We will not support a Litunga who works against the people of Barotseland – Transitional Government

30 September 2015

We have often said, and we will repeat it here for the sake of clarity, that Barotseland has already declared her Independence from Zambia. This unilateral declaration of independence is irreversible.

You may remember that not too long ago, it was reported that our incarcerated Administrator General, Hon. Afumba Mombotwa and others, were presented with a suspicious ‘deal’ for their release from Zambian prison on condition that he, Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, signed in favor of the restoration of the defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964. However, he declined the offer of release, and as we all know, he now stands trial in a foreign court.

Hon. Afumba chose to suffer affliction with all his people rather than enjoy temporary personal relief, because he believes strongly that total independence of Barotseland is what the Barotzish want, and not continued Zambian domination. Therefore, he and the rest of us in the transitional government pledge never to betray the people of Barotseland in their quest for total self determination.

Again we wish to reiterate that the March 2012 BNC declarations of Barotseland independence are supreme and apply to all, including the Litungaship. It is by these independence declarations that the Barotseland Transitional Government was constituted to proceed with mobilization of international support as well as resources and logistics for Barotseland self government. In this regard our targeted support for our ten year Barotseland Development Program has already achieved standing commitments, some of which will soon reach the execution stage.

We will, therefore, request that we do not be side tracked or hindered by those that wish to look back in preference for the ‘onions’ and ‘spices’ offered by Zambia. We must indeed continue to put our eyes on the proverbial ball!

It is also of great importance to underscore that under our 2012 Barotseland emancipation Order Act, the Litungaship is King and Head of State. This, therefore, means that the Litunga as head of State and King cannot be separated from his country and people. If, however, a Litunga decides to separate himself and go against the aspirations of his people and declines to take responsibility as King and Head state of Barotseland, but prefers to be a mere salaried chief in Zambia, we in the transitional government will have no choice but to withdraw our support for such a Litunga.

Fortunately for Barotseland, our rich governance, strict norms and culture already have procedures to handle such betrayal if ever displayed by any Litunga. This will always be our guiding principle to make our transitions harmonious at any given time.

For now, we will continue to mobilize and formulate systems and relevant laws that will make our country among the best governed countries on earth.

Other comprehensive updates on this and other legal matters will follow not to too long from now.

Tukongote, Litunga Ni Lyetu

Dr. Situmbeko Matengu
Acting Administrator General Royal Barotseland Government

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