• 17
  • Apr

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has announced that it is now ready to meet the Zambian government and engage in dialogue over the defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964 which was unilaterally abrogated by the Zambian government through successive constitutional amendments from 1965 - 1970.

  • 09
  • Apr


A strange gang calling itself ‘Dark City Boys’ has openly terrorized Mongu residents in the past few days as Zambia police claim they lack sufficient manpower to arrest them.

The gang today raided local schools, among them Mulambwa, Mandanga, Kanyonyo, Imwiko, Tungi and Mongu Basic, snatching phones, money, laptops and other valuables as they beat up and injured both learners and teachers forcing the respective school authorities to close the schools prematurely. Other institutions reportedly attacked were Lyambai Teachers Training College, Zambia Open University, Barotseland University, Lewanika School of Nursing, Mongu Trades Training Institute and local administrative and business premises.

  • 01
  • Apr


Barotseland’s premier water pageantry and migration celebration for the year 2018 has been officially set to take place on Saturday, 21st April.

Ku-Omboka is the centuries old annual movement and evacuation of the King of Barotseland and his people from the rising waters of the Barotse floodplain to higher ground where they shall be until the floods recede later in the year when a return movement, Ku-fuluhela, is undertaken.

  • 27
  • Mar

Seeking independence is always considered illegal in countries with no clear legal or constitutional guidelines for dependent territories to follow should they decide to pursue self-determination outside of the ‘parent’ state. However, in certain countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and some other unitary or confederated states, a demand for independence may actually be regarded as a constitutional ‘right’ for such nations rather than an act of illegality.

  • 16
  • Mar


Zambia’s main opposition leader and presidential challenger, Hakainde Hichilema, has taken a swipe at Zambia’s ruling party and the Republican President, Edgar Lungu, for once again seeking cheap votes from the people of Barotseland by promising that he was going to restore the defunct pre-independence Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Addressing a press conference at the UPND secretariat in Lusaka yesterday (Wednesday), on the serious matter of uncovered sinister plans by the PF led government to convert all customary land into State land and later abolish chiefdoms and traditional leadership in Zambia, the UPND leader warned that the Patriotic Front government was once again trying to deceive the Lozi people in order to gain votes from the contested territory.

  • 15
  • Mar


Barotseland’s main independence movement, Linyungandambo, has warned that those pre-occupied with discussing the impossible restoration of the dead 1964 Barotseland Agreement risked rendering themselves irrelevant because the 2012 unanimous declaration for Barotseland independence was resolute and final.

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