Editor General, Barotseland Post

Editor General, Barotseland Post

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I am prompted to express my views and understanding of political philosophy on declaration of independence theory and how the will of the people is cardinal, which wishes, the BRE as an institution frustrated six Months after receiving people’s mandate to implement the 2012 BNC resolutions. These views follow some published suggestions by a group calling itself Bulozi Naha yaluna whose mission statement is not very well known.

Declaring of independence and attaining it however, are quite different.

Sometimes, a state wishing to achieve independence from a dominating power will issue a declaration of independence; the earliest surviving example is Scotland's Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. Barotseland issued her own independence declaration on 27th March, 2012 at the Barotseland National Council, the highest policy making body and was mandated by the Litunga, King and ruler of Barotseland territory.

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