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23rd September, 2013.

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
United Nations,
New York.

Your Excellency, Sir,

Re: The Zambian Government has committed offenses against International Law and Order  in The Matter of Barotseland

Offenses against international law and order; crimes that affect the proper functioning of international society. Some authorities regard so-called international crimes as crimes of individuals that all or most states are bound by treaty to punish in accordance with national laws passed for that purpose.

Examples of this type of crimes are piracy, hijacking and war crimes. The international law commission has formulated Draft Articles on state Responsibility which attempt to define international crimes for which individual states are liable.

It gives examples:

(1) a serious breach of an international obligation (legal duty) essential to safeguard peace (e.g aggression) or peoples' right to self-determination  (e.g colonial domination by force);

(2) a widespread and serious breach obligations essential to safeguard individuals (e.g slavery, genocide or apartheid).


The above mentioned offenses against international law and order are some of what Zambia has been found wanting because they not only unilaterally abrogated the now null and void BA 1964 with impunity which is an international treaty, but have also gone further to commit genocide against the inhabitants of Barotseland through killings, torture and indiscriminate arrests of people of Barotseland.

Currently 71 Barotseland nationals are detained on the felony of Treason in Zambian prisons for sympathizing with calls for Barotseland separate state, a charge which carries a maximum penalty of death under Zambian laws, and yet Barotse people have not lifted even a pebble in their quest for SELF-DETERMINATION.


We therefore wish to appeal to the United Nations to come to our rescue the SOONEST before we are all massacred by the lawless Zambian who seem to be demon possessed and thirsty for our Lozi blood.

Thanking you in advance, your Excellency because we have faith and hope in the United Nations and other international community.

Sincerely yours,

Barotseland National Youth League.

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