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Wishing you peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday has to offer, and may this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you the joy that lasts throughout the coming year.

May each day of the New Year bring you pleasant surprises like the curled petals of a flower that spread sweet fragrance slowly as it unfolds layer by layer.

No Year can be a bed of roses. But we wish you the courage and confidence to turn each obstacle into opportunity during the coming New Year.

Genuine success comes only to those who are prepared for it!

Therefore, never step back and always have the courage to accept new challenges in this coming year.

Today, as the world commemorates the World Toilet Day, we must take time to appreciate the powder room, the lavatory, the outhouse, the ladies, the gents, the convenience, the washroom, the men’s room, the women’s room, the bathroom, the dunny, the bog, the garderobe, the necessary, the restroom, the potty, the privy, the smallest room, the cloakroom, the latrine, the place of easement, the water closet (WC), the John, the Can, the little girls’ room, the little boys’ room, the ‘throne’ room and the facilities or whatever name you are most comfortable to call it.

In Barotseland, we may prefer to call it ‘Ndu ye tuna’, the Big House, because of its great importance!

While we are at it, we must make a stand against and work towards eradicating open defecation in Barotseland!


Barotseland Activist, Munyinda Munukayumbwa, has accused Zambia’s Vice President Inonge Wina and her government of deliberately disregarding long established customs of the Kingdom of Barotseland, thereby causing instability and open rebellion by some chiefs in the region.

Munyinda has warned that, by visiting a rebellious and self-imposed Mwene Motondo of Kaoma and allowing Zambia’s national broadcaster, ZNBC, to refer to him not only as Mwene Mutondo but also as ‘Senior Chief’ of Kaoma District, the Vice President was deliberately violating long established customary norms and that her visit was tantamount to an official recognition of Webster Mulubisha as Mwene Mutondo when, in fact, the Barotse Royal Establishment and the Litunga had neither installed or recognized him as such.

“Sadly, the visitation of the Vice President Inonge Wina, who should know better that the only person who installs Chiefs in Barotseland is the Litunga of Barotseland, entails that the Government of Zambia has, in fact, already recognized the self imposed Chief Webster Mulubisha as the legitimate Chief, Mwene Mutondo, of Kaoma area.”

What is even worse, Munyinda writes, is that ZNBC, in their report, referred to Mulubisha as the Senior Chief of Kaoma District, when in fact, ZNBC, as the national public broadcaster, should have known that the only Senior Chief in Kaoma District is HRH Chief Amukena Isiteketo, while the Mwene Mutondo title, which Mulubisha has usurped, is that of a mere area Chief!

As reactions continue to flow over the Supreme Court of Zambia’s verdict on Barotseland Independence leaders, one prominent Barotse independence advocate, Saleya Kwalombota, laments as he questions the silence of the Zambian media, international community and the Barotse elite;


The recent Supreme Court ruling in Ndola where Barotseland provisional government leaders have been sentenced to an additional five years from the initial 10 years following their appeal against the Kabwe High Court judgment of 2016 that handed them a 10-year sentence each is hard to bear.

The people of Barotseland and the world over should stand to condemn this kind of mistreatment of Barotseland independence advocates by the Zambian courts.

It has become clear that taking issues relating to Barotseland in any Zambian courts is not of any help as it will never receive a fair judgment in the face of Zambian courts.

This has further been demonstrated by Zambian media silence over the Supreme Court Judgment in Ndola.


“There was definitely a clash in customs, which ceremony organizers admitted proved a challenge, but in the end, each side had to make some compromise.”

HISTORY was yesterday made at Mkaika, capital of the Chewa people in Katete, when the East met the West during the Kulamba traditional ceremony of the Chewa people of Eastern Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

The historical moment was as epic as sunrise meeting sunset, all in one place, as the Litunga would later describe the moment.

Independence will instantly create many thousands of Barotse jobs as Barotseland must establish not only its own civil and public service but also its military and defense forces such as the national police, the army, air and marine forces, the Royal Barotseland Government (RBG), also known as the Barotseland Transition Government (BTG), has assured in its latest feature.

Responding to a media query, the BTG has, however, warned that these jobs will only be possible under Barotseland independence and not under treacherous new agreements or the restoration of the dead 1964 agreement which the Zambian government is reportedly proposing to sign with the King of Barotseland arbitrarily and with only a clique of Barotse elites' involvement intended to perpetuate Barotseland’s subjugation under Zambia.

“Complete self-determination is the only guarantee to Barotseland’s development and jobs as, without it, Barotseland will perpetually depend on Zambia for its civil and military services, among all else, and Barotse people will continue to suffer unemployment and underdevelopment due to Zambian colonization disguised as a unitary state!”

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