku latelela kamba ku taleleza Tumelelano. Ki nto ye zibahala kuli ba Licaba ni Sizo sa Mulao wa ba Licaba li kona ku ba mwa kozi ya ku palelwa kamaiso haiba Naha ikona ku lumelelwa ku itenga mwa Tumelelano ni Naha kamba Linaha zeng’wi, ye tokwa kuli litukiso ze lumelelanwi kazona li petiwe, i palelwe kabomu ku eza cwalo ka ku beya Milao ya Naha ya yona ka mulelo wa ku ipaleliswa ku zwelapili, sina ka mafosisa a kamaiso ya Kaunda mwa taba mo, ka ku laela kuli Tumelelano i felisizwe. Ba Licaba ni Sizo sa Mulao wa ba Licaba ba lemuhile buniti bo isali kwa makalelo mi Mutomo wa bona u tomilwe fa Mulao wa ba Licaba.I ka swana ya ba kuli ha lu zibi, ka cwalo ha lu hani kamba ku lumela-kuli lika kamukana ze lwanisa Tumelelano ye li bakanyizwe ka Milao ya Naha ya Zambia. Ni ha kuli cwalo, kakuli lu talimani ni Litumelelano za ba Licaba sihulu maswabisa a ku lika ku loba Mulao isi ka tumelelano ni ku ifelisa, ka ku itingeta fa Mulao wa Naha ya Zambia, ki lishano mi ha i na mayemo kamba tuso;

22. Lu tongozi maipato a Muuso wa Zambia a ku loba Mulao, ku sina butata ni bo bukana. Ni ha kuli cwalo, ka kuli Kaunda ki yena mukunupi, ku ya ka buino bwa Zambia miteng’i yeo, li ka ze ha li si ka baliwa, ka kuli, Bulozi ne bu sina kolo ni ye kana ya ku kanana ka yona. Ne bu na ni ku ulumana ona cwalo ka mo ne bu konela kamukana ni ha ne bunze bu utwa butuku cwalo. Naha ya Bulozi ne inze itotobela habutuku, kono inge i kungulezwi kwa tuko ka bu bangoki. Mi yeo ki yona nto ya ibona Mutu ha potela Bulozi kacenu;

23. Tumelo yetwi, Naha ha ikoni ku otolola Milao ya yona, ka mulelo wa ku li i fumane teng’i maipato, u fukulizwe ki kauhanyo ya bu mashumi amabeli ka ya busupa ya Bu-itamo bwa Mukopano wa Vienna (Article 26 of the Vienna Convention) ku amana ni Milao ya li Tumelelano. Buitamo bo ne bu hatisizwe ka lizazi la bu mashumi amabeli ka amalalu mwa kweli ya Kandao (23rd May), ka silimo sa 1969 mi Mutompehi Lishomwa Muukwa ki ya n’a yemezi Zambia ku nyatela Bu-itamo ka lona lizazi leo;
24. Bu i kalabelo bo bu tuna kwa milelo ya Milao kamukana ye ne lelezwi ku tandanisa Tumelelano ya Bulozi ki bo butwi: Tumelelano ya Bulozi ifelisiwe- ka ku cincwa kwa Mulao wa Mutomo wa bu ketalizoho wa 1969 (Amendment Act No_ 5), asamulaho a likweli feela ze ketalizoho kuzwa Zambia inyatela Bu-itamo bwa ba Licaba bo Mukopano wo ne u hanisize mikwa ya situhu ye amana ni ku sa kuteka Liswanelo za Butu;

25. Ha ku se ku nyakisizwe Tumelelano ya Bulozi ka Milao ya ba Licaba, lu ka swana lwa inga kuba Tumelelano ye bubebe ye eziwa feela ki likwata zetalu. Kono buniti ki kuli, Mutu ha koni ku felisa Tumelelano inge a zwelapili ku ikola liswanelo za Tumelelano yeo a felisize;

26. Tumelelano ha se ifitile fa ku pala ku hatisiwa ka ku lobiwa ki Muuso wa Zambia asamulaho wa ku hatisa Mulao wa Milonganyana wa 1965 (Local Government Act of 1965), ka mo ne ku bezi hape kwa tahiso ya Mulao wa Mikoti ni Milafo wa 1969 (Mines and Minerala Act of 1969), ni kwa ku shimbuliwa kwa Pulukelo ya Sikwama sa Bulozi (Barotse Native Treasury ) ka 1969, ni mo ne ku bezi kwa ku palelwa kwa Zambia ku neula lituso za sikwama ni ku bona kuli Milao ya Zambia ha i lwanisi Tumelelano, mukoloko u kona ku zwelapili, Silikani ni sona ne si lukela ku fita fa ku fela. Mi, fa halimu a zeo, ku cinciwa kwa Mutomo ka Mulao wa bu ketalizoho wa 1969 (Amendment Act No_ 5), ibile ku lobiwa kwa Mulao wa Tumelelano ki Muuso wa Zambia;

27. Ka cwalo, Mulao ha u lobilwe kamba ku felisiwa kwa Tumelelano, lineku le li bile ni mafosisa ha li koni ku itingeta kamba ku susumeza bufosi bwa lona bwa ku sinya Tumelelano. Se si lukela kunga sibaka ki kuli, mutu ya sina mafosisa, ili yo a talimani ni bufosi bwa yomung’wi kamba ku lobiwa kwa Tumelelano, ukona feela ku amuhela mafosisa a yomung’wi y’o a ku felisiwa kwa Tumelelano ka ku latelela litukiso za Milao ze simuluha fa buniti bo, kamba ukona ku sa amuhela kono inze a kutisezwa lisinyehelo zeo li libani ni mafosisa a yo mung’wi y’o. Haiba yo ya sina mafosisa alumela kuli u foselizwe, Tumelelano itamehile ku felisiwa mi yomung’wi yo ya sina mulatu wa lukuluha mwa buitamo bwa Tumelelano yeo ni ku kutela ka mwa n’a inezi sapili, ni haike inge, mutu ya sina mafosisa una ni swanelo ya ku kutisezwa li sinyehelo kamukana ze tahisizwe ki mafosisa a yo ya lobile Tumelelano. Kono, haiba yo ya sina mafosisa a iketela kuli Tumelelano yeo ha i koni kamba ha i lukeli ku felisiwa ki mafosisa ayomung’wi yo, ukona ku zwelapili mwa sizwale seo;

28. Mwa taba ye, lu lemuha kuli, Muuso wa Bulozi ne u tambuzi ku lobiwa kwa Tumelelano ya Bulozi ki Muuso wa Zambia ka Lyatamani ili ka silimo sa 2012 ni h’a, kwa mazazi a kwa mulaho, Tumelelano ye ne inze izwelapili mi Muuso wa Zambia ni ona ne unze u zwelapili ni mafosisa a ona fa halimu a Bulozi ni yona Tumelelano ye;

29. Ka kweli ya Lyatamanyi, 2012 Katengo ka Bulozi ka ka Nyakisisa za Mutomo, Milao ni Buino bwa Sicaba sa Bulozi (BNC) ne ka iketezi ku lumela ku lobiwa kwa Tumelelano ya Bulozi mi kacwalo, Tumelelano ya felisiwa ni ku tokwa kemelo ya Mulao ni kamuta. Fa halimu a zeo, Zambia ya latehelwa ki swanelo ya ku itusisa maata a yona fa halimu a Bulozi ka mafosisa, mi buino bwa Zambia mwa Bulozi bwa ba ka ndutata mi a bu lumelelwi ki Mulao ufi kamba ufi;

30. Mulao wa ba Licaba u landala ahulu fa Mulao wa li Tumelelano ka taba ye. Ku amana ni taba ye, ni ku ya ka kauhanyo ya bu mashumi a silezi, timana ya bulalu ya Buitamo bwa Vienna (Article 60 {3} of the Vienna Convention) ni Milao ya li Tumelelano, u talusa za tamo ya Mulao wa ba Licaba otwi, ‘ku loba kamba ku lwanisa litukiso za milelo ya Tumelelano, ze butokwa, ki mafosisa mi ki ku mbwanjingela Tumelelano, mi nto ye cwalo ifa ya foselizwe kamba ba ba foselizwe ku lumela bufosi bo ku ba yona libaka le li felisa silikani ni Tumelelano’;


31. Ni h’a Mutompehi Kaunda azwile fa lioma, ni misebezi ya hae, kuzwa ka 1991, ha ku si ka be kwa ba ni licinceho sakata ku amana ni buino bwa Bulozi ni Sicaba cwalo. Muuso wa Zambia uzwezipili ni makilikicani a ona a bubangoki, situhu ka ku nyandisa Sicaba sa Bulozi se si bata ku ipusa, ka lunya lwa noha;

32. Ka lizazi la bu Lishumi ka mazazi amane mwa kweli ya Sope (14th January), 2011 ili mwa Mungu, batu ba ba fita fa Lishumi ni ba ba supile ka ba babeli (19) ba timela; ba babeli (2) ku bona ba fumaneha ni mabonena a ku nyandisiwa ka situhu ki bo Sansimbi mwa Tolongo mi, ba ketalizoho (5) ha ba bonwi ni la kacenu le, haili ba Lishumi ka ba ketalizoho (15) ba fumaneha ni likolofalo ze ne tisizwe ki malumo a litobolo asamulaho a ku yabaliwa ki bo Sansimbi ba Muuso wa Zambia be ne ba tisize musunga sicaba inze sili fa Mukopano wa ku singanyeka za Naha ya bona  ya Bulozi ni ku ipusa, kusina mifilifili. Ka ku tokwa niti, Muuso wa Zambia wa biha kuli kubile ni lisinyehelo za batu ba babeli feela;

33. Ku bile ni batu ba ba fitelela mwanda bao ili bayemeli ba kauhano ya Bulozi ni Zambia be ne ba tomezwi milatu ya likoto za lifu mwa lilimonyana za kwa mulaho. Likatulo zeo ne li nze li hata-hatiwa ka nakonyana yeo batu bao ne ba beiwa mwa litolongo inze ba nyandisiwa habutuku mi ba sina hande pabalelo sakata. Kono, asamulahonyana, litaba za pahululwa kwa Likuta ki Muyemeli yo Muhulu wa Mulao mwa Zambia (Attorney General). Ha kuna taba ye cwalo ye kona ku lumelelwa ki Muyemeli wa Mulao, ya ziba sa eza, kuli ikone ku zekisezwa Mutu ka kuli, kwand’a Zambia ku tokwa feela maata fa halimu a Bulozi, ka mo ku fumanehelwa mwa ling’olo mo, ku iponahaza fo ku sweu mwa Mutomo wa Zambia kuli Sicaba sa Bulozi a si baliwi ku ba bayahi ba Naha Zambia. Ka cwalo, likatulo za lifu ki mashano ni ma ipato feela a ku lika ku kungulela kwa tuko ba lwaneli ba Tukuluho ya Bulozi ka likwelinyana ili ka mulelo wa ku ba sabisa. Ki maswabisa kuli ni bana ba likolo ba ba nyinyani ba ne ba fiwa likoto za lifu;

34. Ka kweli ya Mbuwana (August), 2013 batu ba Bulozi ba ne ba Fita fa mashumi a silezi ka a mabeli ni batu babane (84) ba tamwa ka milatu ya likoto za lifu ka nzila ye swana. Mi hal’a batu bao ne ku na ni ya n’a banga Ngambela (yo na ituluzi fa bu Ngambela) kwa mazazi a kwa mulaho (Prime Minister kamba Lord Chancelor –ka Muuso wa Bulozi wa swalelele, wa kacenu). Mi mwateng’i ne ku na ni Baeteleli ba likwata za Ndwa ya Tukuluho. Batu bao be ne ba zekiswa ne ba file Zambia kakwachi ka ku tatulula bu yahi bwa bona bwa Zambia. Ka ku pelelwa ku tatulula kakwaci kao Zambia ya ba lukulula asamulaho a likweli zetalu ni licika kuli ba yo hoha moya mi ne ba ka biziwa fo ne ba ka batahalela (Nolle Prosequi);

35.Ni ha lung’ola ling’olo le cwana, Mweteleli wa Muuso wa Bulozi wo lu yemela, ye na Mutompehi Afumba Mombotwa ni, bo Mutompehi Likando Pelekelo, Sylvester Nambao Kalima, Paul Masiye Masialeti ba mwa sitokisi ka milatu ye swana, ya ku bupa, yeo  likatulo za yona ki lifu. Ba bang’wi kubona ki b’o Mutompehi Mubita Waluka, Boris Muziba, Nayoto Mwenda ni Sikwibele Wasilota bao ba tamilwe ka milatu ye sa swalehi hande ili ku amana feela ni taba ya Bulozi ka mulelo wa ku sabisa ni ku nyandisa batu ba ba sina mulatu;

36. Mi, zeo kamukana ki lisupo za lunya lwa Muuso wa Zambia ka milelo ya ona ya ku hatelela Sicaba sa Bulozi seo si bata ku ipusa;

37. Ki nto ye zibahala kuli ku lubwa-lubwa kwa Tumelelano ya Bulozi ki Muuso wa Zambia ni ba Yemeli ba ona ki ze n’e tahisize kuli ba Bulozi ba paheke linongosi za bona kwa Katengo ka Linaha za Africa ka ka bona za Liswanelo za Butu ni Sicaba (African Commission for Human and People’s Rights) ze se fitile fa mayemo apahami. Ka ma niti Katengo kao ki ka ka swanela ku nyakisisa linongosi za mufuta wo ni ku li fweeka, ku ya ka pilaelo ya bao luyemela mwa taba mo;

38. Ka bumai, ha ku si ka utwahala kamba Muuso wa Zambia u fitisize bu ikalabelo kwa Katengo ka fa halimu a bupaki bo bu filwe ki Bulozi ni h’a Muuso wa Zmbia uzibahala ka ku itimeza mitala ni ku sa bonisa tokomelo ha ku ambolwa litaba za Bulozi zeo usina likalabo ku zona;

39. ‘Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi’ (BNC) ki kona ka ka pahami ka ka bupa Milao mwa Bulozi mi ne ka ungekile mukopanotuna la 26th ni la 27 Lyatamani, 2012 kwa Muleneng’i wa Limulumga mwa Mungu ka mulelo wa ku nyakisisa buino bwa bu kamuso bwa Naha ya Bulozi ka sa mulaho wa ku lubwa-lubwa kwa Tumelelano ya Bulozi ki Naha Zambia;

40. Katengo ka, ka kopana ka ku latelela mihato ya sizo sa Silozi ka kutala. Mi, kamita, Mukopano wa Katengo ka u si ka biziwa kale ku itangetanga Mikopano ya Minzi, Lilanda, Lilalo ni Likiliti ku nyakisisa ni ku bolosola litaba ze swana li si ka fitisiwa kale kwa Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi (BNC). Mukopano wo uputanga Sicaba se si zwa mwa libaka ze fapahana-fapahana mwa bu telele ni bupala bwa Bulozi ku to fitisa maikuto abona ka Litaba ze lukisizwe ku ambolwa. Mi, ona kwa mukopano wo, ne ku putehezi sicaba se si fitelela Likiti ze ketalizoho ka zetalu (80,000);

41. Mi, zetuna kwa Litumelelano ze ne hatisizwe ki ze tatama:-                                             a) Lu zibisa Naha Zambia ni ba Licaba kuli lu fitile fa ku lumela ku lubwa-lubwa ni ku felisiwa kwa  Tumelelano ya Bulozi ya 1964 ki Muuso wa Zambia kacwalo, Bulozi ki kale bu lukuluha, ha bu s’a li siemba sa Zambia;                                           
b) Ku ya ka Mulao wo lumelela Batu ku kutela ka mo ne ba inezi sapili (Post-liminium Doctrine), Bulozi ha bu sana buikalabelo kamba ku kuteka Tumelelano yeo lineku leling’wi li i luba-lubile ni ku ifelisa, ili nto ye bu kutiseza ka mo ne bu inezi sapili bu si ka kena kale mwa Tumelelano yeo;


c) Luna Sicaba sa Bulozi lu hatisa kuli Bulozi se bu li Naha ye lukuluhile ye lukela ku zwelapili ni puso ya yona ni ku bona za bu kamuso ni zwelopili ya bona sina sapili;   

d) Lu tumusa kauhano yaluna ni Muuso wa Zambia ka kozo sina mone ku bezi ha ne lu likile ku kopana ka ku ba Naha yeng’wi mwa Zambia;       

e) Muuso wa Zambia u ambuke ku zwelapili ni likezo za ona za busabisi, bu bangoki ni bunyandisi kwa batu ba Bulozi, ka nako ya cwale;

f) Muuso wa Bulozi ufitise nongosi ya ona kwa Muuso wa Zambia ili yetwi Muuso wa Zambia u lobile Tumelelano yeo mulelo wa yona ne li ku kopanya Linaha za bo Bulozi ni Zambia mwa bupala ni mwa bu telele mi, ni ku lemusa cwalo ni ba SADC, AU, Commonwealth ni Kopano ya ba Licaba (United Nations) ka buniti bo;

g) Batu ba Bulozi ba na ni ku itusisa Liswanelo za bona ku kutela ka mo ne ba inezi sapili ka ku ba Naha ye lukuluhile ni kuli ba talime za litaba za zwelopili ni bu kamuso bwa bona ni Naha ya bona amoho cwalo ni zwelopili ya sifumu;


42. Linongosi-tuna za bao lu yemela ki ze tatama:-

a) Tulelelano ya Bulozi ifelisizwe ka Mulao mi ha i sa na maata;

b) Tumelelano ya bu Bulozi ha i li siyo, Muuso wa Zambia ha una maata, ka Mulao, a ku zwelapili ku fumaneha mwa Bulozi;

c) Buino bwa Muuso wa Zambia mwa Bulozi ki ku loba Mulao mi bu lukela ku felisiwa;

d) Bulozi ki Naha ye lukuluhile ye kutezi ka mo ne inezi sapili ha ne ipusa ilukuluhile;

e) Nongosi ya Bulozi kwa Zambia i tahisizwe ki pilaelo ye bonisizwe mwa timana ya 41 (f) mi, kacwalo litemuso kwa Likopano za Licaba lizwelepili;

f) Muuso wa Zambia u ambuke ku nyandisa, ku lwanisa ni ku ketulula batu ba Bulozi; 

43. Luna ni bao lu yemela, lu mwa tibelelo ya tatululo ya Katengo ka Liswanelo za Butu ka Africa ka buniti bwa linongosi ze fitisizwe sina ha se lu bonisize kuli ku bile ni mihato ya ku paheka litongoko ze amana ni  ku sa kutekwa kwa Liswanelo za Butu mo ku fitiselizwe kwa Katengo ka Africa ka Liswanelo za Butu ni Batu;

44. Ni ha ku li cwalo, Katengo ka akana maata a ku fa taelo ya ku paleliswa ku zwelapili kwa mafosisa sina ao Kuta ye Tuna ya ba Licaba mo ibezi ni maata a ku kena mwa lingambolo za ku kona ku paleliswa ku zwelapili kwa bu bangoki, ka mo ku kupezwi ki bao luyemela, ku sa tibelwi lingambolo za Katengo;

45. Ka linongosi ze siyalezi ze amana ni butungi bwa ku bata ku lifiwa lisinyehelo zeo Naha ya Bulozi iswanela ku li fumana kuzwa kwa Naha ya Zambia, lu elelize bao lu yemela kuli Kuta ye Pahami ya ba Licaba ya Mulao ki yona ye swanela mo linongosi kamukana ze fitisizwe li kona ku tatululelwa teng’i. Bu ikalabelo kamukana bu fumanwa mwa Likatiso ze ne fitisizwe ki Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi (BNC). Kono maikuto akona a kuli lingambolo ze ne li kona feela ku tatekiwa ki Kopano ya ba Licaba, ni ha ikutekwa, a na buniti ni kemelo hande. Ki ze sikai lika ze kona ku tamwa ka kozo kwand’a Maata a Kuta ya Mulao ili ye kona ku eza li patisiso ze swanela. I ta ba za swalelele kamba ze inelezi- ku yemela mihato ifi kamba ifi;


46. Butungi bwa li kupo ze kupiwa kwa Kuta ye Pahami ya ba Licaba ya Mulao (ICJ) likona ku fumaneha asamulaho a ku tambekwa kwa butungi bwa bupaki bwa taba kwa Kuta. Mi yona pakanyo ya litaba zeo ki ona musebezi-tuna luna, ka ku ba Sikwata sa Mulao se si yemela Muuso wa Bulozi, lu talimani ni yona;

47. Ni ha kuli cwalo, ku butokwa ku lemusa Sicaba ka bukuswani mayemo ni likalulo za likupo zeo lu ta be lu li kupile kwa Kuta;

48. Likupo ze li ka ba mwa likalulo zene ili: Ka Taelo, Ka matata, Ka Sikwama ni Ka Swalelele kamba Putako sina cwalo:-

a) Kupo ya Taelo:

Kuta i ta kupiwa ku fa Taelo:-

(i) Kuli nto ye ne kopanya Bulozi ni Zambia ne li feela Tumelelano ya Bulozi ya 1964;

(ii) Kuli Tumelelano ise i tokwisizwe maata asamulaho a ku lubwa-lubiwa ki Muuso wa Zambia ili mafosisa ao Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi ne ka fitile fa ku amuhela ni ku felisiwa kwa yona;

(iii) Kuli Buino bwa Bulozi bu se bu kutezi kwa sapili ku si ka nyatelwa kale Tumelelano, mi Bulozi bu se bu lukuluhile ni ku ba Naha ye lukela ku ipusa ni ku talima za puso ya yona ka mo si batela Sicaba, Mulonga ni Muuso wa yona;

(iv) Kuli kuzwelapili kwa Muuso wa Zambia ku busa Bulozi ka ku itusisa maata a puso ya ona kamba ku fumaneha mwa Bulozi kamba sibaka sifi kamba sifi sa Bulozi ki mafosisa mi ki nto ye lukela ku felisiwa;

b) Ku Imululwa ka Matata:

Kuta i ta kupiwa ku fa sikuka sa nzila ni maata a kamaiso ya Naha ya Bulozi ni Maluko a Kamaiso ki Muuso wa Bulozi ni Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi ni ku zusiwa kwa maata a Muuso wa Zambia kuli ku fiwe kolo kwa kutambekana kwa puso ki Linaha ze peli ze, ka kozo;

c) Ku Imululwa ka Masheleng’i:-
Zambia i ka laelwa ku lifa Lisinyehelo kwa Bulozi:-

(i) Ka ku shimbulula Pulukelo ya Sikwama sa Bulozi (Barotseland Native Treasury) ka tifo ya Sikwama seo ka fo ne si fita ka nako yeo ne si shimbuluzwi, ni ng’ambekelo ku likana ka ling’ambekelo ze tomelwa bakoloti ba masheleng’i mwa Panga ya England ka mo licinceza ka nako kaufela kuzwa lizazi l’a shimbululwa kufitela lizazi l’a ka lifiwa;

(ii) Ka ku latehelwa ki Mitelo ya Mikoti ni Milafo ka Milao ye ne tomezwi ku amuha Bulozi maata fa halimu a Mikoti ni Milafo, ku ka belekiwa lipalo za litifo ni ku tomiwa ka mo ku swanehela;

(iii) Ka Lisinyehelo ze ne tisizwe ki Muuso wa Zambia ka ku palelwa ku neula lituso za masheleng’i kwa Naha ya Bulozi kamba ka ku sa tokomela hande Bulozi ka mo ku swanehela a ku bapanyiwa ni libaka zeng’wi za Zambia, ku ka belekiwa lipalo za litifo ni ku tomiwa ka mo ku swanehela;

(iv) Ka ku lwanisa ni ku mbwanjingela Liswanelo za Butu kwa bayahi ba Naha ya Bulozi, ku ka belekiwa lipalo za litifo ni ku tomiwa ka mo ku swanehela;

d) Ku Imulilwa ka Swalelele kamba ka Putako:-
Kimululo ye ye ka kupiwa ku eziwa ka putako- muzeko u si ka tateka kale kamba ka sa mulaho- i ka itinga ka butokwa mi i ka ba ya ku hanisa Zambia ku ketulula kamba ku paleliswa mutu kamukana ya fumanwa mwa Bulozi kamba kwande ku zusezapili Naha ya Bulozi, ka mukwa ufi kamba ufi isi ka kozo. Ku ka be ku lukisizwe hape ni litukiso zetwi Sikwata sa Bayemeli ba Mulao ba si sike sa talimana ni butata ha si itusisa linzila ka ku kena mwa Zambia ni mwa Bulozi cwalo ni ha sizwa, ka misebezi ya sona ku amana ni ku bakanyiwa kwa bupaki mwa muzeko o kulubelwa;


49. Naha ya United Kingdom, ka ku ba yeng’wi ya Linaha ze ne nyatezi Tumelelano ya Bulozi ya 1964 mane ni ka kuba yona yene tahisize yona Tumelelano yeo, katiso ya yona ya ling’lo le ifiwa kwa Muuso wa Mulena wa England (Her Majesty’s Government). Ku butokwa kuli ni yona ikopanyiwe kwa muzeko wo opahekilwe kwa Kuta ye Pahami ya ba Licaba (ICJ) ni ha ku sina kimululo ye kupiwa ku yona Naha ya United Kingdom kwand’a bupaki feela.


50. Mutompehi, lu lemuha kuli ki ona usaz’o ketelwa mwa Ofisi ye Pahami ya Naha mi lusepa ni ku lumela kuli a u lukeli ku nyaziwa ka puzo ya Naha ya Bulozi ni butata bwa yona bwa kaceku. Bumai ki ku ketiwa ku ba Mweteleli wa Naha Zambia ka nako ye fosahalile mi, kacwalo, ki wena feela ya lukela ku tambula ling’lo le;

51. Mulelo wa ling’olo le, sapili ki ku fitisa likute ku wena Mutompehi amoho cwalo ni ku Muyemeli wa hao yo Muhulu wa Milao mwa Naha ya henu ka ku mi lemusa za muzeko o mi shiyamezi. Sa bu beli, ki temuso ya Muzeko ka ku zibisa maluko a bonisizwe mwa ling’olo mo;
Ikaswana ya ba kuli mubulelelo wa Likatiso ze ne fitisizwe ki Katengo ka Mulonga wa Bulozi ni buhali bwa yona lifa kolo ye nyinyani ya zwelopili ya lingambolo kwa lineku la Bulozi ku ya ka mu inelo wo, kono, luna lwa zwelapili ku bakanya butungi bwa litaba ze amana ni muzeko wo lu ukambeka kwa Kuta ye Pahami ya ba Licaba ya Mulao ya ICJ, ili nto ye k’anga nakonyana. Kono lu ka be lunze lu kwaluzi mazebe ni meeto aluna ka tibelelo ya kuli Mwendi, kamuteshumi, ku ka be kubile ni se si kona kuzwa kwa lineku la Zambia;

52. Lu tamehile ku fitisa maswabi aluna ka buniti bo butwi, ‘bao kamukana ne ba li Baeteleli ba Naha, usi ka ketiwa kale, ne ba nze ba isa bao ne ba likanga ku yemela yona taba ye mwa nakuwana, ka linzila ze sa swalehi hande. Ha lu sa fosi, kaufela bona ne ili bayahi ba Naha Zambia be ne ba fumaneha mwa Naha Zambia. Mi, ka cwalo bao luyemela ba boni butokwa bwa kuya buse bwa Miseto. Ka ku ba Sikwata se sinca se si yemela Muuso wa Bulozi lu ba Butswana kamba ba Britain mi, lu fa bao luyemela likuta mwa taba mo. Mi lu ka tabela ku ikamaela ka kozo kusina butata ni bo bu kana a lu kena kamba kuzwa mwa Bulozi kamba Zambia lunze lu peta musebezi wa luna;

53. Lu feza ka ku sepisa ku ku fa likuta leli ku swanela ni Ofisi ya hao ye pahami.
Ki lu na ka busepahali,

Moabi Madandume,Muelezi wa Mulao/Muuso wa Bulozi
Madandume Attorneys
     *Temuso ye ha i yo mwa Ling’olo la ba yemeli*

(A lu swalisaneng’i kwa ku neula pene ye tokwahala kwa Bayemeli ba ba bata ku lu lukulula mwa bukoba!)

M. C. Muyunda
Mubakweli wa Mung’oli wa Liluko la ba Banca ni Lipapali

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