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Mongu Diocese Catholic Bishop has charged that people bent on depleting the resources of Barotseland should stop because trees are finishing in the land. In a statement addressed to all the people in Barotseland and Zambia made available on the face book page “Catholic Diocese of Mongu” Bishop Evans has raised a number of questions.

BNFA's Evans Situmbeko Musialela funeral, video courtesy of Barotseland watchdog.

Exaggerated Police Security at the Imilema court hearing 2nd October 2015 - Video Courtesy of Barotseland Watchdog

As if to emphasize that Barotseland is a country different from Zambia, it has been raining steadily since sometime in end of August and continued into September 2015, while rain season in Zambia comes only at the end of October or early November.

BBN reported the first rains experienced around end of August and got steady throughout September.

“These ‘blessed’ rains and showers have continued pouring down in Barotseland this whole week, and today it has been raining in most parts of Barotseland,” reported BBN in a face book post earlier today.

Livingstone too hasn't been spared, as it has also been showering there today, including in all surrounding areas of Kazungula, Mwandi, Sesheke and Mulobezi.

Zambia on the other hand is yet to experience some rain, unless where we may not have heard about.

May be this is just God telling everyone how different Barotseland is from Zambia by showing us that even the weather and climatic patterns for the two regions are very different.

Zambian president Edgar Lungu has boasted about him appointing the Litunga's son, Brian Mwanang'ono Imwiko to Brazil as first secretary. He was speaking when he met Zambians living in New York yesterday as he wound up his United Nations assignments.

Although Lungu said he wasn't really trying to please anybody or the Lozi's when appointing the young man from Barotseland, he however, said he merely wanted the people of Barotseland to feel included, and boasted that, so far, he had appointed two from Barotseland. Although the second person was not mentioned, he was categorical in his self defense when he said that, if the action was interpreted to be a political gimmick, then so be it as he also wanted to win votes.

“Some people are saying that I want to buy Barotseland (votes) just because I have appointed a Lozi man in Foreign Service” said Lungu, in a ZNBC’s TV2 news clip monitored by Barotseland Post, as he (Lungu) brimmed with confidence in apparent reference to Mwanang'ono Imwiko, Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II’s son who many Lozis believe was awarded the diplomatic job as part of the trade off for Barotseland independence.

Trevor Noah has had a mixed reception from critics as he made his debut hosting The Daily Show, replacing Jon Stewart who left last month.

The 31-year-old South African comedian made a "smooth transition" into the role on Comedy Central's satirical news show, according to Variety.

Deadline called the evening "mostly inoffensive but also mostly flat".

TV columnist Brian Lowry said he looked "more at ease and in command than he ever did as a correspondent".

Stewart stepped down after 16 years at the helm of the influential show and Noah's appointment was announced in March.

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