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  • Aug


Sensing imminent defeat in the ongoing cases of ‘Seditious intention to secede  Western province from the rest of Zambia’ and ‘Seditious practices for unlawful possession of seditious material’ respectively, Zambia police now seek to arrest Barotse activist Muleta Kalaluka indefinitely using Edgar Lungu’s declared state of emergency.

  • 30
  • Jul


HRH Inyambo Lubasi Yeta of Sesheke, Mwandi and Mulobezi district of Barotseland was a royal guest at this year’s Masubia Annual cultural festival.

  • 27
  • Jul

A leaked fifty seven (57) year old confidential report has revealed Her Majesty’s government conveniently imposed the union between Barotseland and Zambia in 1964.

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  • Jul

“Learning about my father’s death was shocking and depressing. Thankfully, other prison inmates comforted me,” recently released Barotseland Activist, Munyinda Munukayumbwa has lamented in an exclusive interview with Barotseland Post.

  • 16
  • Jul

After unlawfully detaining him for three months without trial, bail or any basic human rights, the draconian Zambian state has finally decided to release the young Barotse activist, Munukayumbwa Munyinda, via Nolle prosequi.

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  • Jul

Although Ku-Omboka, the annual movement and evacuation of the King of Barotseland and his people from the rising waters of the Barotse floodplain to higher ground, has been taking place from time immemorial, it was during the reign of King Mulambwa Santula that Kuomboka became the national spectacle it is today.

  • 25
  • Jun

Among Barotse kings, perhaps the pivotal personage is that of Santulu.

Born Maimbolwa Santulu, he became Litunga Mulambwa in 1780 as the tenth King of Barotseland. He was a younger son of Mwanawina the First and is King Lubosi Lewanika the first’s grandfather.

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  • Jun

In a program called Home Coming Project to help African- Americans trace their original roots, hundreds have reportedly traced theirs back to Barotseland and are now working towards an official home coming.

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