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A Zambian Non Governmental Organisation championing the enactment of a new constitution, Grand Coalition for A people - Driven Constitution for Zambia, has said that the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 should be subjected to a national referendum.

Grand Coalition Chairperson Father Leonard Chiti told a media briefing Friday morning in Lusaka that the Zambian government has not mentioned the contentious issues that will be taken to parliament.

Father Chiti, however, said his organisation would want to believe that the government will subject the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 to a national referendum.

He said the recognition of the Barotseland Agreement was a contentious issue which must be handled through a referendum.

Zambia  abrogated the treaty and  for four decades refused to recognise the 1964 treaty which attempted to join the Barotseland nation and Northern Rhodesia to form the unitary state of Zambia.

Barotseland resolved to accept the abrogation and reverted to the pre-October 1964 status on 27th March 2012 but the Zambian government and Civil Society Organisations have continued to ignore the current position. Such proposition, however, would beat all logic as the mere demographics of Zambia would not make sense. The population of Barotseland is less than 10% of Zambia's total population.

The people of Barotseland know that, technically, the Zambian government stripped itself of any legal mandate to administer Barotseland and its associated territories the moment they made legal amendments to their national constitution that abrogated the Barotseland Agreement of 1964. As such Zambia cannot prescribe a referendum for Barotseland.


The recent happenings at the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Kuta cannot go without comment. However, what has emerged out of these recent agitations to have the entire Kuta dismissed, although camouflaged as an attempt to purge the BRE system of some ‘corrupt’ indunas, is in reality an attempt by some desperate individuals who wish to impose on the kuta individuals who will implement their proposed structures of governance. A couple of months ago, the same individuals wished to force the Kuta to hold a Barotse National Council at which conference they wished to flout their retrogressive ideas which would endorse them and their clique’ at the whelm of leadership of our independence struggle, so that they would then steer its direction whichever way they desired, especially back to the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 or Total Monarch type of government with little or no support of the common masses. Thankfully, the BRE Kuta saw into their conniving maneuvers and rejected their self conceited proposals.

It is, therefore, with great dismay to learn that a section of so called ‘Activists’ can actually behave in the manner that they have done. As such we, the National Executive Committee of Linyungandambo condemn in the strongest terms the behavior portrayed by one Mwanamuchembele, Hon. Wanga, their clique and hired activists of attempting to bring the Kuta into public disrepute. This confusion is highly unnecessary and is only succeeding at misdirecting our nation into unnecessary squabbles.

Attempting to dislodge the Kuta, on account that the Kuta has not accepted one’s proposal represents the highest level of desperation. The Kuta should not be forced to support any ideas, but rather must be convinced by the merit of any proposition. Dismissing the Kuta does not solve the problem, especially when the personalities involved in the process are of questionable motives. The Kuta was installed by the Litunga and it is His Majesty’s prerogative to use intelligence reports at his disposal to deal with allegations leveled against any of his Indunas.

While we agree that our BRE structures may need ridding of ‘bad’ elements, the manner in which we do this will also determine our outcomes. For us in the Linyungandambo, we have always held the view that the BRE must be reformed to match the democratic aspirations of our people today. However, dismissing one set of indunas only to replace them with another will simply not do in this modern era, but rather a complete reform of the entire governance structure.

Yes! We, perhaps more than anyone else understand that some Indunas have a very questionable reputation towards the independence of Barotseland. We know and remember, for instance, that it was an Induna who tipped the Zambia police about the presence of Hon. Afumba at Mwandi Palace which led to his arrest and that of the other transitional government leaders! However, this is no passport for any individual to freely insult and use abusive language to the elderly statesmen respected in the Kingdom. The prerogative of dismissing the Indunas solely remains in the Litungaship. His Majesty the Litunga is at liberty to scrutinize proposals and allegations, but never should anyone seek to impose or suggest his course of action over his Kuta, especially never through civil discord! The activists’ actions should end at what has already been done; ie; petitioning respectfully, and then allow the Litungaship to take over the case to its logical conclusion.

Linyungandambo, therefore, is not involved in this illegal activity propagated by the enemy to be fulfilled by the so-called Malozi activists, just like what happened in 1964. We are strongly convinced that Zambia is, once again, at the centre of all this latest confusion in Barotseland, through the surrogacy of their partners in BNFA, so that they find reason to hold the Litunga to ransom. We also know that their real target is the Litunga. We, therefore, wish to call upon all our members in Linyungandambo and all well meaning Barotse nationals to stay away from engaging themselves in these demeaning activities, meant to derail us from achieving our real goal of self-governance.

We in the Linyungandambo have proposed already, and we know it is the wish of many of our people evidenced by the over 20000 signatures that endorsed the Barotseland emancipation order of 2012, that the new and independent Barotseland will be structured on the model of a DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY, a system which is not only close to ours, but has also worked very well for many progressive countries of the world such as Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Netherlands and many others. We are already on course, and others such as the BNFA intend to only duplicate and pervert what has already been done. The BNFA refused to work with us on the basis that they would seek to liberate Barotseland differently. The question we may ask now is why they keep repeating what we have already done. If they are going to do the same thing that we have done, why then did they refuse to work with and be part of the already set up transitional government in the first place?

We love and cherish our monarchy and traditions, and we must promote and protect them at all times. We must not act like the Winas, when they flogged our parents on account that they, in their wisdom, refused to buy into the Winas’ fiendish idea of joining Barotseland to Northern Rhodesia. And the results are what Barotseland is currently grappling with! This is the same old story that is manifesting today. Mwanamuchembele is actually fighting against our efforts as a nation to achieve the dream of self-rule, and we doubt whether his boss Hon. Milupi has approved his actions, and we still suspect that he is being used by the enemy to delay and derail the process of our independence. The problem is not with the Indunas, but it is with the personality spearheading the move against them. They still believe that Barotseland cannot survive when it stands alone, when we have plenty of brains around! Why should the BNFA force the Indunas to buy into their proposal? And if anything, most of the Indunas were previously sympathizers of the BNFA, including late Induna Kalonga. We know how the same Kalonga blocked the lawyers currently representing the nation of Barotseland in the International Court of Justice where we are suing Zambia for illegal occupation. Although we knew that he personally inhibited our lawyers from doing their work in Barotseland, we however, did not advance the kind of character the BNFA are manifesting today.

If the BNFA have the strength to fight, why don’t they fight Zambia who is the real enemy? Zambia is arresting them, killing them, maiming and causing a lot of harm on their bodies, including us. Indunas, like everyone else in Barotseland, are also captives of Zambia. We must not fight each other, but must direct our efforts to fighting Zambia instead. Zambia is our real problem.

We are also still aware that, some so-called Barotseland Activists are benefiting and are making a lot of monies from the enemy, so that they cause confusion and stop the independence dream that everyone is pursuing and craving for.

We, therefore, wish to request the BNFA to revisit their ideas and strategies, and stop what they are intending to do. The Kuta is headed by our parents! A parent is a parent, whether rich, poor or foolish, they still remain as parents, and we must protect them, love them, understand them and value them as such.

Tokongote wa mwana nongolo!

Dr. Matengu Situmbeko,
Linyungandambo, National Executive Committee

8th May 2015



The Executive Committee of the Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) wishes to pronounce itself on the matter of the Petition delivered to Namuso wherein the petitioners are demanding dissolution of the Sikalo Kuta following revelations of treacherous conduct by some senior indunas. The revelations are contained in a letter by the Provincial Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Officer, Mr. Nachimwenda, addressed to the Permanent Secretary. The BNFA is appalled by the developments that have ensued since delivery of the Petition wherein some indunas have engaged in a public exchange of unpalatable language with one of the petitioners, Mwanamucembele Mulele, in the public media. To this end the BNFA wishes to publicize its position on this matter as follows:-


While it is acknowledged that Indunas are installed into office by the Litunga, it is also an undisputable fact that they are appointed to serve the people of Barotseland. Accordingly, it follows that their continued stay into office is dependant on their ability to execute their duties to the peoples' expectations and satisfaction. Where the people are dissatisfied with the performance of a public officer they do not only have the right to demand removal of that person but can proceed to withdrawal their recognition of the said person as holder of the particular office. Under such circumstances, it is incumbent upon the affected person to respond to the popular demand by either defending themselves against the charges and prove their innocence or step aside to allow competent authorities to determine their fate. The BNFA finds it undignified for an induna to engage into bitter exchange of words in the media with an ordinary member of society.


The BNFA finds it unfitting for an Induna facing public disapproval to seek refuge behind the position of the Litunga as this amounts to inciting those who are against the said induna to direct their wrath against the Litunga. The people of Barotseland refer to the Litunga as ‘Ngocana', signifying the protection that he enjoys from the ravages of public life. Indunas, as appointed servants of the Litunga, are responsible for their actions as perceived by the people and directly answerable for the effects of their actions. Therefore, it is irresponsible for the indunas to run away from accounting for their omissions or commissions in respect of the accusations arising from Mr. Nachimwenda's letter in which the people of Barotseland in general, and the Litunga in particular, are ridiculed. The contents of Mr. Nachimwenda's letter remain unchallenged or addressed by the Kuta, and this is the issue of contention which should not be trivialized by reducing it to a public quarrel between indunas and the people who have risen to call them to account.

In view of the foregoing, the BNFA position is that the Indunas have the primary responsibility to protect the Litungaship from public ridicule by not drawing this revered office into this debate.


The challenge facing Barotseland currently, which should be the mainstay of every leader of the Barotse people at any level, is the implementation the Resolutions of the Barotse National Council of 27th March 2012.

The Kuta's current problems emanate from its failure to chart an effective and transparent program in actualizing the peoples' aspirations as defined in the ‘ BNC Resolutions 2012'. The BNFA has, since inception, designed programs aimed at aiding the Kuta to implement the said resolutions but has, in some cases, faced constraints in implementing them due to dragging of feet by the Kuta. Key of these issues are:

i. Petition to the African Commission for Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR): Under this initiative the office of the Ngambela has sued the Government of Zambia and seeks a declaration by ACHPR that the said government has no authority to administer Barotseland in the light of termination of the Barotseland Agreement 1964. While the matter is poised to advance, the current status of the Kuta does not inspire confidence towards fruitful execution of the petition.

ii. Establishment of the Barotseland Transition Authority (BTA): In view of lack of progress in implementing resolution 8 of the 27th March 2012 BNC, calling for the election of the Katengo Legislative Council, the BNFA made proposals to the Kuta for formation of the BTA as implementation body of that resolution, and the proposal was submitted in September 2014. While the proposal has not been rejected by the Kuta the effective step for its implementation, being a joint meeting of all district kutas and the political organizations in Barotseland, has not been convened.

The Kuta's inertia in implementing the peoples' resolutions shall continue to be a source of dissatisfaction and friction with the people. More importantly, perceptions of being comprised by the Government of Zambia will be rife where popular demands receive little or no attention. To this effect, a reorganization of the Kuta is imperative.


Mutungulu Wanga
Deputy Chairman-General
Strategy and Diaspora Liaison

Barotseland existed as a Nation prior to the advent of whites and it will continue to exist as a Nation as long as mankind has breath.

No amount of falsehood, imagination or hatred can exterminate the Nation of Barotseland and across the face of the globe.

Judges may pervert justice, politicians may manufacture lies and slogans; and policemen can be wicked, brutal and conspire to hunt down, persecute, incarcerate and kill people; but these shall never suppress the truth.

There is no time in history when the Barotzish convened a meeting to surrender their territory or cede it to any.

No time when the Barotse King and people surrendered their Sovereignty to any state!!

No time when the Barotzish declared that their country will cease to be called Barotseland. Just as the Israelites who lived in Egypt for 430 years could not become Egyptian, so can't the Barotse Nationals who lived side by side with Zambians cease to be Barotzish.

Those with no respect for human dignity are the ones who trivialize the 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) resolutions. Nonetheless, No matter how much one argues, there is no Barotseland in Zambia; just as there is no Zambia in Barotseland. The only thing the two had in common was an ‘agreement’ which is now void.

The agreement between a man and a woman to enter into matrimonial life does not change the nature of man, to be a woman and woman to be a man. Should one be dishonest, unfaithful, insincere, and no understanding between the two, the marriage breaks.

As it was the case with Bangladesh and Pakistan so it is with Barotseland and Zambia:

There is no union between the two. Only yokels see things otherwise.

Mr. Kaunda declared "we cannot have a Nation within a Nation," in his press conference in 1966, in reference to Barotseland.

Any reasonable person will realize that Mr. Kaunda acknowledged Barotseland as a Nation, except that he did not want it, he hated it.

Certainly, Prime Minister Kaunda, deluded, deceived and circumvented the Barotse King (Mwanawina) into singing the treaty, with intent to obliterate Barotseland.
Surely; can a Nation cease to exist by simply by decree?? If Zambia was a Christian Country by proclamation as claimed she should have known what is written in the Bible viz "The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy" Proverbs 12:22

Unfortunately the Zambian society praises and adores liars, and can never accept truth. As for us we cannot but speak the truth to shame the devil: even if it costs our lives.

Barotseland is a Nation where Zambia is a cosmopolitan state!!

N.B It is impossible to make history come to a standstill as long as people and the world continue to exist. The future of our Nation (Barotseland) is in our hands.

Afumba Mombotwa
Administrator General
Government of Barotseland

Mwembeshi State Prison

Zambia professes Christianity by the preamble of her constitution. Christian standards are such that:-

(I) Nobody must deceive; but Mr. Kenneth Kaunda deceived the Litunga Mwanawina III and the entire people of Barotseland that he would hounor the Barotseland Agreement 1964.

(II) None must tell lies, but Mr. Michael Sata lied at Blue Gum Mongu in 2011 when he publicly told the Barotse people that he would restore the Barotseland Agreement 1964 (which Kenneth Kaunda unilaterally abrogated in 1969) within 90 days of his presidency.

(III)  Do not kill, but Zambia police killed the Barotzish in 2011 when they desired to gather, peacefully, to determine their own country's future.

Do not accuse anyone for no reason when they have done you no harm cf Proverbs 3:30

Because the Barotzish detest lies, according to Zambia, they deserve to be persecuted and this is a Zambia National Agenda. However, there is no law in the whole world that allows people to cheat, lie or deceive; it is the wicked spirit in them that makes people lie.

Further Reference can be made to the Bible as follows:

Leviticus 19:12 "Do not deceive one another"

Leviticus 19:15 “Do not pervert justice"

Proverbs 12:22 "The Lord hates lying lips but delights in people who are trustworthy"

Deuteronomy 27:17 "Cursed is anyone who moves their neighbour's boundary stone"

Deuteronomy 27:19 "Cursed is anyone who withholds justice"

Deuteronomy 27:24 "Cursed is anyone who accepts a bribe to kill the innocent person"

N.B. Mr. Edgar Lungu, the current President said while in Ethiopia; "the matter of Barotseland must be permanently solved."

Doubtless Zambia is under a curse; really the Lord can forgive; nonetheless, the precondition for forgiveness is repentance. What is indisputable is that Zambia has never repented for her sins; she still continues to incarcerate and torture Barotse people.

From the foregoing, it is quite evident that Zambia will remain under a curse until she repents. It only requires spiritual eye to see these facts and act accordingly.

20th April, 2015


By Dr. Matengu Situmbeko
Acting Administrator General
Royal Barotseland Government


I stand here today with joy looking at the progress we have made as a nation towards achieving our goal of self-rule. We have carefully taken firm steps that will reward the nation eternal happiness that we have missed for a long time, and we have also been strengthened by the consultations that we have made around the world a couple of months ago in a trip that was reported on the official media of the Barotseland Government.

We, as the Barotse people, have had our rights trampled upon by foreigners in the name of One Zambia One Nation slogan, a slogan based on treachery and deceit. We lived with people that did not appreciate our existence as a people, they victimized us economically, politically and socially. Some of the people ran out of the country because of the belief they had in a free and Self-sufficient Barotseland, and they cannot come back home for fear of being killed, just because of being Lozis.

However, I wish to inform the nation on some matters of national interest in this regard:


The Barotseland Government has engaged the Madandume Attorneys to represent it in the International Court of Justice, and they will provide legal advice where possible. In a nutshell, the Barotseland Government is taking steps to sue Zambia for illegally occupying Barotseland without any agreement in the International Court of justice.

Some people have argued that Barotseland as a nation cannot sue any other nation, because it is not a member of the United Nations. This is a misrepresentation of facts; Barotseland can and it is going ahead to sue Zambia, and Great Britain will be joined in the proceedings; it is just that, there is a procedure that must be followed for non-members of the UN, and there is enough proof of Barotseland being a sovereign State.

Barotseland was recognized as a sovereign kingdom around the 1800s according to history; Dr. Emil Holub from Czech came to Barotseland in 1867 with a passport and it was stamped by the Immigration Officers of Barotseland and many other Whites that visited Barotseland used passports as well; that means it was recognized as a sovereign state. Britain also had several agreements signed with Barotseland just like any other nation now.

So now, when we have declared ourselves independent, we do not need to beg Zambia to recognize our existence. According to international law regarding declaratory theory, it says that a King does not need recognition for his territory from other countries, because he and his country exists.

There is nothing that is going to fail us to take the case to the International Court of Justice, because that is the only credible platform that can solve this issues once and for all. If Zambia claims that Barotseland is part of Zambia then they will advance evidence of their claim.


We have made significant progress regarding the payment to the lawyers, though we have not yet achieved our full target, but it has set a historic achievement in our freedom struggle and history. So far we have raised and paid the lawyers close to K60, 000 which is enough to launch the case. So this is really good news because we were deliberately made so poor, so for us to raise what we have raised so far is a very big achievement and the people of Barotseland need a pat on the back.

However, we still request for all the regions to honor the K3, 000 call from the National Finance Committee so that we pay the lawyers substantial amount of money to cover most of their expenses related to the case.


Fellow countrymen and women, we have already informed UNESCO about our decision over the Barotseland plains. Our decision is that, let the Barotse people determine their fate and not someone from another country to determine things for us.

We already have Victoria Falls as a World Heritage Site and we do not wish to make others again unless we see the need to do so. If Zambia wants a World Heritage Site, let them propose sites that are in Zambia and not those in Barotseland. What Zambia has destroyed in Barotseland is enough, and now it is time for the Barotse people to run their own affairs.

The Barotse Plains is our property and if it contains valuables; those valuables belong to the Barotse people, and must be harnessed by them and not by any foreigner.


We have made ourselves very clear that we have already closed the discussion of the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement, and anyone talking in that line, is trying to undermine the sovereignty of Barotseland, and we shall not take kindly anyone advocating for that.

The Barotse National Council of 2012 clearly stated that Barotseland has restored its sovereignty, meaning that Barotseland is not a province of any nation anymore, but it is a sovereign state with its Head of State in place.

We have a Government and Head of State and there is no doubt about that! Whether the Government of Barotseland has offices or not, but for as long as it was established, and Zambia tried to challenge those that were celebrating its inauguration, but dismissed the case on nolle prosequi, not that the state had insufficient evidence against those accused, but Zambia failed to prove that those accused were Zambians.

The Zambian Government also when they assumed administration of Zambia in 1964, they did not have money to fund operations, until in 1972 when they looted the Barotse Native Treasury amounting to 78,500,000 British Sterling Pounds, and up to now, Zambia does not have a State House of its own, what is there is a house of Cecile Rhodes.

So we must not be cheated by anyone that, we cannot have a Government until we have money, NO! The transitional Government of Barotseland is now almost 2 years in place, and it is doing all it can to formalize its existence as soon as possible.


It is with great disgrace to learn that Zambia now is pushing for a Referendum in Barotseland. If so then it means that they do not respect our decision as a nation we made at the last BNC of March, 2012. Now if they don’t respect our BNC, then let them respect the Commission of Inquiry by Roger Chongwe which was commissioned by the Zambian President Mr. Michael Sata.

However, we shall not accept that nonsense as long as we live, if we let this nonsense take place, then posterity will hold us accountable for our failure to secure their nation. This is the time, when we must have the pride of being Barotzis belonging to a sovereign state of Royal Barotseland Kingdom.


The Government of Barotseland in consultation with the Monarchy will bring meaningful development in all areas of our lives. Development becomes meaningful if it is introduced by the owners and not foreigners. Foreigners come as job seekers, investors and destroyers, because they have no traditional and spiritual connection to the place.

We had entrusted our country to Zambia for development for 50 years, but what we see, is basically that towns have become villages. Water has always been a problem in all regions of Barotseland, and not that we don’t have sufficient water bodies to feed the growing population, and politicians used it as a campaign tool to win votes. But the truth is that the general development that people wanted to see was not forth coming.

However, the people of Barotseland should have a sigh of relief, because Malozi are now coming to the seat of administration of their beloved territory and that we are geared to use our professionalism, skills, knowledge and God given wisdom.

Corruption will be a fight that we have to face at all times, and right from the inception, because many Lozis have been Zambianized in character. It will be the duty of the Barotseland Government, and all of us to make efforts to combat it and stamp out from our lives.

We are a blessed nation;

“Isiah 61:7 For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them. 8 For I the LORD love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them. 9 And their seed shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the people: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the LORD hath blessed.”

We must, therefore, not believe anyone who comes to oppose what we are advocating for. Buhobe ki bobunde habu isokelwa kiwena muñi isiñi bwaku bizezwa. Mutu hakoni ku memela lubasi kwa buhobe bwa musokwana.

We thank the Monarchy for having safeguarded our territory for such a long time, and we need to say thank you to them.


We have talked to a number of Foreign Investors around the world, and those we have spoken to, have expressed much joy to extend their investment in Barotseland. All they are waiting for, are the relevant laws of the land to be availed, then they begin to flow in. This will solve some of the problems we have had for long now; issues of employment or unemployment will be sorted out, issues of tax and revenue for the government will be sorted out.

I had visited the United States of America, France, Germany, Holland and the Great Britain just like it was reported; the people that we met received us with open hands and they offered and pledged assistance in many areas. As such, I want to assure the nation to believe in the process we have started, because it takes us to our goal much faster.

We understand that we shall have challenges along the way, but we want to assure you that, we have men and women with sufficient brains and skill to address every challenge that comes along one by one, and we know that we will surely succeed.

We request the people of Barotseland, therefore, to work along with the Government of Barotseland headed by Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, in collaboration with the Monarchy.

There is no challenge which has been solved by other people elsewhere that we shall fail to solve. What will help us achieve the development goal is the determination that exists in our minds, and the dream we have had in our brains for many years now.

Tukongote wa mwana nongolo!

Report Submitted by:
Mrs. Ester Lutangu Muzwaule
Media Officer Department of Information & Broadcasting Services
Royal Barotseland Government

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