Sell your party in Zambia and not in Barotseland, UPND Youths Advised.

18 June 2014

Dear Editor,

Please publish this as my warning to UPND youths as well as a reminder to every Murotse. Thanks you.

"I am sorry but the UPND Youths are proving a to be bunch of useless buffoons that have for more than four terms failed to make government in their country, Zambia. Why do you want to hoodwink the public into believing that Barotseland is part of your country and go to the extent of buying poor taxi drivers and claim a 'thunderous welcome' shame on you.


To us, you UPND youths have shown lack of respect to our traditional authority. Prince Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika is a royal member of the family and is therefore treasured by every murotse. We therefore find your letter to him very annoying. We have mentioned time and again that Barotseland is a no go area for politics although we welcome your donations. Let me say that whether bo Aka served in UNIP or MMD doesn’t matter, what is important is freeing our country from bondage. The UPND youths and the UPND structures should actually come to our aid in as far as Barotseland Independence is concerned; we thought your President is part of Barotseland by virtue of him hailing from the South other than wasting time in Zambia. I think we can give him a portfolio to oversee the Tonga groups under the Barotse government. Well it’s up to his Southern followers to choose to remain in Zambia or join a greater BAROTSELAND.

Let me take this opportunity to inform other African Countries to believe in the spirit of one Statesman NKWAME NKRUMAH that Ghana is not free until all Africans are free! Where is the Pan-Africanism now? Why do you choose to remain mute while we your brothers and sisters are being hammered left, right and centre by a fellow African country?

I therefore urge the international community to be proactive to humanity and noble causes like ours.

The Zambian Government in fact have sent battalions of soldiers in all parts of Barotseland where Rape and all non humanistic vices take place day after day. Where is the International community? To the youths of UPND and Zambia please time to act is now. Convince your parents to leave Barotseland or they will face The Hague and be in solitary like the Charles Taylors and the Germain Katangas.

Leave us now and may be you shall be few that will go to The Hague.

I assure you we are documenting all this even when we are away. To the people of Barotseland including those outside our borders time for unity is now! Let’s join hands and tame the tyranny of Zambia, Michael Chilufya Sata and force him out of our Country.

Our brothers are incarcerated yet this very dictator knows too well that Zambia is not Barotseland and will never be. Let’s hold him accountable now.

I am sending a clear message to UPND and its President to stay away from commenting on issues to do with Barotseland. The bottom line is you are not fit to do that. Barotseland is a Barotse baby and not a Zambian issue any more.

If you come with good news like we are demonstrating to PF to immediately leave Barotseland alone yes! That is welcome and you are being a brother's keeper and not the cheap politics you are engaged.

Sell your party in Zambia and not in Barotseland. If you are not aware Barotseland shall soon be the newest state in Africa just may be you don’t know. Barotseland shall be free. God bless Barotseland." - Mwanangombe Lubinda, Barotse in Diaspora

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