Zambia police officer nabbed for poaching in Barotseland goes to court

22 February 2017

THE three suspected poachers, including a Zambian police officer, that were arrested in connection with illegal ivory trading in Kaoma on the 22nd December 2016 after they were allegedly found possession of 47 kilogrammes of elephant ivory will appear again before the Kaoma Court under the presiding Magistrate Honourable Malata on the 24th February 2016.

Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) officers in Kalabo and Mumbwa districts arrested the trio at Maseka Guest House around 07:00 hours on Thursday 22nd December 2016 for alleged illegal possession of elephant ivory worth over K500,000 (USD 51,000.00) and a leopard skin worth over K10,000.00 (USD 1,000.00).

DNPW officers recovered the six pieces of ivory weighing 47kg and one leopard skin.

The suspects identified in the court as Mr Dalitso Tembo (a policeman in Kaoma) and two businessmen, Mr Patrick Mbangu and Mr Kalumbwana Kahamba, also from Kaoma, and currently released on bail will appear in the Kaoma court again on the 24th February 2016.

Under the new Zambian Wildlife Act of 2015, illegal possession of meat, trophy or a prescribed trophy of a protected animal such as an elephant carries a 5 - 10 year imprisonment.

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