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In John 18:37-38 of the Christian Holy scripture we find the following;

"37 Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered; Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

“38 Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all."

In other ways (as to John 18:37 - Holy Bible) the reason I was born and came into Barotseland is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.

What is truth? Pilate (Zambia) asks in verse 38.

Truth is that Zambia was built on the foundation of deceit and lies. Truth is that the Bible teaches us that "Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight." - Proverbs 12:22 (Holy Bible)

However, from Mr. Kenneth Kaunda to late Mr. Michael Sata of Zambia, they all lied over the matter of Barotseland. All successive Zambian regimes of Kenneth Kaunda, Fredrick Chiluba, Rupiah Banda and Michael Sata, all arrested the people of Barotseland in connection with the Barotseland issue. It was during Chiluba's tenure of office that the prominent Lozi lawyer Richard Ngenda was assassinated. When Banda's government came to power, security men and women traveled over to Barotseland aiming to kill Barotzish in Mongu in 2011, because they simply wanted to hold a meeting. Unarmed Barotzish citizens were slain. Like Rupiah Banda before him, Mr. Sata ordered his security men to go and kill Barotzish,

“if they say fa, you fire. If they say eni sha, just fire." Sata ordered.

The blood of our brethren slain by Zambia because of Barotseland matters is crying loudly in the yonder shore;

"Vengeance, vengeance, vengeance! How long sovereign Lord will it takes for you to Judge Zambia, and avenge our blood?"

Zambia beguiled Barotseland like a snake in the garden of Eden; visa avis the snake said, "you will not surely die." Similarly Mr Kaunda said, “I assure you Sir Mwanawina III that my Government will not interfere with the internal affairs of Barotseland." Question, was this true? No!

To claim that Barotseland and Zambia merged is a blue lie as no Lawyer, Magistrate or Judge can assert that Barotseland at one time surrendered her sovereignty to Zambia, except a liar.

Zambia will never be able to tell the truth; they are addicted to lies; morning lies, afternoon lies, evening lies. Barotzish entered into a treaty with hypocritical liars whose conscience has been seared as with hot iron. (1 Timothy 4:2 - Holy Bible)

No lawyer, Magistrate or Judge can claim that the revoked Agreement is binding unless he relies on his opinion, and not Law. After arresting grade 7 pupils in Kalabo, among others in 2013 and charged them with treason, Zambia denied having arrested anybody from Kalabo in their Parliament. Liars!

The devil is a murderer from the beginning and does not abide in truth. So is Zambia when she lies. (John 8:44-45 of the Holy Bible). No pastor or preacher can commend or bless liars, unless he is wicked.

Mr. Sata Michael announced publicly at blue gums field in Mongu that, "Linyungandambo are good people, let everybody join them." Hypocritical Police officers were there. This being so, the question is; can any sensible person (police) arrest good people?

By arresting, incarcerating and killing the Barotzish; Zambia thinks they can bury TRUTH, thereby continue to claim and occupy our territory, Barotseland. Those who were maimed, tortured and incarcerated will continue cursing Zambia as long as sunshine, moon and season's exist. May be Dr. Ludwig Sondashi and Dr. Nevers Mumba who are truthful and honest can teach the rest of Zambians on this matter.

Finally, may all the hypocrites note the following:

(i) A fortune made by lying tongue is a fleeting Vapour and a deadly snare viz Proverbs 21:6 (Holy Bible)

(ii) A lying tongue hates those it hurts and a flattering mouth works ruins viz Proverbs 21:28 (Holy Bible)

(iii) These are the things you are to do, "speak the truth to each other and render true sound judgments in your courts. Zechariah 8:16 (Holy Bible)

The truth is that there is no BAROTSELAND IN ZAMBIA BUT IN AFRICA.

Afumba Mombotwa
Administrator General
Royal Barotseland Kingdom

Induna Kalonga, who is a former acting Ngambela of Barotseland, Mr. Siisi Godfrey Lifuna has died.

Mr. Siisi died on Thursday night of 9th April, 2015 at around 22:00 hrs from undisclosed cause.

Mwembeshi maximum state prison. The  Easter holiday culminated into a visit to our incarcerated Barotseland leaders of the Provisional Royal Barotseland government, Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, Hon. Pelekelo, Hon. Paul  Masiyaleti and Hon. Kalima,  at  Zambia’s Mwembeshi state prison on the 6th April, 2015. The four leaders of have been in Zambian prison custody for five  months now, since December 5th 2014, without trial, a move against the rule of Justice, and  Amnesty International Zambia, including all the Human Rights watchdogs operating in Zambia seeing nothing wrong with this, even though  they are very much aware of it. Their crime? A Trumped up charge of treason felony punishable by death under Zambian laws for "attempting" to secede Zambia's "western province" to form an independent state of Barotseland. Barotseland unanimously declared independence in March 2012 from Zambia after the latter repeatedly refused to restore the pre-independence agreement of 1964 that guaranteed Barotseland's autonomy within the newly independent state of Zambia. The Barotseland Agreement 1964 was repudiated and unilaterally abrogated in 1969. In spite of repeated calls to have the agreement restored over the last five decades, Zambia blatantly refused, resulting in Barotseland to "Accepting" the abrogation, hence freeing her from performing any subsisting terms of the defunct treaty.

In the company of Mrs. Mombotwa, Barotse citizens from within Zambia, Barotseland and abroad visited our incarcerated leaders at Mwembeshi state prison.  It was one solemn occasion that united us all with the real 'heart' of the matter of the injustice being perpetuated by the Zambian government towards our people who stand for the truth to prevail in the Barotseland impasse. Nevertheless, it was gratifying to find them in good spirit, and they did not spare any thanks to all those helping them spiritually and materially. May the Lord God continue protecting them as we continue in our independence struggle?

This reporter and others were privileged to be in the presence of the Barotseland Administrator General, learning from his wisdom as he shared his passion and vision for Barotseland.  The Barotseland administrator went on to console the people of Barotseland saying; “the extension of political rights and freedoms, and peaceful turnovers of the people of Barotseland should not be taken as action of political cowardice, but action based on the understanding of diplomacy and peace.” He further accused that the Zambian government had become disillusioned with the gripping of political power over Barotseland, despite the several requests to vacate the political seized territory peacefully.

Honorable Afumba continued his discourse by saying that the Barotseland issue is unique and that it could not be liked to any other because it really has no precedence to refer to. Therefore, "the people of Barotseland feel betrayed, insulted, and disrespected, stemming from Zambia’s failure to uphold and respect the principle of Justice."

“In other development,” he further said, “political sting motivates and propels collective action, and provides a basis for future claims for social justice, as Zambia's critics of Barotseland's independence just expose their failure to analyze the political realm - in particular, problems of political accountability."

The right honorable Mombotwa went on to refer to the speech of Nelson Mandela of April 20, 1964, and I quote,

“During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”  End quote.

He further, emphasized the need to remain focused, resolute, resolved and never to lose sight of our vision. He mentioned that where there was no vision people perished. “The underlying factor,” he said was to “extend and strengthen the ties among the provisional leadership, the Monarch and all the people of Barotseland in order  to cultivate and consolidate the much needed mindset change.”

Report  by Saleya Kwalombota

The world and Africa must face facts, and know that Mr. Kenneth Kaunda is not, and will never be a founding father to Barotseland; the man does not even qualify to be an elderly statesman to Barotseland.

If so, we wish to challenge all the scholars of the world to provide us with answers to the following questions:

i)    Where was Mr. Kaunda’s father when King Mulambwa refused slave traders from buying people in Barotseland, but dogs?

ii)    Where was Kaunda’s father when Doctor Emil Holub from Czech came to Barotseland in 1873?

iii)    Where was Kaunda’s father when King Lewanika negotiated and signed a treaty with Britain?

iv)    Does Mr. Kaunda know the resting places of our fore-fathers?

v)    Does he know where the tombs of our Kings are?

vi)    The game proclamation of 1905 provide a class where Mr. Kaunda’s father could belong?

Mr. Kenneth Kaunda who was born in 1924, (only yesterday) has no room or space in Barotseland History, apart from being a deceiver and author of confusion in Barotseland. “The Litunga shall lose his authority”; declared Kaunda in 1969. Mr. Kaunda created his own chiefs and artificial Kings in Barotseland. Nobody can teach us to forget our history and compel us to adopt history of aliens.

Before 1870, there was no nation called Italy, but small states under the control of Austria. One state emerged as a victor and a Nation of Italy came into being. But for the Barotse Nation was ever there. When King Victor Emanuel of Italy arbitrated at the border dispute of the Portuguese West Africa and Barotseland in 1905, Mr. Kaunda’s birth had not entered into a dream.

Mr. Kaunda signed an agreement with King of Barotseland, and before the ink of his signature had dried up, he abrogated that agreement.

It is Kaunda who declared: “we cannot have a Nation within a Nation” referring to Barotseland.

Are the acts of Mr. Kaunda, acts of the founding father to Barotseland? Certainly not! They are deeds of a destroyer. By the fore-going, it must be clear that to claim that Kaunda is a founding father to our nation is a lie!!!

Only a wicked person listens to deceitful lips; and only a liar pays attention to destructive tongues. Therefore, be aware that Zambia wants to wrap all the Barotzish Nation into a blanket.

Afumba Mombotwa,
Barotseland Administrator General & LINYUNGANDAMBO chairman

The Barotse people are much more than a national State. We are a nation with a population of 5.6 million, having all essential qualities of a nation state. We have our own history, our own language, our own culture, our own land of settlement and our own economic system of life. By nature the Barotzish are quiet, unassuming and peace living people, who uphold the high moral qualities of honesty, purity, brotherly love, co-operative living and loyalty, and are devout in their traditional beliefs.

We strongly believe in the Charter of the United Nations, its Declarations on Human rights, the principle of Self determination and the Democratic Rights of Peoples, which are all causes we are fighting for as well as struggle for survival against national oppression, subjugation, exploitation and domination of the Barotse people by the Zambian rulers. In our march towards our objectives, we shall uphold the principle laid down by the United Nations, its Declarations on Human rights, the principle of Self-Determination and the Democratic Rights of Peoples - all causes for which we are fighting. The fight may be long, hard, and cruel, but we are prepared for all eventualities. To die fighting is better than to live as a subservient citizen of Zambia. But we firmly believe that we shall triumph and be victorious, for our cause is just and righteous, and surely the tyrannical Zambian regime must one day fall.

To us, the independence Zambia gained in 1964 is but domination over Barotseland, the former British protectorate, because Zambia became a quasi protector who, unfortunately, turned out different from the British in that Zambia is treacherous and untrustworthy. It is why Zambia failed to uphold the Barotseland Agreement 1964 treaty that was meant to unite the two former British protectorate territories. We are, therefore, endeavoring to gain a genuine liberty, against the Zambian wishes, on the basis of Liberty, Equality, Self-determination and Social Progress. We desire to live in an independent Barotseland in which the people of Barotseland will be in control of their own resources, and a Barotseland that will be governed in accordance with the wishes of the people of Barotseland, and live peacefully in the eyes of Africa and the world. All the people in Barotseland shall be given democratic, political, economical, social and cultural rights.

The economic policy of the independent Barotseland will be designed and tailored to suit the challenges of the 21st century, and will fully recognize and encourage private ownership and welcome foreign investment in accordance with the National investment policy Act.

To the British Government and the British people, we ask you to stand for justice as we demand for independent Barotseland State. The spirit of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 (BA’64) was not “to throw in our lot with Zambia”. We deeply regretted having had negotiated and signed the BA’64 with Northern Rhodesia now Zambia because of what it has turned Barotseland into today. It was a gesture grossly detrimental to our right of self-determination which has been abused to only condemn us to further oppression.

It is extremely difficult for a republic state (Zambia) and the monarchical nation of Barotseland to co-exist because the two nations have diametrically opposite views, outlooks, attitudes, culture, transition and mentalities, to yoke together. However, differences in nature and mentality are not the main reason for our refusal to throw in our lot with the Zambians, but the betrayal of signing the Agreement and later after Zambia has achieved her independence, only to abrogate it with impunity, leaving us as second class citizens of Zambia.

There are other more important reasons for sticking to our demand for our own state:

1. We are concerned that the tactics of annihilation, absorption and assimilation, which have been practiced by the Zambian government, will be continued as long as the fantasy world of BA’64 lingers within the Zambian power.

2. We are concerned about the post independence abrogating of the BA’64, the agreement that brought the independence of Northern Rhodesia and made Barotseland an integral part of independent Northern Rhodesia (Zambia).

The bitter experiences of the Barotse people throughout our forced assimilation with Zambia has taught us one lesson, that as a nation, unless we control a state of our own, we will never experience a life of peace and decency, free from oppression. The Barotse people will, therefore, not despair but continue to fight for an independent Barotseland diplomatically and peacefully without use of aggressive Acts, but peaceful protests to effect the change and expose the Zambian lies that will show the whole World that the integrity of Zambia is questionable, hence the Barotse people’s desire for a Barotseland state.
We will not relent until Barotseland gains independence and recognized as a 55th African State.

Tukongote Litunga Ni lyetu

A secrete operation under Zambia’s Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to destabilize Barotseland and infiltrate the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has been uncovered after a confidential report on the progress of what is termed ‘BRE 11’ assignment emerged. The confidential report, which was written by a Mr. Nachimwenda Edson of the Provincial Chiefs and Traditional Affairs office for Zambia’s western Province in Mongu and directed to provincial permanent secretary, Mr. Augustin Seyuba, details the 80% progress made on penetrating the BRE, and on some Lozi officers serving the Zambian government.

“I write to report that my assignment (BRE 11) is 80% complete on BRE and on some Lozi officers that include your deputy and mine who are still crazy about the by-gone powers of the BRE and their Litunga. Sir, my partial report is hereby attached to this minute as you directed in the last briefing.” Opened the confidential report.

“In addition, Sir Lozis are one of the most disorganized tribe/ group. In this line, I wish to mention and assure you Sir that I still have strong ties with some of the senior Indunas in Limulunga who are close to Litunga and influential, you know them Sir. This Sir, is despite the fact that the Lukulu Chief, who is the Litunga’s young brother, seems to no longer trust me.

“As for the Lozi officers, they are not a big issue, because most of them are under our control; your deputy is retired and still trust me; and my deputy Sir, is not an issue, the Nkoya of Lukena and Mbunda of Chiyengele/ Chi eke have done justice to my work and made it easier, after the elections, he will be out of the province. I will present a complete report of this one soon.” Concludes the report’s opening remarks.

The report further gives credit to the Nkoya of Lukena and Mbunda of Chiyengele/ Chi eke for having done justice to the named assignment, making it easier, with a promise to present the complete report as soon as possible.

For some time now, most Lozi nationalists have accused the Zambian government of using divide and rule tactics to divide Barotseland so that the independence voice will not be tenable. Although the major strategy has been to use tribe and ethnicity, especially among the Nkoya and Mbunda people of Barotseland, infiltrating and dividing the BRE seems to have been another strategy so that Barotseland would end up divided, and some how Mr. Nachimwenda Edson seems to have come to that logical conclusion when he proudly alleged in his report that “Lozis are one of the most disorganized tribe/ group”, with a strange sense of victory.

Mr. Nachimwenda is one of the people who are being used to fuel the Chiyengele and Mutondo conflict, and also is tasked to penetrate the BRE. Could this be a challenge to the people of Barotseland that united they will stand while divided they will fall?

The confidential report given to this publication from highly placed sources can be found here:

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